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It had been a difficult time since the draug came. I couldn't risk going back to the lab. Even with portals. The storms had caused unpredictable power shortages. Not a good thing to experience. Or live through. Claire had been kind enough to buy me a recorder with a "Blue Tooth" as she had called it. I didn't see why because it was neither blue, nor a tooth. It also attached to my ear. The idea was that I could speak out loud into the "Blue Tooth" and it would keep my ideas in the Founder's mansion's many computers. It was also stored in a mass storage device as a back up. The increase of draug in the sewers had limited our water usages. We were using a saved reservoir. Blocked from the draug of course. I was down in this damp and quite small lab figuring out how to kill the mass of draug without killing everyone else in its wake. "Humans can only help us so much, for the singing had gotten to the most outskirts of Morganville. Silver would kill the draug, but to get it in the water would be a challenge. Plus vampires and humans still couldn't drink the water. The reservoir will not last forever at this rate. Killing off the draug will exhaust our resources and our soldiers." I listened to the faint clicking of the computer keys off in the distance. Other than my pacing there was no noise in the small room. Which my bunny slippers did muffle. They were quite comfortable. I heard a click of the door. I ignored it and continued to speak.

"We still need to find a cure for Amelie. Under Oliver's rule we would all die. Blood would be spilled for every side. Unneeded bloodshed." I stopped to listen. The tapping of keys hadn't followed my speech. But there was a sound of footsteps. Then a sigh. I turned to see who it was, but I didn't need to. I could smell who it was. Roses. Claire. I am glad it wasn't raspberries like her housemate, Eve Rosser. She was looking at the mess of the room probably. Or it was my fashion sense which she had always commented on when she saw my wardrobe. Her hands on her hips and her backpack by the door. "I think I over spoke the 'Blue Tooth'." She walked over and looked at the board in front of me.

"Can't do that. It's impossible." I couldn't decipher if she was talking about the "Blue Tooth" or the board of symbols and unrecognizable words. She turned on me holding out her hand. I didn't know what she wanted. She groaned and her hand flashes to the side of my head. And flicked the "Blue Tooth" off of my ear. This, despite being shocked by her quickness, would have been comical. Her short stature made her reach on the tips of her toes. She flipped it in her hands a few times looking it over then lifting back up, so I may see. "Dead Battery. See. Simple explanation." She turned around to look around. Not seeing what she wanted she turned back to me with a scowl.

"Oh I know where it is." I ran around the small room opening drawers and shelves in flashes of movement. She sat in the same spot when I came back. Holding out the tiny charger to her she swiped it from my hand. "A thank you would be in store."

"I could have found it in my own time." She snapped plugging it in. She walked back to her backpack and pulled out a small box with holes in the top and she held it at an arms length. I turned my head to the side slightly. She handed it to me and fled a few feet back. I opened the box and smiled.

"Bob." I reached in and held him out in my hand then towards Claire. She shrunk back, "He won't hurt you."

"Yea I think I killed his cousin though. I'd rather not start a family feud." She was looking at him with a look you would give a piece of rotting flesh.

"Impossible." I say as I look around as he makes his way up my arm. "How did get him?"

"Wasn't easy," She shivered. "Rather not ever do that again." I found a small case with clear sides all around. I put him in and then looked back at her. She had her arms crossed and a scowl placed, for what seemed forever, on her face.

"What could have possibly upset you? Bob would not have –"

"It's not that, it's just this whole situation. I don't see how I managed to go from a girl just wanting to get accepted into MIT to being here with a bunch of vampires, good and bad, a boyfriend I would never have dreamt about, and working for one of the most senile of all the vampires!" Her tone of voice was rising. "And how did you know I was upset?"

"Well besides common sense I could already tell you were upset so I just made a conclusion. Also it's the same as when I was looking for Shane I found you first because I can always find you. From when I…." I looked at the ground as I explained how I knew. She sat frozen in place for a minute then shook herself. I could feel her tense up as if I was going to hurt her. I could never do that. Intentionally. I looked up briefly to see that she too was looking at the ground now. "Did I say something?" She didn't speak. She looked as if he had hurt her. He didn't know why. Finally she spoke,

"No, it wasn't you it's – its Shane and this situation it's hard to think in a matter of months I have been thrown in this situation."I went rigged when she said his name. If he hurt her he didn't know what he would do, but all he knew was it wasn't going to be pretty. "How many have you been able to do find. In that same sense." My throat closed up. I hadn't the heart to tell her, but my mouth said other whys.

"You." I dared look up at her. She had a mixture of emotions spread across her face like a kaleidoscope. Pain, sorrow, grief, and surprise. She reached up to touch the scars he had given her. The emotions panned across her face then she held one that stayed on her face. Gratitude. I was paralyzed by the change in her expression. She painfully took a step forward. About ten more before she stood right in front of me and did something no one had been kind enough to do in a long time. She hugged me. My body went rigged, not knowing what to do next. I decided to hug her back. It was unwieldy since she was almost a foot smaller than I. She pulled away until she was about two feet in front of me. I was still questioning why she did it. It seemed unnecessary. As though she were reading my mind,

"Because I realized that was selfish of me to storm in here upset when it's mostly your kind being exterminated by an ever growing enemy. I have made this situation worse in some ways by thinking this is all about me. You are the ones who should be complaining."

"That's not how we work dear Claire. We have lived too long and wars were not won by deprecating." I replied softly. Touched by the affection she had suddenly displayed.

"How is it you vamps always know what to say?" She questioned. I chuckled.

"Oh trust me Miss Claire we do not know what to say in times of need. You would be surprised at what we lack in communication."


I didn't quite know why I did it, but it seemed like the right thing to do. It also sparked something deep inside me. Like a short burst of energy that raced through my veins when he hugged me back. It was not the same with Shane. With Shane it was warmth that slowly spread through my body, like drinking a cup of hot coffee. When Myrnin hugged me back it was as though lightning coursed through my veins waking up my entire body. It felt enticing. Like when I had taken those red crystals. Except both drugs could kill me. But just like before she needed more. The idle chat was a distraction. When he finished his sentence I took the last few steps and hugged him again. He hugged right back. The lightning was slightly more. Not enough to satisfy…..what if. I reached up on the balls of my feet and kissed his cheek. A current of electricity coursed through me. He seemed to be confused whether to let go or not. I pulled away slightly just enough so I could look at his face. He looked down at me and I knew it was now or never. I close the distance between us and the voltage was nothing like the first times. He soon kisses me back and pulls me closer. I moan deep in the back of my throat at the movement. A part of her brain was telling her that you have a boyfriend, quit sucking face with your BOSS. But there was another one that was slightly louder saying KEEP KISSING HIM. Looks like my heart wins this time.

I could have stayed like this all day until he pulled away. She could tell he was trying not to keep kissing her. "What about Shane?"

"Who?" My brain was momentarily frazzled by the intensity of the kiss. He seemed to like the answer, for he kissed me again. My body went into a power overload and my legs were the first to shut down. My dear heart, suffered from beating too fast. Sadly my mind was last as the dizzying effect of his kiss had on me. Unfortunately the shrill ringing of my phone sounded from my phone. That ringtone only appeared on one of the most unfortunate undead beings in the world. Oliver. I groaned pulling away slightly before picking up the phone. "Oliver if I have to power up that computer again I am going to stake you and leave in a tanning bed." I lash at him.

"It wouldn't be smart to use that tone with me. Amelie needs you." He said blankly.

"Five minutes a little busy here." Myrnin had kissed her again and I almost dropped her phone.

"Five more minutes and you won't be able to finish your five minutes later." He snarled. He did have a point I did have a boyfriend, but that voice was just slightly bigger now that he had stopped kissing me. I sighed and talked back to the phone,

"Fine I'll be up." I reluctantly pulled away and he had a pained expression on. Oh trust me I was just thinking the same.

"Better hurry it sounded like he meant it." He stated his hands slithering from my waist. His touch was cold, but my body was fire. I nod and hurry to grab my stuff. I rush up to the door and throw it open in a hurry.


Well that was and exciting turn of events. I would get Oliver back for that one. I defiantly was going to find some equivalent revenge for an intrusion like that. I didn't even feel regretful. She did come on to me. I turned around with a smug look and looked at Bob's tank. "What are you looking at?" The spider crawled around in its dramatically smaller cage. I hummed quietly until my cellular device as well rang. "Hmm?"

"We need you up here." Oliver. Of course. Maybe while I'm up there I can construct and conniving plan in which involves Oliver's sanity at stake.

"Fine." I snap the phone shut and flash up. I see Shane, Claire, Eve, Michael, and Oliver all around a table. Only Claire and Oliver were facing me. I saw Claire's face flush slightly and I sent her a smirk. Shane turned around and gave me a glare. I shoot one right back.

"Myrnin what have you come up with so far?" Oliver interrupts.

"Besides things that won't work nothing." Oliver puts his thumb and index finger at the bridge of his nose. Well I don't see him coming up with anything constructive. Ah yes constructive plan Intrusion is now being calculated. Oliver kept talking, but I was lost in my own calculations. He must have asked me a question, for they were all looking at me. "What?"

"Myrnin you senile bat I asked if you have found anything that might help us get a section of the water back – untainted." I ignored the insult this time.

"No, not yet, but if I can get back to working I bet I will find something. Now if you are so done…."

"You have been 'working'," He quoted the air. "For the past few days and have nothing."

"I don't see you coming up with any bright ideas." He snarled and showed his fangs. "Exactly."

"You are all excused." Shane walked over to Claire's side as they were walking past me. Claire was closest to me. Shane shot me a look over Claire's head the same look you would give when you win a fight over your favorite toy from someone else. For she had not been there I would have lunged. So I simply threw on an I-know-something-you-don't smile and he walked away with a stunned look. That was the last I saw until I bolted back to my make shift lab.

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