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In an attempt to expand my writing skills, I have decided to do what any yaoi fangirl who writes fanfiction do: write smut. This is actually my 2nd ever smut oneshot, but the first one needs some revising. Since this is one of my first, please give me some feedback. Let me know if there is something I should work on, something I should know, what is bad about it, what is good about it, etc. I need to know how to improve. You don't have to, but it would mean a lot. Please and thanks~.

Warnings: yaoi, boyXboy, smut, swearing, crossdressing.

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"I can't believe I'm doing this." Romano glared at the mirror, his face turning all shades of red as he stared at the frilly thing he was wearing against his will. "Damn you to hell, stupid Spain." He snarled under his breath, trying to adjust the dress so it fit comfortably. It was their normal sex night as of a year ago when they started dating and Spain insisted on trying out their different kinks. They did Romano's 3 days ago (and he still had the red handcuff marks on his wrists). Now, it was Spain's turn.

Yep, the bastard had a kink for dresses. Go figure. The thing that Romano was given to wear was apparently something Spain had picked out the day before in anticipation for this, somehow knowing that Romano wouldn't be able to refuse, which was true. Romano knew as well as anyone that denying Spain something sexual would be much more trouble than it's worth. If Spain was denied something, he would mope and get over it within an hour, maybe two hours. If it had to do with sex, Spain would get completely depressed and grouchy and go sleep in the guest room. The morning after, he would be unnaturally quiet. It happened before. It was not pretty.

Romano sighed and adjusted the top of the dress again, just fidgeting in front of the mirror now. The dress was short, only mid-thigh length. It was light pink made of delicate fabric, fitting him as if it were made for the sexy body of an Italian male. It had even lighter-colored fluff lining the waist and ends of the dress. It was off the shoulder, the sleeves covering half of Romano's hands. Finally, it had ruffles, lots of them, leaving a person to only guess what could be hidden underneath. I look like cotton candy, Romano thought to himself, scrutinizing.

He took a deep breath and turned to face the bathroom door. His boyfriend was right outside, waiting to see his little Roma dressed in pink frill. Romano hesitated, feeling nervous. What if Spain didn't think it looked good? What if he felt disgusted by Romano being in a dress? What if he laughed at him? And… and why is he asking himself these type of questions? This is a sex kink. It doesn't matter how the dress looks! It's going to come off anyway! Romano huffed and threw open the door, making it bang on the wall just a tad too loud. Spain jumped and looked up at him, startled. When he saw it was just his lover, he sighed in relief and smiled. "Hi there. You scared me with that door."

"Y-yeah. Hey." Romano mumbled, slowly feeling more anxious. Even if the dress was going to be coming off soon (he hoped Spain would rip it up), that didn't change the fact that this whole night was about pleasing Spain. In the end, what matters is if Spain liked seeing Romano in girl clothes or not. So far, by the way Spain was looking Romano up and down, it's safe to say that he is enjoying this.

"You look beautiful." Spain smiled lovingly. Romano looked away and gripped the cloth in his fists, trying not to look too embarrassed.

"B-bastard, 'beautiful' is a word for girls who deserve it."

"You most definitely apply, then."

"Are you trying to say that I'm a girl? Huh? Stupid jerk, I ought to—!" Romano started.

"Roma, stop stalling" Spain chuckled and held out his hands, offering Romano a warm smile. "and come here." Romano swallowed, blushing further at Spain's words and gestures and pretty much everything. His feet began to work on their own, walking over to him. Spain made small squeaky sounds of delight when he saw how Romano moved in the dress. It clung to him perfectly, with just the right amount of swaying and shifting. When he was close enough, Spain reached forward to put his hands on Romano's lower back and pulled him closer. Romano yelped at the sudden movement and tried not to fall on top of the man currently hugging his waist.

"Ah, I'm so happy to have a lover like you, so beautiful and perfect." Spain cooed, nuzzling his stomach. Romano bit his lip, trying not to smile or look flattered.

"D-dammit, you're just saying that because I'm in a fucking dress."

"Maybe, but you have always been perfect." Spain beamed up at the Italian in front of him and then looked him up and down. The dress looked like it was made just for him, and that's what Spain thought when he had bought it. It filled his heart with joy to see Romano wearing it, not only because it aroused him to see Roma look so cute and innocent yet sexy, but because he was actually doing this for him. He had known Roma for centuries, so he knew how hard it was to get him to do something. He had to beg and plead for Roma to dress up in a nightgown for Halloween, and don't even get him started on getting him to do chores. However, all he had to do was suggest that they explore their desires and Roma agreed to wear the pink frilly dress.

Very slowly, Spain put his hands on the skirt, right at the base of Roma's thigh, and began to slide up and down, lifting the skirt and then lowering it again while feeling him up. Romano shuddered at the silky material rubbing against his legs. "Is this okay?" Spain wondered, looking up at the softened golden eyes.

"M-mmhm, it's f-fine." Romano stammered out. He tried his hardest to ignore the tent that already formed in Spain's pants, and the one that was forming in his. Spain smiled wider at Romano's words, encouraged by them, and gently sunk his hands into the folds and ruffles of the dress. He felt the material between his fingers and tried to move them all aside so he could get underneath to his real goal. That's the biggest reason why he loved this dress. It provided enough cover for Spain to be curious about what's underneath without finding out right away. Is Roma wearing anything underneath? If so, is it boxers or briefs? Spain had bought panties to match, but told Roma he didn't have to wear them. Did he or not? Was he already hard? Did Spain have to try harder? There's something about the mystery and the urge to find out that is just really arousing to Spain.

Romano's breath hitched when Spain's hands made contact with his skin, gently brushing against his hips, thighs, and the panties he wore to match the dress. "So you wore them after all." Spain mused, smiling teasingly up at his little henchman. He tried to scowl back, but the hand now rubbing the huge mound hiding underneath thin cotton made him shudder and make a more needy expression. Spain chuckled. "You're so obedient tonight. So cute and sexy in this gown, with this small pair of underwear. It feels like it's going to rip any moment~"

"Sh-shut up. If you want it so bad, then just fucking do it already."

"My, how eager~" Spain hummed and pushed the dress up gently so he could peek underneath. Romano was indeed wearing panties. They were white with pink lace along the top. Spain had seen it in the store where he bought the dress and thought it would match perfectly. It certainly painted a pretty picture. Romano was so hard, the panties were just about ready to rip apart. There was a dark wet spot already forming just under the lace. Spain smiled and slid his fingertip from the bottom-up, resting against the tip and brushing his finger against it through the material.

"A-ah… dammit, Spain, stop—mmph—t-teasing—mmm—me." Romano managed to force out between groans.

"You know, I've always wondered how this tastes." Spain mused playfully, referring to the panties. He leaned forward and started mouthing at the hard-on through the panties.

"Ah… a-ah.. S-Sp—ahn! Mmph…" Romano couldn't hold back the pleasured moans coming out of him. He held Spain weakly to him with one hand on his head, while the other hand helped Spain hold the dress up. The feeling of Spain's mouth was always absolute heaven, so warm and moist. The panties felt like some kind of jail, keeping the warmth away and holding the desperately hard cock inside. He wanted them off right away. He wanted Spain to tear it off, and it didn't even matter how. He was about to ask (probably going to sound lewd, but Romano didn't even give a fuck at this point) when Spain's tongue, that motherfucking tongue, started dragging from his balls to the tip, really slowly. Romano just about came. The things Spain had done to him with that muscle was unfathomable, and right now was no different. It felt amazing, even if it was rubbing more against cloth than his dick. When the tongue reached the tip, it began licking at the pre-cum soaking through the material.

"Mmm, tastes like my Roma, but it doesn't taste as delicious when mixed with the cloth taste." Spain pouted, then hooked his fingers into the panties and began sliding them down. "Such a shame, but I can't allow anything to get between me and my cute tomato-colored henchman." When the panties slid down to Romano's knees, Spain grabbed the side and tore it in half. The ruined underwear fell to the floor. Romano could just barely see it at his feet and the reminder of Spain's strength made the younger nation swallow.

Now that the panties were gone, there was nothing stopping Spain from putting that flushed and twitching cock in his mouth. Romano moaned shakily as he felt the heat of Spain's breath against his tip. Spain slid the dick in and out of his mouth slowly, his tongue sliding around the shaft and rubbing against the tip. "A—ahh! O-ohh Sp-paaiinn!" Romano moaned out, his one hand still in Spain's hair and grabbing at it to keep Spain moving on his member. He already felt the fire in the pit of his stomach. He was extremely close already and finally released when Spain thrust the cock all the way into his mouth, the tip hitting the back of his throat. He pulled it back a little when Romano came so he could swallow without choking too much. He managed to swallow it all and slid his tongue along the shaft to catch any cum that escaped. Spain's tongue playing with his dick slowly made Romano hard once again.

"Mmm, that was good." Spain purred. "But it doesn't compare to the main event." He slid his hands from Romano's thighs to his ass. He began fondling his lower cheeks and then spread them so one finger could trace his sensitive hole. Romano gasped and instinctively tried to lean into the finger. "Right, Roma~?"

"O-oh God, Spain, j-just fuck me already!" Romano demanded. He was already getting tired of Spain's teasing. Sure, he just got an amazing blowjob, but he wanted more. He wanted something inside of him. Something big and full and, preferably, attached to his Spanish boyfriend.

"Should I prepare you?" Spain cut right to the chase (about time!) and tapped the puckered hole with his finger. Romano looked him up and down and suddenly got struck with an idea. He pulled back from the older man, who looked at him in confusion, and bent forward so his hands were on Spain's knees, butt in the air and a 'come hither' smirk on his face.

"Only if I can prepare you." He murmured, one of his hands purposefully sliding to the tent in Spain's pants and groping at it. "We can work together." He breathed seductively. Spain groaned and looked at Romano with lidded eyes when he caught on to Romano's plan.

"Of course, mi querido." Spain slid back on the bed and crawls up to the headboard. He set up the pillows comfortably and sits back against them. Romano crawled in afterward. Once he was hovering above Spain, he carefully turned so Spain's head was underneath Romano's lower body and Romano was hovering above Spain's. Romano briefly propped himself on his knees and undid Spain's pants to slide off him, which was difficult considering the position he was in. Spain helped him out by kicking off the pants until they were off his ankles completely and fell to the floor. Romano slid the boxers down, which was easier than the pants, and gazed down at the erect rod below him. He lowered himself until he was laying on top of Spain and began pumping his cock. A violent shudder ran through Spain and he groaned softly at the touch.

While Romano did his handjob, Spain reached over to the bedside table drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. He pushed the dress up further so Romano's bottom was out in the open. He opened up the bottle and poured a good amount on 3 of his fingers. He rubbed one finger against Romano's hole, making the Italian shudder and roll his hips, and slowly slipped it in. The hot cavern felt like it was molding around Spain's finger. Of course, this wasn't anywhere close to the first time that Spain has done this, so Romano didn't feel any pain other than a faint sting.

As Spain prepared him, sliding his finger in and out and eventually adding fingers, Romano sped his hand up, hoping to hear more of Spain's groans. After a while, he slipped the cock into his mouth and sucked at it with vigor. He enjoyed the taste of Spain's dick as much as Spain enjoyed the taste of Romano's. He never let Spain know that. No doubt the man will use it to his advantage in the future. He had already made a promise of that with Romano's kink (not that the younger man is going to complain as much).

When Spain had all 3 fingers pumping smoothly in and out and Romano had Spain near the brink of climax, they knew it was time to get to the good part. Romano moved to turn around, but instead, Spain grabbed Romano by the hips and rolled them over, pinning Romano to the bed. He then turned so they were face to face, pushed Romano's legs back, and applied lube to his cock before tossing the (now empty) bottle aside and aligning them. Romano nodded wordlessly and Spain slid inside slowly. "Nnnngh" Romano groaned, squeezing his eyes shut. No matter how many times Spain could stretch Romano, the cock inside of him will always make him wince and have to wait until he was adjusted. It was uncanny how he will never get used to this feeling.

When he felt ready, he opened his eyes and nodded to the patient man lying on top of him. Spain slowly began to move his hips against Romano's, sliding in and out of the stretched cavern. "Haa… ahh… hah…" The both of them panted in unison from pleasure. Lost to pleasure, Spain started going faster, skin slapping against skin from the growing force. Romano's head fell back and he let loose a series of loud moans and cries of 'Spain'. Spain eventually hit Romano's prostate, causing him to gasp at the shock shooting through his whole body like an electric charge. "Oh fuck! Right there! D-don't stop" Romano groaned. Spain aimed and hit it again after a few more thrusts. "Fuck! H-harder!" He called. Spain complied, picking up speed and trying his best to keep hitting Romano's special spot. Soon, he had Romano almost screaming out his name and strings of swears.

Dios… he's so fucking sexy like this, Spain thought to himself. He looked his pleasured lover up and down. The dress he was wearing was scrunched up at his ribs and chest, making faint ruffling sounds with each of Spain's thrusts. The rest of Romano's body was flushed and shiny with sweat from the heat between them. Spain longed to see his entire body, to see if Romano's entire body was red and shiny, to see if those cute nipples of his were erect. Spain grew a little angry at the dress blocking his view. He slid his hands behind Romano's back, grabbed the dress zipper, and yanked it down. The top became loose and Spain yanked it down and attacked Romano's nipples.

"Ah!" Romano gasped in shock, looking down at Spain as he sucked and flicked his tongue at the sensitive nubs. He groaned and held his head there, moving his hips and bumping them against his to keep the cock inside of him moving. Spain continued his sucking as he sped up, nudging the prostate with every other thrust. He pulled away, leaving a trail of saliva connecting his mouth briefly to Romano's chest, and leaned up to kiss the Italian, shoving his tongue into the warm mouth. Romano moaned into Spain's mouth and kissed back at him passionately, letting his tongue dominate his mouth.

They were both extremely close. It didn't take long until Spain aimed one particularly hard trust against Romano's prostate and made the Italian cum onto their stomachs. Their mouths separated, finally able to breath. The lack of air gave Romano one of his best orgasms, but he was still glad that the kiss ended. Spain thrust into Romano a little more until he emptied himself out. He rode out the orgasm, sliding his hand along Romano's cock so he could do the same, and finally pulled out before collapsing, panting heavily into Romano's shoulder.

When they caught their breaths, Spain rolled them over onto their sides and sat up to grab Romano's now ruined dress and rip it so he could slide it off of the exhausted body. He tossed his haphazardly onto the floor, used some wipes to clean his lover and himself up, and laid back down. The Italian was looking at him with exhausted yet elated eyes. He sighed and waited for Spain to pull him close before snuggling up against him. "Spain?" He mumbled shyly into his chest.

"Hmm? Yes, Roma?" Spain held the Italian tight, wishing they were resting against the pillows instead of the foot of the bed. As long as his Romano was there, though, he was happy. He slid his hands up and down the younger man's back as he waited for Romano to speak.

"Did you rip up the dress?" Romano asked. Spain frowned for a moment, then glanced down at the floor where he threw the dress.

"Yes, Roma, I'm afraid I did."

"Good. I like it better that way."

I love Romano's line at the end. It can mean so many different things. Leaves room to the imagination. That's what I enjoy about a story.

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