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I finally wrote a sequel (technically a prequel) to this! By popular demand, I present Romano's kink portion of their kink-attempt weekend.

Warning: Romano tops, with bondage and lots of other BDSM-ish things. It gets fairly sweet in some parts too.

Spain took a few deep breaths through his nose, staring at the darkness of the cloth covering his eyes. He felt a little nervous as he felt the cloth binds pinning him to the headboard of the bed by the wrists. He wasn't scared, of course. He trusted Romano with his life and knew he wouldn't get hurt over this.

Just a week ago, they were discussing their innermost secret sexual kinks. When Romano admitted his after some coaxing and Spain openly discussed the cuteness of his fetish, they both decided to try them out. Romano's was first, and even Spain had to admit that it was pretty hot. He couldn't help but tease him about how often the Italian must've imagined tying him up and dominating him as the day drew near. Now he was going to get the chance to get back at him for all the teasing.

Spain flinched a little when he felt the knot of the binds press against his wrist when Romano tightened them. "You okay?" Roma hurriedly asked him. He couldn't help but smile a little. His lover was just as nervous about doing this as he was.

"I'm okay, don't worry."

"Remember, if you don't feel okay about something I'm doing, say the safe word."

"Si, I remember." They discussed the kink at length before Spain was blindfolded. There would be restraints, playing around, and then the main fucking. Romano kept the exact details of what 'playing around' entailed a secret, but he did tell his Spaniard that, if he didn't like what he was doing, to just say a safe word and he'd stop without question.

When the restraints were in place, the first thing Spain felt were hands. Soft hands with the slightest bit of roughness from calluses. They trailed along his skin, up his arms and over his shoulder. They parted his opened shirt and slid down his chest. He made a little sound when the thumbs gently tweaked his nipples. They slowly made their way down his stomach to his hips. Fingers traced the waistband of his underwear and slid in them just slightly to pull them down slowly. He lifted his hips helpfully.

"Mm, I wish you could see yourself right now." he shuddered when he heard Romano's voice murmur in his ear. His warm breath washed over his ear and mandible. Spain felt what he assumed was a single digit slide over the head of his cock. He shuddered and groaned. "Your face is so red." He felt soft lips press to his heated cheek. "You're hard and panting already, and I'm barely doing anything." The finger turned into a whole hand and it began to slide up and down his shaft. He felt the Italian nibble at his ears as he whispered to him. "Does me doing this turn you on this fast, or is it because you know I'm going to fuck you?"

"B-both." Spain gasped finally, groaning softly. He tried to turn toward where he thought his lover was, hoping to get at least a kiss. Instead, he heard him chuckle and felt his mouth on his neck.

"Mm-mm, patience. I have a lot more to do." Roma's hand left his cock and the teasing began. First, he played with his nipples. He tweaked them and pinched them, rubbed at them and pulled them gently. That alone caused Spain to moan and cry in pleasure. When Romano suddenly put a little ball to his nipple and turned it on to make it vibrate, the man became a horny mess. Both of his nipples were stimulated, whether by the ball, his fingers, or even the warm wet cavern of his mouth.

Spain felt his legs get pushed back, his knees inches from his shoulders. He heard Romano shifting around somewhere in front of him. His heart raced in anticipation. He felt the hands on his thighs disappear, with a gentle order to keep them up. His hips were pulled forward abruptly and his restraints strained slightly. Then, those same hands clamped down on his ass and squeezed. He yelped softly and shuddered. Roma kneaded his butt for a while before the cheeks were parted and a thumb grazed over the hole in between.

Spain had to bite down on his lower lip to keep from making a sound. Just the touch turned him on. Without being able to see his lover doing all of this himself, his imagination took over and his other senses were heightened. He had to picture how turned on his lover must look, his own red face and lidded eyes, coupled with a concentrated look he must have as he focused on pleasuring him. It was one of the hottest things he'd ever pictured, next to how Romano would look in a cute dress.

Mix that with the fact that he just had almost every pleasure spot of his stimulated. His ears and neck, his nipples, his cock and ass. It left Spain almost unbearably turned on. It encouraged the Italian. Romano trailed his tongue along his cock and placed kisses on the head. Wet fingers, likely coated with the lube they bought especially for the weekend, slid over the hole and unbearably slowly entered it. Spain whimpered and moved his lower body to try and get the fingers in there faster.

"Be patient." Romano soothed the panting Spaniard, his free hand sliding up and down his body, planting soft kisses on the dip of his stomach. Meanwhile, the fingers inside curled and brushed that one amazing spot inside that had Spain moaning and tugging against the binds. As suddenly as they came, Romano pulled them out. He made a sound of complaint until the fingers were replaced by what felt like his mouth. Roma put his hands on his thighs again to keep him still as he slid his tongue over the hole, then thrust the muscle in and out.

"Aa-ahh! Romaa~!" he cried. "P-please.. please put it in. F-fuck!" His cock had started getting rubbed again and he felt almost unbearably close. It was all too much. "I-I'm go-gonna-!" The rubbing then stopped and was replaced with the feeling of something tight sliding down his shaft to the base of his dick. It felt like getting a hug from Roma… but on his cock.

"Not yet, tesoro." He heard his lover murmur. Spain sucked in a breath when he felt something prod at his asshole. It wasn't what he thought it was; it felt small and round. Spain frowned in confusion and curiosity, until whatever it was turned on. It started vibrating within his hole and Spain realized it was the same ball that Romano used on his nipples. His back arched and he let out a loud moan. While he continued to express how good the vibrator felt in him, the bed creaked and dipped as Romano moved. He felt his legs at his sides and something tap his lip. The Spaniard opened his mouth and flicked his tongue to get a taste of what it was. Warm and salty with a hint of a tomato and wine mixed in. He leaned forward a little and pulled the cock into his mouth to suck on.

Spain heard him groan above him and murmur to keep going. He sucked harder and let his tongue dance around and against the tip. Romano's fingers slowly slid into his hair and gripped on while his hips gently snapped forward and back, fucking his mouth as gently as he could without choking him (much). He groaned along with his lover around the warm and wet dick, his insides still being stimulated by the vibrations of the toy Roma had inserted into him. He finally released it all into Spain's mouth and he swallowed it all before the Italian pulled away. He shuddered softly when he felt Romano's nail scrape his scalp gently while he combed at his locks before his hand disappeared and he felt Romano crawl backwards.

Spain felt his legs being pushed back again. One hand slid down and two fingers slid into his hole. He whimpered and groaned when the fingers made a hook and pulled the vibrator out. An empty feeling settled in until he felt something more wet against the entrance. Romano slowly entered him and waited until the bound man was adjusted before he began to move. His hands gently held Spain's hips and he thrust. He went at a slow pace at first. It drove the man crazy and he cried and begged for the Italian to go faster. Giving into his own desires as well, Romano sped up, pounding into the hot cavern and milking more pleasureful moans from him.

After a moment of moaning and crying for more, Spain let out the loudest gasp when the hot dick inside of him struck his most pleasureful spot. Even with his eyes covered, he saw stars flash in front of them. "A-ahh! Romaa!" His lover began going faster and hitting that amazing spot more and more. He was right at his limit; he wanted to have his release. But, at the same time, he never wanted for this moment to end. Most of all, he wanted to see Roma's face.

Spain felt him slow down after a moment. He opened his mouth to protest when he felt Romano's hands leave his thighs and his hot and slick body press down against him. He felt hands brush at his hair and cheeks, slide up and down his arms and chest. His legs automatically wrapped around his waist, pressing him as close as possible. Spain felt his lips brush against his gently. "I love you." Romano breathed before capturing that mouth in a hot and yet sweet kiss. His hips then rocked and thrust faster, fucking the Spaniard with fervor.

Spain just about went crazy, tears springing to his eyes from how good it all felt. He could barely form coherent words, letting out nothing but moans and broken versions of Romano's name. His cock felt full and ready to explode, but the cock ring his Italian put on it prolonged his orgasm. Desperately and brokenly, he begged his lover to let him cum.

Romano kissed him once more before leaning back a little. As the pressure he assumed was the ring slid off, he felt warm fingers slide under his blindfold and push it up. Spain had to blink to readjust to the dim light in the room. The first thing he saw as he finally released was his love, his Romano, and he swore he never saw anything more beautiful than him in that moment. His flushed face shiny with sweat, his hazel green eyes locked on the Spanish man's, dark chestnut hair framing his face, and his plump red lips parted for breath. Spain was falling in love all over again, and it brought him to his long-awaited release.

With a long moan, he came onto his stomach and Romano's. The Italian helped him ride out the orgasm as he slowly thrust in and out of his ass to come to and ride out his own climax. He pulled out before gently collapsing atop of Spain. They laid there for a long time, catching their breaths and relaxing from their high. "R-Roma… th-that was—"

"Amazing." The Italian finished his answer. Spain could only nod. Eventually, Romano sat up and slowly undid the ties on his wrists. Once he was free, Spain pulled him down for a series of kisses.

"You're… the most… amazing lover… in the whole… wide… world…" He said, kissing Roma at every other word.

"D-damn right I am." He agreed, half joking. Inside, he felt like flying. Trying out his kink had gone better than he thought it would. It felt amazing, and seeing Spain's face when he took off the blind fold made his heart race. That look of adoration and happiness, as if he were the sun to a blind man. Spain had always looked at him that way, but he never really noticed it. At that moment, after seeing Spain's face change from one of lustful pleasure to pure love for him and him only, he truly felt like he was special and wanted by someone who was special for him and who he wanted. Even before he took the blindfold off, seeing Spain so vulnerable yet trusting. He trusted Romano not to harm him and to give him pleasure, to take care of him. It gave Romano the most amazing and loving feeling in his life. So he kissed the clingy man back, with all the love and passion in his heart.

After a long moment of elation, they both realized just how stick and sweaty they were. Romano crawled backwards off the bed, grabbing Spain's hand and pulling him along off the bed. "Come on, clingy bastard. Let's go take a bath."

"Aww. Can't we sleep first?"

"I'm not sleeping on your sticky cum, you lazy asshole."

"I don't mind sleeping on yours~"

"Don't be disgusting and hurry up or you're showering by yourself." Spain moved a whole lot faster when that threat was made and followed his lover into the shower. They cleaned each other off and, while sultry jokes were made about having another round in the steamy water, they managed not to jump each other again and collapsed into bed tangled in their naked bodies instead.