Sorry I haven't update sooner. I want this chapter to show the affection between Sasuke's and Hinata's relationship. Also I want to add in some character development within Hinata's Father. I will also explain why the characters are so ooc.

The reason why, I made Sasuke so out of character. Is because, he is a man who lost everything dear to him. He is rebuilding his family, and he isn't a man who is still completely sane or has full morality. He will protect his new family with tooth and nail. It is common for men or women to act like this, when they lose everything dear to them. Besides a woman cannot go under much stress while pregnant. So Sasuke is giving her a stress free environment, he wants to be a loving husband. He wants to be what his father never really showed. Besides his love for Hinata can also be taken in a over protective almost possessive kind of manner. But this is the start of my story, yes he seems to be way out character but I am bringing back his cold self-back. I want you to see how I portray Sasuke, as he prepares to enter fatherhood. Where he explores feelings he hasn't felt in a long time.

Also Sakuras' character, right now in recent chapters show her as a mature woman. But she is still in love with Sasuke so, if this were to happen post-shinobi war. She might or might not, act the way I am portraying her. No woman who is in love with a man for so long, gives up just like that. She doesn't want to admit that Sasuke was never hers' and that he is out of her reach. She wants' Sasuke to accept her, for him to see her further than being annoying or someone weak. She is losing touch to her morality and logic. She was willing to let go her first real friendship. But she will be key character in future chapters.

The same is for Ino, I don't portray her as the one who is fighting for Sasuke's love. Because, she is the type of girl who accepts the fact that Sasuke wouldn't return her feelings. It is a painful feeling, but she is strong and beautiful and matured enough to let go and to move on. I will also explain the InoShika feelings as well in later chapters.

Naruto, he is still the dobe as usual. But he is also exploring his feelings towards Hinata. He wants the one thing he had all this time back. I am showing in a sense a selfish Naruto. Who wants the girl he has been pinning after for so long and also to keep the one love he had all along. But since Sasuke, won over Hinata. Throughout the time he kidnapped her, he has lost the place where she had him. He will also be a key character later on.

I will also explain what happened to Sasuke and Hinata's relationship after they escaped their first encounter with the gang, the first half will be on here and the rest will be in the next one.

Now after all this explanation I would like to thank everyone, who has been patient on waiting for an update. Also thank you, for the punctuation lesson I needed that. Now on to the story **WARNING LEMON SCENE**


Normal POV:

It's been a couple of days since Sasuke and Hinata left Konoha. They flew 2 days, resting only when Hinata needed to throw up or when they needed to relieve themselves. In those 2 days they made it to the border of Suna.

After resupplying and spending some time resting. They continued their, journey they decided to go to the Land of Snow. Return to where their love began to blossom.

When they reached the pier leading to the Land of Snow, Hinata's body started to change. First, her breast began to feel tender and sensitive. They grew a few inches, but not enough to be noticeable. Second, her hips also got a bit wider. These changes did cause, Sasuke to become more possessive of her. The ship they were riding on, was filled with men who sent lustful stares at Hinata. It drove, Sasuke crazy by the way the men looked at her. Sure, he has Hinata all to himself. But it still drove him crazy.

They stood outside on the deck, breathing in the ocean scent. Relaxing whatever time they had, before they set foot back on land. Sasuke possessive attitude was slowly crawling its way up. He was getting tense from all the lustful stares the crewmen were showing to Hinata.

Hinata oblivious of what occurring in the boat, rested her head on Sasuke's arm. She gripped his arm with her small hand and smiled as she breathe in the scent of the ocean. She looked up to look at Sasuke, as she felt him tense a bit. He was looking to his right, glaring at the group of crewmen. She looked at the men, they were at least in their mid-30's maybe 40 ish. She noticed they had lustful stares, and she immediately understood why Sasuke was glaring.

She pulled on Sasuke's arm, he looked down to look at her and she got on her tippy toes and placed a small kiss on his lips. She blushed as she pulled back and set the ball of her feet back on the floor. She looked at him with an intense stare. He looked back into her eyes and he understood, that she was trying to calm him down. He smiled at her, wrapped an arm around her waist pulled her up back on her toes and passionately kissed her.

Her grey lilac eyes widen at first then slowly closed them, enjoying the passionate kiss her husband was giving her. When they pulled away, Sasuke looked back to look at the fishermen. Only to see broken hearted men, their zombie like movements proved they witnessed the kiss between the two teens. Sasuke smirked at the crewmen and pulled Hinata close to him and they walked away from the deck.

They headed back into their cabin room. As they entered Hinata, walked directly to the bed and sat down. Rubbing her small belly, it was barely showing. She can feel the difference in her body shape. Her belly wasn't showing much yet, but you can tell that she has a small bump. She was counting the days, in her head and figured she is close to 3 months. Meaning that in 2 or 3 months she will began to show more.

Sasuke looked at her, his face having a small smile. He then frowned when he saw her look troubled, he walked over to her and placed his hand on hers. She seemed to be thinking of something, as when he placed his hand on hers she jumped a little. He smiled at her, it wasn't a big smile nor a little one. She looked into his eyes and smiled brightly.

"What were you thinking about?" Sasuke asked her.

"I was counting the days, I am marking the days to know when I am going to start to showing." Hinata answered him.

Sasuke gave her a funny look, he was confused. He didn't understand.

"Why?" Sasuke asked.

"Well I want to take precautions, on what medicines I should be taking by then or when do I need to start preparations for when the child comes. Also my clothing attire will have to change as well." She answered.

"Ah, I see." Sasuke said nodding his head. Now he understood, that means he would have to start preparing a nursery room.

Still looking up at his face Hinata, scanned his facial features. She always knew Sasuke, was a handsome young man; even as child. But Naruto was the one, who caught her eye. However, after Sasuke kidnapped her; those feelings of she had for Naruto diminished away. Granted, he still held a place in her heart; but she no longer felt the way she did for him. Sasuke, he just swallowed her whole. She never expected to fall in love with anyone else besides Naruto.

As she looked back down, she blushed as she looked at his well-toned arms. His shoulders sharp and masculine. Even though he was clothed, she could still tell his body shape. She wanted him, the way a woman wants a man.

She leaned closer to Sasuke, this was now or never. If she gathered enough courage, she could do this without passing out. She gulped, her gaze casted down. Closing her eyes, she was hoping to Kami; that she could do this.

Hinata raised her left hand and gripped the front of Sasuke's shirt. He looked down at her confused and worried. What he didn't expect, was his pretty little wife inner war plan.

She then looked back up to Sasuke and kissed his neck. She blushed as she pulled back and he looked down at her in surprise; but his lips formed a smirk. He gently pushed her back on their bed and straddled her. He dipped down slowly their lips barely touching, HInata's eyes closed waiting for his kiss. Sasuke smirked and pulled and instead kissed her neck. Then, surprised her by biting and sucking on her neck.

She moaned as he bit her. Her small hands moved up and gripped the back of his head; as he continued bitting other places on her neck. Her small fingers rubbed his scalp and tugged on his hair every now and then when bit too hard.

He slowly removed her sweater, urging her to move her arms up. She complied and her sweater swiftly left her body. She crossed her arms on her breasts' covering them from; Sasuke's hungry stare. Sasuke licked his lips as he stared at his lovely wife's breasts. He grabbed her wrist placed them at hem of his sweater and gave her a stare that told her, to take my sweater off.

She sat up as much as could, she began to slowly lift his sweater up his arms. He lifted his arms and helped her take off his sweater. His well-toned body, made her blush a ripe tomato red. Sasuke smirked as he noticed that Hinata was staring at his abs. He grabbed one of her wrist and placed her on his ab.

I don't think there was another possible shade of red that Hinata can turn to but she did; she was a crimson red.

"Don't be shy, Hinata. It's not like you haven't seen any of this before." Teased Sasuke.

She looked away blushing her hands resting above her breasts. Sasuke smiled at her childish attitude. She was pouting. She was blushing and pouting. But the way she placed her hands, and how her arms were pushing her breasts' together. Sasuke couldn't help but let out a small growl.

She looks back to him and sees his eyes, hazy and lustful. She decides to be bold and begins tugging on his pants' button. Sasuke shocked by her bold movement, just stared at her. His cheeks tinged with a small blush. She raised herself again and started kissing his chest, slowly moving up to his neck nipping every now and then.

Sasuke got off her and the bed. He stripped himself off his remaining clothes. He then got back on top of Hinata and slowly took off the remaining of her clothes, even her annoying bra. She blushed.

"Sasuke, are you sure we are to do this?" Hinata asked a bit scared of making love while pregnant.

"I'll be gentle." He said as placed butterfly kisses on her cheeks, nose, and forehead and finally kissed her lips.

"But..." She started to say.

"But? What?" He asked her.

"I just that...I don't want to hurt it." She said looking down casted.

At this Sasuke blinked and blinked again, he never thought of this. He was just thinking, that Hinata was being her usual shy self. But no she was worried about their child. He got off her and laid next to her. He felt her tremble and he looked at her. She was tearing up.

"Hinata...Are you ok?" He asked.

"Y...Yes, I just had something in my eyes." She lamely answered.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"It's nothing, really." She said, covering up her feelings.

"Hinata...Tell me." He said as he moved and positioned himself so he can be laying on his side. He placed his fingers under her chin and made her face him. He stared into her eyes.

"Tell me. I won't get mad." He told her.

"I feel like I failed you on satisfying your needs..." She said.

Now Sasuke felt like a major dick. He stared at her and smiled.

"You didn't fail, I'm glad that you were thinking of the risks instead of actually; fully going through it. I wasn't thinking. The idea of being a father, hasn't really engraved in my mind. So you're not at fault." Said Sasuke.

She looked at him with teary eyes, she was happy that she didn't fail him. Hinata still wanted to pleasure Sasuke, but she didn't know how. Then she got the idea, she can touch him and he can touch her.

"You can touch me..."She said shyly.

"What?" He said confused.

"You can touch me." She said again.

She reached for his hand, grabbed it and brought it up to her breast. Sasuke looked at her and blushed a bit. Her movements were being so bold, and he finally understood what she meant; when she said you can touch me.

He got on top of her and slowly groped her breasts. She moaned, her tender breasts were sending electrifying chills. He began pinching her pink nipples, earing another moan from Hinata's pink lips. Sasuke leaned down and began sucking on her left nipple, while pinching her right one. Her fragile hands reached up his head and gripped some of his hair.

Sasuke then left her right breast and his hand began travelling down south. He gently placed his hand on her womanhood, feeling how wet she is he smirked.

"Na na, Hinata you are wet." He said mischievously as he looked up to her face.

She turned redder than possible, she turned her head to the side and gasped as Sasuke inserted two fingers inside of her hot wet core. He pulled his fingers back out, and thrust them back in fast. She gasped; she let go of Sasukes hair and her hands began clawing at Sasuke's back. His fingers kept thrusting inside of her, he stopped sucking on her left nipple and raised himself up with his hands at the each side of Hinata's head.

They stared into each other's eyes and kissed passionately. Sasuke pulled away from their kiss, when he felt Hinata's hand on his hard member. She was rubbing his shaft slowly, her thumb was rubbing the tip of Sasuke's member. Making him sucrete lubrication, she kept on rubbing his tip and kept rubbing his member slowly.

Sasuke's breath hitched inside, he never thought in the months he watched and been with her had ever occurred to him; that she would have been this bold. The way she was stroking him with her small, smooth hands was very enticing. He was close to cumming, but he was holding it in.

Sasuke grabbed on Hinata's wrist, making her stop her ministrations. She looked up worried as to why did he stop her.

"I want to go in..." He said.

She looked at him, a tinge of blush on her cheeks. She nodded and laid back down.

"I won't go all the way in, so relax." He said.

She nodded and closed her eyes. Her blush becoming more and more redder.

Sasuke parted her legs, and placed himself in between them. He fingered her a bit more, and he grabbed his member and slowly entered her hot wet cavern.

It was tight, it has been a while since they "made love". But the feeling of being connected as one, was mesmerizing. They stared into each other's eyes, and Sasuke began thrusting in slowly.

He made sure he wasn't going any deeper than he should, but the tightness of Hinata's core was pulling him deeper. He quickened his pace.

Hinata was moaning loud, her hands were gripping on Sasuke's shoulders. Sasuke went a bit deeper and the feeling was amazing. She cried in pleasure, she was close very close to cumming.

Each thrust Sasuke did, was earning him a private concert of Hinata's moans. He was very close as well, a few more thrust and his seed will be spilled inside her once more. She was meeting his thrust moving her hips along with his rhythm.

"Ahhh! ~ Sasuke I'm c-c-cumming!~" Hinata moaned loudly. Her nails digging into his shoulder.

"Arghh!" Sasuke moaned as he thrust in twice before releasing his seed deep inside Hinata's womb.

Pulling her close, his member still inside of her pulsing releasing some more of his seed inside of her. He nuzzled his face in between Hinata's breasts'. He really loved laying on them after they make love, her fast beating heart and soft skin always made him close his eyes to sleep. He felt her arms wrap around him. Pulling him closer to her body.

They soon fell into sleep. Both holding each other close.

Back In Konoha/Flashback:

A pissed off Hiashi was walking towards the Hokage's office. He has been in a foul mood when he got wind of Hinata's condition and presence within the village walls.

He grit his teeth's in anger as he remembered, how he came to find out

He was outside in the courtyard sitting on the edge of the tatami floor, thinking about Hinata and if she was still alive. The Elders' have been pestering him, about Hinata's position as Heir. But seeing that she is kidnapped by the rouge Uchiha. The clan Elders, have given up hope of her safe return. They enquire that Hanabi, take the place of heir instead of Hinata.

As Hiashi was about stand up, he thought he felt Hinata's chakra, but the instant he felt it; it was gone. He just shrugged it off as a mere imagination. But when as he made his way into his personal studies room, he noticed a neatly placed scroll on the bottom of Hinata's bedroom door. He picked it up and opened it.

As he read the information of the scroll, his hands held the scroll tightly to the point his knuckles turned white. In his fit of anger as he reads the last part of the scroll, he drops it angrily. His fury was about to be released, as he rushed out of the Hyuuga manor; heading to the Hokage's tower.

In the floor of the Hyuuga manor was left a forgotten scroll.

As he approached the Hokage's Doors, his entrance was blocked by the guards.

"Let me, speak to the Hokage." Hiashi hissed at the guards.

"Sumimasen, Lord Hiashi. But the Hokage is busy at the moment. Please wait, for she is almost done." One of the guards said.

"I have no time for waiting." He said as he tried pushing through the guards.

Just as he was about to be pushed back, Tsunade opens the doors. Pissed at all the ruckus outside her office.

"What is the meaning of all this? Hiashi explain yourself?!" She said in a raised voice.

"Explain myself? Explain yourself! You dare hide the fact that Hinata was here. How dare you hide the fact that she is carrying his monstrous child?" Said Hiashi in a raised voice.

"Hiashi, let me explain the reason why we didn't tell you Hinata's pregnancy." Said Tsunade.

"Come in." She said as she stepped aside to let him pass, the guards moved away and Hiashi glared at them before stepping inside. Once inside Tsunade before she closed the doors she told the guards; that whatever they heard stays here within these walls.

"Take a seat Hiashi, what I am going to tell you will shock you." She said.

The man looked at her and took a seat, his eyes followed her as she made her way to her desk. She took her seat and sat. She stared at Hiashi.

"Well explain yourself!" Said Hiashi impatiently.

"Hiashi, the reason why we didn't inform you of Hiantas' pregnancy. Is simply because, we were trying to protect Hinata and Sasuke, from the other nations. Also this little prick was able to not only marry Hinata in the shinto way but the western religion as well." She said.

Hiashi stared at her in disbelief, there wasn't a way for them to undo a binding unless they didn't take a blood oath.

"Did they make a blood oath?" Asked Hiashi.

"We are not sure, when the team I sent found it seemed like they already consummated the marriage. Soon after they escaped." She said.

Hiashi cringed, he knew he wasn't the best father but Hinata was still his daughter. He still cared for his eldest, she has shown much growth with in the years. But pride is what held him back, from being an affectionate father.

"Hiashi, how did you find out about Hinata?" Asked a curious Tsunade.

"I was at the courtyard, when I spotted a scroll on the base of Hinata's bedroom door." He answered.

'Sakura...' Thought Tsunade.

"I see, look Hiashi. I'll be blunt with you, but I am suprised as you will be. But as much as I cannot believe it, but your daughter and the Uchiha are in some twisted sense in love with each other..." Said Tsunade.

"What?! Impossible, he must have Hinata under a genjustu." Said Hiashi.

"Hiashi, I thought so too...When Hianta, fell under the pressure of Sakura. Sasuke acted different. When I saw them together, I tried to see if this was a genjustu, but nothing happened because there was nothing break. No genjustu was used on her." She said looking at him sternly.

"Impossible...Hinata she couldn't...She must have been forced!" Said Hiashi.

"Look Hiashi, Sasuke isn't a hideous man. He could have wooed her, he could have done many things to her. That we don't know about. She was away for almost 3 months, we don't know what he did to her in that time frame." Tsunade said curious as to how Sasuke got Hinata to fall for him.

"How far long is she in her pregnancy?" Asked Hiashi.

"Almost 2 months, no she will not abort. Sasuke wouldn't let her. "Said Tsunade as if almost reading Hiashi's mind.

"But it could be an abomination...that child is a cross breed of Hyuuga and Uchiha, the dangers it could presume." Said Hiashi nervously.

"Do you forget who your daughter is Hiashi? Hinata is the most gentle and caring woman I know. She will not let her child be turned into a killing machine. Sasuke, from the looks of it wouldn't do anything to displease Hinata." Said Tsunade.

"Why did they return?" Hiashi asked.

"Hinata's pregnancy. She wanted to see her friends and she needed a checkup." Said Tsunade.

"Ah I see...How…How is she? Is she well?" Asked a worried Hiashi.

This stunned Tsunade a lot, for the year she has known the man. His pride was always on Hanabi, he never showed much care for Hinata. The way he asked for her well-being, was shocking. She smirked.

'Not even you Hiashi, is able to escape the feelings of care for your child.' Thought Tsunade.

"Hinata is doing well, she is a very strong girl. She coated her womb in her own chakra, like a cocoon when she was in danger." She answered him, stretching the word danger out.

"Danger?! What happened?" Responded a nervous Hiashi.

"My pupil Sakura, had a mental breakdown. As you can see, she is probably the one who sent you that scroll. She put Hinata, under pressure in front of the hospital. She was attacked by the civilians, when they found out about Hinata's condition." Tsunade explained.

"She protected her child with own chakra, when she felt hands on her body. She couldn't risk the life of her unborn child. So instead of protecting herself, she sent majority of her chakra; to the womb. Incasing it in a cocoon of chakra. Very smart of her." Continued explaining Tsunade.

Hiashi only stared at her, in awe. He wouldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Is there anything, I can do?" He asked, without thinking.

Tsunade eyes widen.

'Is he actually going to help her?' She thought.

"Are you really going to help her or are you planning something?" She questioned him.

"I shouldn't be explaining myself to you." He responded.

"Well the life of my student, and possible the life of an innocent child is at risk. I will not hesitate to put a stop to your actions. Before you say anything about your clan rights, let me remind you she is an Uchiha now. You are under no jurisdiction of her life anymore." Said Tsunade.

Hiashi just stared at her, she was right after marrying the clan has no jurisdiction of their clan's men and woman. But it wasn't like he was going to hurt Hinata.

"I know, I am not going to harm her or the child. I just want to do one good thing for her as a father, not as a clan leader." He said truthfully.

Tsunade stared at him, again in disbelief.

"I wouldn't send men after her, by the way you were explaining the situation. The Uchiha, must hold some sort of affection towards Hinata. Sending men would only put harm on her." Continued Hiashi.

"I see, look just let them be. We cannot let any harm come to Hinata. We cannot let Sasuke, become affected the loss of Hinata. The curse of hatred, we all know what it does to an Uchiha. Sasuke already lost his clan, his brother, we cannot let him loose Hinata or his child." Said Tsunade.

Hiashi nodded in agreement, remembering the past events. How the 4th ninja war started, by the curse of hatred within the Uchiha clan. The village was not at full ninja capacity for another war. Not even if they have Naruto on their side.

"I will call back, the men I sent after them." He said as he stood up to leave. He turned to the door as he was about to leave.

"Ah, don't worry about Hinata. She can take care of herself, she has Sasuke to look after her." Reassured Tsunade.

Hiashi looked back and nodded. He opened the doors and left; closing the doors behind him.

Tsunade slumped on her chair, looking drowsy.

"I need sake..." She said.

Somewhere in Konoha:

Sakura paced in her room, she was nervous.

'Did he read the scroll? What if he doesn't believe it? What would he do if he does believe it? According to Hinata, her father was never the affectionate type. Always preferring her little sister over her. But I cannot be so sure. I must know what is going on...' Thought Sakura.

She laid down on her bed and thought about what has been going lately.

'I need to get Sasuke...I belong with him, not Hinata...She doesn't love him, not like I do. Sasuke, why won't you love me? Me, who has loved you for the longest. I went great lengths to get I can be on par with you...I love you Sasuke...I will get you, even if you hate me in the end.' Thought Sakura.

Getting drowsy, she closed her eyes falling asleep.

Ichiraku's Ramen Stand:

Naruto ate his beef ramen in delight, with savoring every bite he came to an end of his 5th bowl.

"Another bowl of Beef ramen, please!" Screamed Naruto.

"Hai!" answered Ayame as she came out of the back kitchen, to serve him his 6th bowl.

"Ikitemasu" He said as clapped his hands together and began eating.

As he was eating, he was thinking about Hinata. How she would always offer him ramen or pay of his bill. His heart clenched up, he lost someone he already had. Someone who loved him from the beginning and almost died for him.

He began to bitterly eat his ramen, Sasuke took her from him. He already had Sakura's affection and now Hinata's.

In his anger Naruto, crushes the chop sticks. He stands up and pay's for the ramen leaving angry.

"Stop being gloomy Naruto. Accept the fact that you lost Hinata, you always picked Sakura. Even after knowing her feelings, towards you. You stilled picked Sakura. In return she is still after Sasuke, listen Naruto. Don't do anything stupid, if it's meant to be she will return to you and if she doesn't then let her go." Said Kurama.

"But Kurama, my heart aches...Just thinking about losing her to Sasuke was enough to make my heart move. I don't even know if it's real love or just me acting like I lost my favorite toy..." Said Naruto to Kurama.

At this Kurama, thought internally and shrugged.

"It's all what your heart truly feels. Hinata is a sweet girl, I've known that she held some sort of affection for you. But you were so obsessed with Sakura, that regardless of the obvious hints Hinata was sending; you kept going after Sakura. I'm not saying Sakura is a bad person or a bad choice. What I am saying is that she is also obsessed with Sasuke, and it's not healthy for the both of you." Said Kurama.

"Kurama... The moment Hinata was kidnapped by Sasuke, I felt a sharp pang in my heart. It was like I was going to lose someone, who truly cared for me; even when I wasn't someone. I know, I was a jerk for not responding to her confession. But I didn't know what to say. I won't give up on her Kurama, not now. I know I can resurface, those feelings she had for me." Said an eager Naruto.

Kurama just shook his head and disconnected the telepathic connection. At this Naruto just let it go as in he probably needed to use the potty. He made his way to the training grounds, with only the Hinata in mind.

"Don't worry Hinata, I will get you back..." Said a determined Naruto.

Snow Country Port/Hinata's POV:

The grumbling of my stomach woke me up, I looked over at Sasuke's sleeping form. He looked so peaceful, this might be the 10th, I caught him sleeping peaceful.

Looking at his face I notice, his long lashes, his high cheek bones, his strong jaw, his nose was average but it fit perfectly on his face. He looked like a Kami, so mysterious and always holding this high self-confidence.

I never thought I would, fall in love with him. Really, I was surprised how he won my heart in these almost 3 months. I look back up to the ceiling as I remember what happened after we escaped from my rescue team.


After we escaped from the group, I didn't notice how tired I was till I dozed off. I woke up when I felt something shake me a bit.

I woke up looking up at his black eyes, I blush again a turn my face away.

He chuckles and commands his hawk to land on the ground. Still in his arms, I close my eyes' I have never been so high up the air. I place my hands on his shoulders, gripping on his top tightly, and when I heard a poof. I open my eyes' and see that we safely landed on the ground.

He gently puts me back on my feet and I feel my knees give out. I fall on my rump.

"Are you alright?" He asked confused.

I look up at him, and I nod. I try to stand up, but my legs are still sore from the previous events. I blush and perform hand seals, and my hands begin to glow green. I place them on my naval area, and I feel the warmth of the chakra heal my soreness.

"I thought nothing was wrong, Hinata." Accused Sasuke.

"I have never been sexually active, it was my first time...I didn't think, I would be this sore." I answered him. Looking up at him, I noticed a small blush on his cheeks.

"I'm sorry..." I heard him whisper.

Looking back at him, I was surprised he said sorry. I want to know why, he apologized.

"Why?" I asked.

"I took you from your friends and family. I forced you to marry me and I also took something from you that you were saving for the dobe." He said sternly.

I blush and look down sadly. He was right he took something from me that I will never have again. I was waiting for Naruto-kun, to come and sweep me off my feet. But he never came, instead Sasuke kidnapped me and took me as his.

I stand up, not looking at his direction and I look up at the sky; the sun was rising. We must have travelled majority of the night. I feel a hand on my shoulder, I look back and I see it is Sasuke who leans down to kiss me.

My eyes widen, I try to pull away but his hand grips my arm and pulls me to his body.

When he pulls away, his hand caress my cheek.

"I may have apologized, but I don't regret anything I have done. But remember, you will be mine by heart. Don't even think about escaping, I will find you and I will take you back or your precious friends will have their end's fate." He said as he claimed my lips once more. I let him, kiss me. I didn't even respond, all I was thinking about was the safety of my family and friends.

When he pulled away, he looked at me and frowned.

I wondered why he frowned.

That's when I felt tears sliding down my cheeks, why was I crying?

"Stop crying...Why are you crying?" He asked.

I looked away from him and wipe away my tears. I felt him come closer to me, I felt him wrap his arms, around my torso.

"Let it out...I don't know why, you're crying but let it out." He whispered.

I let it out, my tears. I am scared, worried, broken and lonely. Sasuke says he loves me, but he acts so cruel. I am away from my love ones and I don't know whether I will be able to please Sasuke.

I felt his hot breath on my neck, his warm lips planting hot kisses on my neck. Making me squirm a bit, but his arm tighten around me. I stood still, tears and fears all forgotten.

Next thing I know is that my world, goes black. He must have knocked me unconscious because, I woke up in room, only lit by a candle. I heard water, so I guess we are on a boat. Realizing, this I bolt up and scan the room.

"Lay back down and rest, we have a long trip ahead of us." I heard his voice. Turning to face him, he was shirtless and I look away blushing.

I hear him chuckle, he raises one of his arms and places his hand on my shoulder. I tense up a bit. I look into over to face him, his eyes are always looking mean. But right now they are soft and sort of sad?

"I'm not going to hurt you, not unless you push my buttons." He said.

I nod.

"Do you even love me as you say, you do?" I asked gathering as much courage as I can. Believe it or not this man still terrifies me. He can kill me without breaking a sweat.

"Yes I do, but it's up to you to believe me or not." He said as he pulled me down to the pillow.

I close my eyes' and when I open them he's on top of me. I know where this is going to lead too.

"Sasuke-kun...If you love me as you say, then you should have let me go...I can't promise you I will ever love you in return...I could end up hating you..." I said looking away from him.

"Like I said before I will make you fall in love with me, I will erase the dobe from your heart. Even if you end up hating me, I would still not let you go. Let me remind you little wife, we already consummated our marriage." He said as he glared at me. I look at him from a side glance and he leans down to kiss my neck.

I feel him part his lips against, my neck. His hot breath was sending shivers down my body. His teeth grazed my neck and he slowly bit down on my neck. I bit my bottom lip, trying to suppress the moan that was about to be released.

He started to suck on my neck; he was still nipping on my neck. I know he's going to leave another mark. He started pulling up the shirt I was wearing, and his hand rose up to my right breast. He gave it a squeeze, he lifted my shirt all the way up revealing my breasts to him.

He stopped moving and I felt him staring. What was he staring at my breast's?

"Where did you get this scar?" I heard him say as his hand grazed my scar.

"It's nothing." I said.

"I want to know." He said.

Sighing, I turn to look at him, I move my hand and place it on his.

"It's the scar, I got trying to protect Naruto-kun..."I mumbled.

His eyes widen for a bit, maybe now he would noticed how much I love Naruto-kun...How I would die protecting him...Maybe he would release me, because of this...

"You could have died, you know?" He said.

"I know, I almost did die, if it wasn't for Sakura-san." I said.

"How did this happen?" Asked me.

I look at him baffled, did he not know about Konoha's destruction by Pein.

"You don't know, about the destruction of Konoha by Pein right?" I asked him.

"I know that he and Naruto fought and that Naruto was the winner. I didn't know about casualties or injures." He answered.

"That's because Pein died, by reviving them all. There were many casualties, even Kakashi-sensei perished. But he was revived along with Shizune-san." I said.

"That still doesn't explain your scar. What happened?" Sasuke still probed.

"Naruto-kun...He was doing well fighting with Pein. It was seen as if they were in equal grounds. But then these black rods, pinned him to the ground...No one was willing to help him...I..I couldn't let him die, so I jumped in and protected with whatever power I could..." I said trying to hold back some tears.

When he was about to say something, I spoke.

"I know I didn't couldn't stand a chance against him. But when you love someone so deeply and so heartily; anything is worth the risk. I confessed to him that day, thinking I was going to die, I might as well say it now or forever hold my peace." I said trying to put a pun in.

"Did he ever answered to your confession?" He asked.

"No, after what happened a lot of us, were healing. Some were helping re-build the town. But, Naruto-kun went to the Kage summit. To prevent you being killed." I said.

He looks at me, he looked always. He leans down and kisses me. My eyes widen, I wasn't expecting this. When he pulls away, he looks at me.

"I love you, for who you are. I may have spied on you for months. But from what I saw is that you are a remarkable person. You live the same circumstances as I did. I was in the shadow of my older brother, while you are in the shadow of your little sister. You grew up though, and changed. You are no longer in your sisters' shadow. Nor am I, in my brother's. I hate to admit it, but I admire your inner strength.

I look at him, my eyes widen in shock. The Sasuke Uchiha admires me. Me of all people. I open my mouth but no words came out, I honestly didn't know what to say.

"You could have gone in a different direction, you could have gone mad in search for power. But you didn't; you trained hard, you did the opposite of what I did. I admire you strength, it's quiet but powerful. You are a very sweet woman, you're selfless, you always look out for the wellbeing of others, but you never let yourself be taken advantage of. I was smitten by you at first during the war, you looked so beautiful..." He said I couldn't believe him though.

"I don't believe you..." I mumbled.

"Like I said it is up to you to believe me or not. Oh and stop asking for the dobe while you sleep. It is rather annoying for my wife to be thinking about another, who isn't me." He said and I blushed.

I didn't know I sleep talked. I looked at him, there was a hint of amusement in his eyes. He must be enjoying my embarrassment. He soon then moved my shirt back down and laid his face between my breasts.

I laid still. I had no clue why he was doing this, he was acting as if he was a...a...a child! I then heard soft breaths going in and out. He fell asleep, on my chest.

Looking down at him, his expression shows that of a young boy. As if all the scars of his past was all forgotten while he slept. I closed my eyes, there was not point of pushing him off my body.

When I woke up the following day, Sasuke was still laying on my chest sleeping. My heart beat began to race.

"Doki Doki" It was getting louder, I didn't know why.

"Why is your heart beating so loud?" Asked Sasuke, I looked down and I see that he still has his eyes closed.

"I don't know." I answered truthfully. With a tinge of blush showing on his face, he finally open his eyes to look at her.

"I love you." He said.

I look at him and I don't know what to say…I just stare at him.

"I don't know what to say…I don't love you…" I said.

"Only time will tell…"He said.

The way he was looking at me, I knew that he was serious about making me his completely his. I didn't know what to say or do; here I am stuck with a mad man. Who can kill me if I make him mad, or worst kill my friends. I know Naruto-kun, is more than capable to stand in par with him…But I can't make him fight his own best friend. What I am more scared of is that I will fall in love with him….


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