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The Ultimate Coordinator and his Gundam Girls

Ch 1

Pink & Red

He had fought in the war, in countless battles, made many hard choices, had to act quickly to reach a solution in combat.

But yet this was one battle that he was not able to fully resolve.

"Kira, you have to make a decision," said Flay looking at him.

"Yes Kira, you have to decide, who you truly love," said Lacus.

Both the pink and red haired girls were sitting on his bed while he stood in front of him in his quarters on the archangel while he was struggling with the choice he was being made to make.

He had saved Flay's shuttle which returned to the archangel and destroyed GENESIS preventing the Eternals likely destruction. He had saved both girls that had come to mean something important to him, but yet now he was stuck between choosing who to make a part of his life.

"Give me a minute, its hard enough on me to make this decision," he said scratching his head.

Both girls half glared and half understood what he meant. They both equally cared for him, but yet any attempts to pressure him to choosing them might make him reject them all together.

However, the beauty that was Lacus was now having a devious idea in her mind, and started to removed the straps on her white customized captain's uniform and let it drop down.

"L-Lacus? What are you doing?" Kira asked with surprise.

"Kira? She's….she's undressing…in front of….of.." the redhead trailed off when the pink haired girl suddenly leaned forward and locked lips with the redhead instantly by surprise. Flay didn't know what had just happened, but after three seconds of Lacus's lips on her own, Flay's lost all normal thoughts, and started to return the kiss and exchanging tongue with the songstress with a passion.

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After a few more seconds of this they all finished and laid down together in the bed in satisfaction as their urges started to die down.

"I don't suppose anyone knows what caused us to do that," asked Kira as he gripped both girls at his side who were snuggling against him..

"Who knows," said Lacus grinning, "But who cares, this was a most enjoyable experience. I say we do it again soon."

"I agree, I don't have a problem with sharing you Kira if it's ok with you," said Flay.

Kira thought for a moment, two hot girls had sex with him and now wanted to have more, how he could refuse.

The pink and red head girls each placed their heads on their respective sides of Kira's bare chest, and soon all three went off to sleep, now satisfied with their new relationship.

Outside of the room, Cagalli had just made herself come as well, and after her panting had gotten under control, she started to pull her panties and cargo pants back up.

"What the heck just happened to me, why couldn't I control myself watching the three of them…..doing it?' she asked herself.


Cagalli bolted around as she was confronted with the sight of both Murrue and Miriallia standing behind her as her very wet panties were still visable.

"Oh….crap," she said guilty.

This will be a Kira/harem fic, so he will get most of the gundam seed/seed destiny female cast involved with him.

There may also be cosmic era counterparts of the gundam 00 girls, and code geass girls that appear as well.

No basing of either Flay or Lacus, or any other characters.

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