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This takes place after Jachine Due

"Oh Kira,"

The coordinator in question stopped walking down the hall as he turned to see Lacus walking up to him.

"Hey Lacus, what's up," he asked.

"Oh nothing, theres just something I need to talk to you about. Let's go back to your quarters," she said.

Not seeing anything wrong with that, he led the way back to his room on the Eternal. After his door closed Lacus turned him around and grabbed a hold of his hands and placed them on her breasts.

(Lemon removed due to FanFiction guildlines, refer to FicWad for the uncensored version.)

"Perfect," she said to herself and proceeded to take control of one Cagalli Yula Attha.

A/N: I got this from an dojinshi I read online where Flays spirit did pretty much the same thing.

Now most of you have voted for the New World, Different Order option for the GS harem fic, and that will be it.

However I though of rather doing that option as a sequal fic that will follow up a reboot of SEED itself.

So first my SEED reboot will happen, and then events will lead Kira to head into deep space with a group of his own girls where 'New world, different order' can happen, I hope this sounds good to you all.

As for my SEED reboot, I figured it was time that someone actually wrote something different than just steal the gundams from Heliopolis, so take a look at my profile page to read a new summary for the reboot.

P.S. Also, let me know if those of you that like this chapter want it to become its one little mine series as well.