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Prologue: Notes

It had all started with a note.

When you think about it, a note usually isn't all that special. Just a few simple words written neatly in ink on a plain white drasheet that is folded in half evenly. Nothing interesting. A note could be written for any purpose. It could be a shopping list, a message telling one thank you, or an invitation to a party of sorts. It could be written to tell someone that you'll be gone for a while, and not to wait for the evening meal because you won't be back in time. It could be a message to a lover, or a rendezvous planned with friends. A note could be written for any purpose, to tell anyone anything.

Yes, a note is usually written for a harmless purpose, like a reminder to go buy more bluemilk or muja fruit.


Then what do you do if it's not? What if the note is not a friendly invitation to dinner or a request to go to the store? What if the note implies something more...dangerous? Something more threatening? What do you do when a plain durasheet with a few words on it strikes such fear into your heart that your face pales and your hand trembles and beads of sweat trickle down your forehead?

You're filled with indecision. You struggle with the choice of telling your Master, or keeping the knowledge of the note to yourself. If you tell, your Master might be able to help you. Your fears may be lessened and you won't worry for your friends' safety anymore. The note would probably be discovered to be nothing, just a cruel practical joke played by an initiate or one of your rivals here at the Temple. However, if the note truly is genuine, if it really is a threat, then by telling you could put your Master in great danger. Someone could get hurt. All because of you.

You brush these thoughts away, and decide not to tell your Master.

After all, the note doesn't mean anything. Right?

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