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Chapter 1 – Ripples already drawn

Eureka Oregon- March 15, 2013

~Hurry kid! He's already got Jack and Allison, and taking them to the vault in Section Five. You don't have much time. ~

He rushed the corridors of each floor to the separate flights of stairs throughout each section within Global Dynamics. He cursed the idiot that didn't just make a set of stairs that trekked the entire building. Dozens of scientists, aids and cleaners jumped out of the way as he kept on the move. He even thought he slammed that dumbass assistant Larry into a hydroponics lab on level three, but that was the last of his concerns.

'Ok, I'm in Section Four now, Aunt Jo is right behind me and I have Uncle Zane on the PDA. I'm almost there guys. Please hold on.'

Traversing the enormous complex while still remaining on his feet, despite all the obstacles in the way, was an impressive feat especially the situation. He knew he was weak due to his condition and the temporal de-stabilization wracking havoc on his body, but that had to be shelved to the back of his mind. He had lost his father (six) times in his (five) jumps back in time and this had to be the last attempt. One more could be possible if he failed, but it would spell the end of his life along with his father's too. The doors to Section Five opened quickly and he pushed on, his Uncle Zane keeping pace. There it was. The one hall containing the vault doors that separated him and the would be killer. He had to have faith, but someone had his parents in the vault and within moments would kill his father again, causing much heartache for his mother to see. He also knew the end results as she was pregnant with him, but now was not the time to second guess what had to be done. The vault doors were still open as he rushed inside, only to hear what he feared the most; two shots fired. As a blinding flash engulfed him, all he could make out was the look on his mother's shocked face and the echo of her scream.

Eureka Oregon- March 15, 2034

The alarm on the side table was blaring, SARAH was standing at the door, looking at the young man as he covered himself up in his sheets, ignoring her calls. He had only been home going on six days now and the last thing he wanted to think about was his twentieth birthday. He could hear the footsteps of the female android moving closer, her hand rocking him to wake.

"Alex Carter, its ten forty-five in the morning. Your mother asked you to be up by nine to be dressed and ready for your first day at GD. Ms Donovan will be here in ten minutes to collect you. Please get up."

Alex lifted a hand and waved her off. He was hell-bent to stay in bed and try to overlook his birthday.

"Who starts a job on their birthday, for crying out loud? It's my birthday and I'm perfectly happy to remain in bed. SARAH, go away!"

Alex heard another set of feet enter the room, and from the sound, he had to guess a female in dress shoes. That ruled out his mother- she always sported heels when at work, and his second to oldest sister who wouldn't go in anything but sneakers. SARAH turned to face the other occupant and muttered something, which was quiet enough for him not to hear. He then heard the words of his aunt and gritted his teeth, he knew what was coming and it hadn't changed in twenty years.

"ALEX JACKSON CARTER, you were supposed to be up and ready to go, you have five seconds to get up, or you know what I'll be forced to do. Five… four… three…"

"Aunt Jo, now is not a goo…"

He didn't have a chance to give his rebuttal, when he lost all sense of gravity, and was tossed to the ceiling of his room. Naturally this was a sure fire way to wake up anyone, even if they had just come back from military service in Ireland. He looked to his aunt's capable hands, a gravity reversal field generator/ RFT1019. He could only smile at her and chuckle.

"Hee hee… I'll be right down."

Jo turned off the generator and he slammed into the bed below as she turned and walked out of the room. He mumbled into his sheets as he began to pull himself up.

"Why do I get the feeling this is not going to be like any other birthdays?"

Zane walked into the GD director's office, pushing a cart that comprised of a laptop, a portable video display and four small cylindrical nodes. Henry Deacon turned to look at the equipment and gave a sorrowful sigh to his colleague. He knew what that all meant and dreaded to have the talk that he knew was coming, they both dreaded this day, but it was their chance to right a wrong that never should have occurred.

"Well I have all the equipment ready Henry, but I'm still unsure of sending him. I mean, we got all the information that was left on this laptop and his notes from back then and we still don't know who is responsible for Jack's death. And you've seen his last scans from yesterday. This is the last attempt; he will not survive another try."

Henry only nodded. Zane was right, they knew when it happened and how Jack would die and the end results, but still they didn't know who or why someone would want to kill Jack Carter. They knew after five attempts, and the details of each, this was their last chance to change fate. In his mind he kept replaying the events when he attempted to change past-events. He had saved his love Kim from a grim death, but the end results of changing time, created a new timeline that almost destroyed the town. During that situation, the artifact had been tampered with and a sample removed. This time, it was not the artifact at all, it was gone, dormant. This was just like 1947, when he and his friends were tossed back in time, and met Trevor Grant, a founder of Eureka.

"We have to try again. This could be the time that he succeeds. He's as smart as his mother and as resourceful as his father, combined with all the training he recieved from the military on tactics, deductive reasoning and strategic planning, we have to believe in him. He's the only one who could make the trip and survive."

Zane paced the white office, and it was painfully obvious that he didn't like what he knew was their only option. He raised his arm and swung at nothing, before turning back to Henry. Sorrow, regret, fear were all visible in his eyes, and he didn't like not being in control of solving a problem.

"I can't ask him to take the trip back in time to save his father, it's not something we should have to ask him, and dammit it's not a responsibility he should have to bare."

Henry walked over and placed a hand on his friend's shoulder. He was at odds too, but they owed it to their friend's memory to not give up. (He would never give up on them.) Zane sighed and shook his head, before walking to the door. He looked back and spoke before leaving the room.

"I've got to finish gathering the Intel for another node. He'll need all we can give him."

Jo stood inside the entrance of GD at the visitor's desk filing out a few dozen forms and handed Alex a badge. Jo escorted Alex through the doors into the main complex and to the rotunda within. Alex looked down at the badge and stopped Jo; to show her what he thought was an error.

"Uh Aunt Jo I think the guard screwed up. This is a visitor's pass and I thought I was getting an employee work badge."

"Not just yet, we have to get some other stuff done before we can get the legal paperwork out of the way and get you in the system."

Alex could tell by the look on his aunt's face that this was not the normal protocol for a new hire. Something was definitely wrong, and he couldn't place it. Before they progressed any further, an excited shiver ran up his spine as he felt a soft hand on his shoulder. He turned to see a beautiful raven haired beauty stand before him with a smile that sparked his entire being along with a man he respected and knew he would have to speak with privately soon. The young woman stepped forward and kissed Alex's lips and gave him a big hug as the man smiled at the two.

"Happy Birthday baby. I can't say how glad I am that you're home and we can celebrate your day together."

Alex smiled as he shook the hand of Doctor Isaac Parrish. Getting congratulations on the big day from him as well. But the best gift so far was this kiss from Doctor Parrish's daughter and his girlfriend Elise Parrish. He wanted to talk for a moment but saw Jo waiting patiently and excused himself with the promise to find Elise later. He saw Jo look toward the see-through office at two men that needed no introduction to him. It was his Uncle Zane and Uncle Henry, and they looked angry about something.

"What's that all about?"

Jo remained silent and walked to the elevator as he was forced to follow suit. He had a feeling this tied to Jo's excuse about the other stuff which was confirmed by the sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach as he stepped into the elevator.

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