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Chapter 7 – Accident – Revelation – Truth

The sound of screeching tires stirred Elise back into the beginnings of consciousness. It didn't feel like moments had transpired since she was pulled out of the way of a coming vehicle. If it was any other time, it would have felt like a weird dream which she could shake off, but as she tried, a fierce pain flared at her right temple. She brought her hand to her head and felt a liquid and gasped as she saw fresh blood in her palm and like a snapshot being taken, she remembered the last few moments.

She had found the road and rushed to it, turning a simple task into almost a game, one she should have thought out better. She celebrated a one sided race with her boyfriend or fiancée, and didn't take into account factors outside of her view. Elise could recall seeing Alex's mouth move as he said something, and him charging at her, but like the effect of one's ears popping, she couldn't hear a thing. The next seconds, happened so fast, Elise was shocked by the breakneck speed at which it occurred. Alex taking her by the arms, pushing her into the forest and her hitting a nearby tree, head first before falling to the ground.

Elise looked over to her side hoping that Alex had fallen next to her and was still out, only to find no one nearby. A horrifying thought exploded in her mind as she leapt to her feet and looked between the few trees that separated her from the road. Alex was on the ground, a few feet from the vehicle that must have hit him, and a woman was kneeling next to him.

'Oh my God… Alex!'

Allison let go of the young man's eyelids and looked him over, the impact had left a large bruise on the right side of his midsection and right arm, suggesting possible injuries along with scraped skin, but no serious blood loss. She reached for her phone, when an elevated voice boomed from behind her and as she turned to look, saw the young lady rushing over.

"Alex… Oh God, baby talk to me… come on, you have to…"

Elise's words froze as she looked in fright at the woman across from her. It was the first testament to the fact that the time jump was successful, but in a more literal and un-nerving sense, it was eerie. Kneeling across from her, was Alex's mother, but a good deal younger and just as concerned about the accident.

Allison gaped to the young woman with almost the same look of confusion, turned away and dialed the phone. She looked back at her as the receiver on the other end answered.

"Jack, its Allie. Listen, I need you to head back toward the Smart House, about half a mile from it. I was coming into town and I had an accident. I'm fine, but there are two injured young people and one is non responsive. Please hurry, I need to get him to the infirmary."

Allison puts away the phone and maneuvered around Alex to check on the injury that was noticeable on Elise.

Elise stopped her body from moving away, a natural reaction, remembering the head gash and that Alex's mother is a doctor.

Allison pulled a handkerchief from her pocket and put it on Elise's head, her hand on top of it. She pulled out the penlight again and ran it past her eyes, getting a response.

"Can you tell me your name?"

Elise staggered for a brief moment.


Allison smiled. Her response was a good sign.

"Elise, I'm Allison Carter. You have a slight concussion, and you're lucky that the gash is so small. If he didn't pull you out of the way, it could have been bad for the both of you. You said his name is Alex, right?"

Elise nodded, unsure of what to say and of what to give away.

"Well, Alex will live. He possibly has some broken ribs and dislocated arm, but I won't know for sure till we can get him to our infirmary. What were you two doing?"

Elise swallowed hard. She could tell Allison was disturbed by the situation, but the tone of her voice gave the impression of a concerned mother.

"We were looking for the road, I turned it into a race as a game, but I didn't think…"

Allison tried to calm her voice a little; she could only imagine just how this young woman was feeling and what she was thinking.

"It's okay, we'll sort it out later. Right now, we need to keep him comfortable until help arrives and we can move him. Now there is a pillow in the driver's seat. Go get it and we'll place it under his head."

Elise rose to her feet and rushed to the car for the pillow, returning moments later with it and placed it under Alex's neck, which Allison had raised slightly.

"Now, do you have any family nearby we can contact? To let them know of the accident."

Elise opened her mouth in response, but was unsure of what to say. This whole situation was uncharted territory for her, and she hadn't been told what to say.

But before Elise could respond to the question, a grey police vehicle rolled up behind her and from the sound of it, two figures stepped out. Allison got to her feet and helped Elise to hers and the two women moved aside so the men, could help with Alex. Elise gasped when she finally saw exactly who they were; Henry Deacon and Jack Carter… Alex's father.

"So, who's the kid?"

Allison stepped over to Jack, as Henry moved back to the jeep and pulled a gurney from the back.

"His name is Alex, don't have a last name yet. Woman behind me is Elise, and from the looks of it, is in shock, so at this point we need to get them to GD so I can run tests."

Jack and Henry rolled the young man onto the gurney, lift and proceeded to place him in the back of the jeep. Allison helped the young woman into her vehicle and as she rounded the SUV, paused as she sees a wallet on the ground. It appeared to be old and worn, something one would pass down from father to son over generations. She couldn't put her finger on just why it looked so familiar, but stuck it in her pocket and climbed in.

Within half an hour, they arrived at GD and rushed Alex and Elise to the infirmary. Allison ran scans on the young man so she could determine the impact of her vehicle has caused. It appeared to be three broken ribs on his right side, a fracture to the right arm as well as it being dislocated. With an injection of nano-mites to correct the tissue damage and mend the bones, she turned to the young woman and her injuries. She cleaned the gash and noticed that Elise's attention had not left the young man since their arrival.

"So, is he your boyfriend?"

Elise jumped ever so slightly and looked to Allison.

"Fiancée. He purposed just a few days ago. Is he going to be okay?"

Allison smiled and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"He'll be fine. He will be sore for a few days and will have to have a sling at the very least, but until he wakes up, we just have to keep him comfortable. You also need to rest. Your concussion isn't severe, but I suggest you lay down for awhile. I had a bed made for you, next to him."

Allison noticed a small smirk on the young lady's face as she helped her off the table and over to the bed.

As Elise lay down, she took her hand in hers, "Thanks Dr. Carter."

"Just call me Allison. You'll see, everything will be okay."

Allison made her way to her desk at the center of the lab just as Elise closed her eyes. In her heart, Allison felt remorse for the incident, maybe she had been going too fast, or maybe she should have gotten a ride to work from Jack. She was after all, about six months into her pregnancy and should be taking it easy, but in a town like Eureka that will never be the case.

Allison completed the report on the accident and placed it aside remembering the wallet the young man had dropped. She pulled it out of her pocket and inspected the outside. Old English leather, the kind that can stand up to the tests of time and those of young men. She looked at the front and noticed the worn letter C on it and smiled. It reminded her of Jack's wallet, which he got from his father, at his graduation to U.S. Marshal. Jack often spoke that one day he would pass it on to his son, if he ever had one. She proceeded to open the wallet and looked for the I.D., which felt a little different than most she had seen in the past. It was slightly thicker than normal plastic and the image of the young man covered the front.

As Allison ran her finger across the image, a holographic image expanded above the license, listing all the young man's vital info. A look of shock came over her, as Allison read the info:

Alex Jackson Carter

DOB: 03-15-2013

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Sandy Brown

Weight: 215 lbs

Address: 3 Coriolis Drive

Known Relatives:

Allison Carter - Mother

Jack Carter – Father (Deceased)

Zoe Carter Bougard – Sister

Jenna Carter – Sister

Kevin Blake Carter – Brother

Jack Carter looked out the glass window of the director's office into the rotunda, relieved that the only major event of the day was a small accident. He was concerned for the young couple they brought in, but more so about the trauma that may have been inflicted on his wife and unborn child. He caught himself smile at the fact in about three months, they would be bringing a new life into the world and into their home. He heard the office door open and Henry walk up next to him.

"So I got the results of the scans. The young man has a few broken ribs, and a fracture on his already dislocated right arm. The young lady had a mild concussion and a gash on her right temple, but Allison thinks they will both be fine."

"Good to hear. My only question is who they are; I didn't find any info in the GD mainframe to suggest who they are. I can't say they were backpacking across the state, because Andy didn't find any camping gear in the area we found them."

Henry clasped his best friend on the shoulder and went to his desk. As he sat down he looked at his computer and saw a date of the "Carter Baby Shower" coming up in the next few weeks.

"So I'm assuming Allison is excited to be having the baby shower, SARAH put a lot of effort in setting it up and getting the invites out."

Jack simply nodded as he walked over and sat in the chair across from Henry. Henry looked at him and spoke again.

"I'm a little surprised you decided to not find out what the baby would be. With all the advancements we have here, you could know what sex it will be and see what it would look like all grown up."

Jack shrugged and shook his head slightly.

"Allie and I thought it would be a great surprise to find out when the child is born. With Jenna, Allie had already found out and we weren't together at the time, but now that we are married, it's something we can both look forward to finding out together."

Allison burst in the main entrance to the director's office as both Jack and Henry turned to face her. In her hand, she was holding the I.D. that came from the wallet,speaking as she drew closer to the both of them.

"I'm having a boy…!"

Jack grits his teeth and looked over to his wife, a little disappointed.

"Allie, I thought we were forgoing the ultrasound. We wanted to be surprised about the baby."

Allison looked to Jack and handed him the I.D.

"I didn't have an ultrasound. I found this in the young man's wallet."

Jack looked at the I.D. and thumbed over the same image that brought up the holographic info that Allison had seen. Allison pointed to the date of birth and address and looked to see the bewildered look on her husband's face.

"It has our address at the Smart House, and that date of birth is only two months away. I'm not due till late April, but this says early March. Just by going off this, I struck our future son with the SUV."

Jack hands the I.D. over to Henry and looks back to Allison who seems quite distraught by the revelation that has presented itself.

"I don't know what to make of this myself, but until we get answers to this, I can't rule out a prank or deception by someone on us."

Henry spoke up at his friend's remark after turning the I.D. over and looking at the back info.

"Actually Jack, I don't think this is a prank or deception of any kind. I have to say that I believe this is legit."

Jack and Allison both look to Henry with concern and confusion crossing their faces.

"What do you mean Henry?"

A nurse walked over to Alex and checked the readings on the equipment that were attached to him. She then moved over to Elise and draped a blanked over her shaking form before heading back to the desk. Unbeknownst to her, in the bed in which Alex lay movement can be noticed by the left hand flexing ever so slightly.

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