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A Memorial and Unexpected Birthday Part 01 Mayu

C.E. 75 May 15

The sunlight came in through the partially closed curtains and shined on a 20 year old Kira Yamato's sleeping face waking him up.

"What time is it?" he said softly as he looked at the digital clock on his dresser to see it was about six in the morning. It was one of those clocks that also displayed the date and it read May 15, his birthday.

"Happy Birthday sleepyhead," said a voice next to him and he turned to see the half awake face of his wife Flay Allster, or Flay Yamato as she was known now.

Flay was completely different from the spoiled little daddy's princess teen she was at Heliopolis years ago. From the girl who once feared coordinators, she became involved with the one next to her, as well as a popular pop teen idol girl, to piloting the rebuild strike gundam in the end of the war and the second war, to marrying the man laying next to her, and being a proud mother.

Currently both were laying in the nude under the sheets in their bed, deciding to have some quality time after so many busy days at their respective professions. Kira was serving as a engineer and technician at Morganrate while also being a commander of ZAFT at certain times working for Lacus. Flay on the other hand had taken up being a writer and published some books based on her and Kira's, as well as a lot of their friends, different experiences in the war. But these days she had another job as well, after Reverend Malchio passed away Flay took up his job as an envoy between the Earth Alliance and the PLANTs. She spent a lot of her time traveling between the two talking with both the leaders of the EA nations and the PLANT supreme council and Lacus the new chairwoman of the PLANTs. Nobody would have known she spent a lot of her time in the PLANTs having 'private' one on one meeting with Lacus in her office. The two of them were such good 'friends' ever since Lacus had started off with that kiss on the archangel in front of Kira after the battle of Jachine Due. From a threesome to the formation of a harem with some of their closest female friends now in present day, who would have thought?

Flay had just come back from her latest trip to the Atlantic Federation last night and she and Kira had moved to the bedroom very quickly, as an early birthday present to him.

Now here they were,

"Thanks Flay," he said to her and leaned over to give her a kiss on the cheeks.

"No problem big boy, so you start your vacation time off from work today and it's your birthday. What do you plan to do today?" she asked him.

"Well I guess I'll try getting to get back to spending time with all my girls again, I haven't been giving you all much attention lately.

"No, but we all understand. We've all been working hard to ensure that the peace we fought for stays this time around, but you can certainly make it up to us like you did to me last night," she said with a sweet smile.

"Well I definitely wouldn't mind a repeat of last night's performance," he said.

""Then maybe I should give an encore performance," she said about to slide over and mount him, when the door to their bedroom burst open and a brown haired blur came running in and bounced on the bed.

"Morning you guys, happy birthday daddy," came the voice of a bouncing and hyperactive 16-year old Mayu Asuka dressed in only a pair of red bra and panties.

Kira sighed, "Mayu, we told you. You have to stop calling me that," Kira said.

"I know, but it just makes me sound so naughty, don't you like it when I'm naughty…daddy," she said lifting up the bed sheets and slipping up underneath them and Kira felt a hand suddenly grab hold around his just harden member.

"Mayu, Flay and I were just…..can't you wait your turn," he started to say before a small crying sound started to fill the area.

"That's Kari, she's probably hungry, I better go feed her," said Flay getting out of bed and throwing a robe around her nude body.

"But we were just about to…" said Kira but Flay silenced him.

"I got to go, but don't worry, your 'daughter' can take over for me, got that Mayu," Flay said.

Mayu popped out from under the sheet under Kira's chest and gave a nod and a smile.

After Flay left, Kira turned and looked down at the young girl on his chest.

"Can I give you your birthday present now daddy?" she asked.

Mayu had been one of the many orphans they took in after the war, she had spent much of her time in hospital having her arm genetically grown back and with some memory loss. Kira and his girls had taken her in and helped her get back on her normal track of life. The young girl had taken an instant liking to Kira most of all, becoming very attached to him, and some time later she joined his growing harem. But she got this little kinky urge to always call him daddy whenever they got intimate. Kira tried to make her stop, but there was no changing her mind.

"Sure, go ahead," said Kira smiling.

"Yay," Mayu shouted and threw the sheets away…

*Lemon starts*

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*Lemon ends*

"That was amazing daddy," said Mayu as she leaned up and kissed Kira on the lips, "Did you like your present?"

"I sure did Mayu, but we should probably get up and get dressed and showered, everyone else is going to wonder where we are.

"Ok, can you carry me into the shower like this?" she cooed.

"You really are a little naughty girl," said Kira picking her up in her arms and heading into the bathroom.

A/N: So obviously Mayu is way older in this story in order for her to be in Kira's harem, her joining will be explained in a flashback scene later on, as well as the rest of the girls as while this story is based on the events and concept of what started in the 'Pink & Red' series, I'm actually going to reboot that plot and show it in flashbacks in this new series.

This story is based after the second war, and events that happened during it are changed and altered in order to make sense for this new series.

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