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Chapter 12: Preview

~4:50pm; With the students~

Eyes fluttered open as the woken students groaned. A good half of the students had been food poisoned by the Poison Scorpion, and it took at least half an hour, which is now, for them to wake up again.

Looking around, the students (and teacher) noticed that they were in a large, white room that resembled an infirmary, a very large infirmary to be exact.

It wasn't before long that someone spoke, though it wasn't any of the visitors.

"They have awakened, Reborn-dono. What are thou's next orders?" Basil stood against the wall, speaking into a…walkie talkie? Anyways, he seemed to be speaking to the Sun Arcobaleno.

"Guide them here into the theater, Basil."

The CEDEF member stood up straight, a grin on his face, before bidding Reborn good bye, in a way. "Fain, Reborn-dono! Over and out!" Hanging up, the teen grinned at the others, who were watching him, before gesturing them to get up and follow. "I will take thee to the theatre. Please follow me."

Getting up to their feet, the students followed Basil down the hallways, taking the stairs to the theater upstairs as the lift only fitted a maximum of ten people.

As the double door opened, fifteen pairs of eyes turned to said door, faces filled with relief as they saw that their classmates and teacher were still alive.

Reborn, who was standing at the front, suddenly spoke in a commanding voice, "Sit down. Now." Resulting in a crowd of students each scrambling to a comfortable and large movie chair in the large theater.

"Now that all of you are here, I would like to make one thing clear. As you all know, Tsuna is the Vongola Decimo, so he has the power to 'get rid' of you with the snap of a finger, not that he would do that…though I definitely would."

Though the last part was murmured, everyone had heard the Arcobaleno's words, a shiver running down their spines. "And since you are in Namimori, which is Vongola territory, it would be even easier. As much as I hate to admit it, Tsuna is my best student-" a 'pang!' sounded from the Cavallone boss, who somehow was now in the corner, growing mushrooms? "-and even I don't like seeing him holding back when getting bullied. So, I have made this movie for you all."

The Sun Arcobaleno jumped back to his seat at the front row with all the guides before the whole room darkened and the movie started.

The movie was practically a life-story of Tsuna and his guardians (though Mukuro's and Hibari's were obviously limited), and was unsurprisingly detailed, courtesy of the fedora-wearer.

It started with Reborn appearing at Tsuna's doorstep and telling him that he was his new home tutor. There wasn't too much for that part, as the infant obviously (with hesitation) removed all the mafia-related parts.

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