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A Second Memorable Birthday

March 15, C.E. 74

One month after the signing of the treaty ending the second war…

Birthdays are the day when everyone around you is suppose to show affection and love.

Well right now that was all Flay could feel she was getting all over her body.

It was night time, the moon was full and shining as its light illuminated the cove of the beach where she and three of his most beloved people were currently exposed and spread out on a blanket as they celebrated a special birthday gift for her.

*Lime Starts*

*Lime ends*

"What…what are those?" said Flay from being under Lacus as the sky was filled with many falling objects that looked like falling meteors.

One of them suddenly came down in the direction they were in and crashed in the water not to far form them, causing a small but big enough wave that washed all over them, which was the only thing that snapped Kira and Cagalli out of their love making.

"What was that?" asked Kira as he shook his head trying to get some of the water off him. He looked to see Cagalli next to him but couldn't find her. He then saw a head of blond hair and tried to help her up, before he then saw the actual Cagalli a few feet away getting off the sand.

Wait, if Cagalli was there, then who was this?

He took a second look, and the blond he was currently trying to help up was unconciuses, but also much more older than Cagalli.

"Kira, who's that?" asked Lacus as all three girls saw the unknown newcomer in Kira's arms.

The entire 'meteor shower' above them in the sky remained forgotten.

A/N: This is just another test for a different harem path Im trying out. Its short, but if enough people like it 'll make the next chapter longer. For those asking how Flay and Lacus are sisters, I'll explain the backstory for that next time.