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This chapter could possibly take place after Pink & Red pt 1, but after an unposted Kira/Flay/Cagalli chapter that I am still writing.

Onboard the Eternal, in the captains quarters, two girls were lying in the nude under the covers as they caught their breath, having just finished satisfying each other since the third member of their new activity was off on another task.

"I still can't believe Cagalli was watching us the whole time," said Lacus.

"Me neither, I can't believe I got her into bed with Kira after that, it was like I couldn't control myself," said Flay.

"So what happened then?" asked Lacus.

"I don't know, Kira said that she said she wanted to have a serious talk later, but he told me he should probably do it on his own, that's why I came here," said Flay.

"I wonder what's going on over there," said Lacus.

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A few hours later Kira walked down the corridor of the Archangel staggering to maintain in a proper walking position.

"Dang, she wasn't kidding," he groaned leaning against the walls.

Miriallia walked past him seeing him walking funny, wondering if he was ok and giving him a puzzled look.

The lemon for this chapter was inspired by the doujinshi 'Sugar High', which itself is also a Kira/Cagalli centered doujin. I don't know what their dialogue in that is since its never been translated, so I made up the dialogue for this lemon.

The first chapter of my Gundam SEED/Destiny rewrite fic, with the Kira/harem centered pairing will come out within the next week or so, so keep an eye out for it.