To Dora from a salamander

A/N: My Little brother really likes Dora the explorer and got interested in my writing so this was born lol sorry if it doesn't make sense!

Dear dora, I love your hair! Boots, I love your boots. Dora write something for boots, because you should write him some stories! And that's the end ^_^

Salamanders story for Dora

One day Dora and boot were bored and then they saw a frog;

"Hi Mr. frog, what are you doing today?"

"I lost my eggs, can you help me Dora and boots?"

"Sure! where did you you lose them?"

"At the rainbow rug! Swiper stole my eggs."

"Oh no, we have to stop swiper!"

"Lets climb the ladder, cross the draw bridge, and stop swiper to get your eggs back!"

"First we have to climb the mountain!"

BUt they had to cross the draw bridge really fast or the crocks would get them! and then stop swiper!

"Oh no I lost the eggs!"

Dora and boots grasped the eggs that swiper had dropped and cheered as they handed Mr. Frog his eggs the end!