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Chapter 1: Preparations

It was a normal day in Namimori Middle; though it was already half way through the term.

In class 3-A, science lesson was currently proceeding as usual. Tsuna was staring out the window, clearly not interested on what his teacher, Nezu, was writing on the board. As for Yamamoto and Gokudera, the two felt the same as their boss.

The only noise present was the sound of birds, Nezu-sensei, and chalk hitting the blackboard.

Everything was okay until the door slid open to reveal the school Reborn, in his 'Reboyama-sensei' cosplay.

"Reboyama-sensei! What brings you here today?" Nezu-sensei asked, which was replied with a smirk.

"I'm here to make an announcement." and he turned to face the whole class "Class 3-A. Congratulations. You will be going on an excursion to a mansion owned by a dear friend of mine."

A few moments passed for the students to be able to digest the surprise, and then, cheering. "Now, shut up and listen whilst I explain all the details." Reborn's squeaky voice echoed throughout the classroom, noise immediately dying.

"You will all be leaving at 8am in 2 weeks. Forms will now be passed to you for your parents or caregivers to sign, and return within a week." Said sheets of paper were then passed out by Nezu-sensei, who was trying very hard not to show his excitement.

Chatter took over again, due to the fact that the majority of the class have never been in a mansion before. Reborn continued to speak "The excursion lasts for the whole day. Consider it a history excursion all about the old organisation, Vongola."

As soon as the word 'Vongola' escaped Reborn's mouth, a vein appeared on Tsuna's forehead, who was now glaring at his tutor, clearly pissed. Gokudera was glancing worriedly at his boss, Yamamoto was forcing a grin, and Chrome just sat in her seat, looking bewildered.

Whispers took over. After all, among everyone in the room, the Vongola was very famous. It was always on the top of popular makeup and sporting brands, travel and vacation etc. But of course, none of them know that those were all undercover companies for the Vongola mafia famiglia.

Ignoring the sudden chatter, Reborn continued "My friend might visit during the time of our visit, if he manages to spare some of his time and take a break from all his work in Sicily."

Seeing the infant smirk, Tsuna's anger just rose to a whole new level, but luckily, he managed to suppress the urge to punch his tutor's smug face. The bell rang, and Tsunayoshi got up from his seat and said "Hayato, Takeshi, we're leaving" both replied with a "Hai" and the trio left.

One question materialised in each student's (except for Chrome and Kyoko) head, "Since when did Dame-Tsuna address Yamamoto and Gokudera by their first names?"

~After school, in Tsuna's room~

The Vongola Decimo slammed his bedroom door open, though not startling the fedora-wearing baby one bit; after all, this is what he'd expected. "Reborn! What are you planning?"

Said infant smirked "it's not my decision, Nono agreed to this"

Tsuna's hyper intuition kicked in "let me guess. You were the one who suggested it, am I right?"

Reborn smirked again "Sharp as always, but that's good for a boss. Yes, you're right, I suggested it." The brunette now had two anime veins on his forehead, not a good sign. "Because I was getting bored, and when I heard Gokudera saying…"

Leon leaped off of Reborn's fedora, only to turn into a video camera, and the Sun Arcobaleno pressed play. "Those bastards are blind! Can't they see Juudaime's awesomeness? Juudaime! Let's find some enemy famiglias and bring them here to the school and let you beat them up!"

As Reborn smirked, the shape-shifting chameleon changed back. "…I thought that I would enjoy seeing your fellow classmates' expression once they see your 'boss' side, also, many other people are coming to visit Japan as well. Though Nono's guardian won't have time, Lancia, Basil and them may be."

Before Tsuna could say anything else, the Sun Arcobaleno had already fallen asleep. Also, the brunette made a mental note to kill Gokudera later on.

~A week later~

Homeroom began with Reboyama-sensei once again marching into the Vongola Tenth's classroom. "Ciaossu minna! I'm glad to see that all of you have managed to hand in your forms, so now I would like to give you an I.D. card for when you're at the mansion, just in case one of the guards suspects you, and also the information sheet with all the details you may have forgotten, which includes a list of what you will need to bring. Understood?" Everyone except for our four Vongola members nodded. One by one, students got up to get their sheet.

After the stack of paper and pile of I.D. cards were gone from the briefcase they were previously in, Reborn spoke. "Any questions?"

Hands immediately shot up "How did you get our photos and signatures?" asked a brown-haired male called Hiritsuga Ryou.

"I have my ways" Reborn replied with a smirk, leaving some slightly curious students and an eye-rolling Tsuna. A few more questions were asked until only one person's hand was raised.

The blue-haired girl, namely Tsukisawa Lulu, asked "How come Gokudera-kun, Yamamoto-kun, Sawada-kun and Dokuro-san didn't get an I.D. card?"

The infant looked amused "why don't you ask them yourself?" and all attention was directed towards the three.

Tsuna, on the other hand, looked the least amused, and said "Because we don't need one."

A puzzled look appeared on the classmate's faces and so Lulu asked another question "but why?"

As the two simple words left her mouth, Gokudera slammed his hands on his desk and shouted "Woman! That's none of your bloody business!"

No questions were asked after that, so Reborn rapped it all up "I'll see you all at the school gates in a week, and don't forget to eat breakfast before you come." and left.

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