Here you go! Chapter 1! Hope you like it! And yes, triplethreat123, revenge is ice cream.

It has been a week since I have received the note, and I'm not sure if it was the best idea to keep the threat of the note from my Master. I have been plagued by nightmares every night since I got it, and I know I'm not hiding it well. I've never been good at hiding things. Each morning my Master asks if I'm alright, and I've done my best to convince her that I'm fine with the straightest face I can pull. I know that the lie isn't believed, by the look on my Master's face, but she Master just tells me to get to class.

After a respectful bow to her, I leave the apartment and head to my first class. It takes nearly all of my self-control to keep myself from sprinting away in panic. Subconsciously, I reach up and rest my hand over my chest, where I know the note is hidden in my inner tunic pocket. I shudder thinking about it, wishing that I had never gotten it.

Finally, I reach my class. I sit down and try to pay attention, but for the life of me, I can't focus on anything except the note. The voice of the instructor barely registers in my mind when she tells the class to meditate. Sighing mentally, I submerge yourself in the Force, hoping to find a solution about the note. There are so many things that words can do. In this case, it strikes a fear into my heart that won't go away. The note had started the nightmares.

The nightmares. They scare me even more than the note, because they only reaffirm that the threat against my friends is very real. They could very well be hurt, they could very well die, because of me. Because I chose not to tell anyone. In my head, I keep hearing their screams. The desperation to find them and the anguish and frustration of knowing I was too late linger. I cry as I watch the light leave their eyes, cradling their bodies in my arms. Then the flames of the pyre...

Not able to take it anymore, I pull out of your meditative trance. The moisture dripping off my face tells me that I've been sweating. My hands are shaking as well, and I would bet fifty credits that my face is as white as a sheet. Glancing up at the chrono, I'm are relieved to discover that class is almost over. Not soon enough, the bell rings and I rush from the classroom.

The evening passes by even more quickly. Vaguely, I remember sitting down to eat and the worried queries of Master. Just wanting to escape it all, I excuse myself, telling her that I'm going to bed. Hopefully, tonight will be a dreamless one. If it isn't, I'm going to get help. Strengthed by my new pledge, I begin to slowly drift off to sleep. Yes, tomorrow I will talk to Obi-Wan.

Ha! It's not Obi-Wan! Take a guess at who it is! I want to see if any of you can get it!