Zebra still with his fists up, prepared his body for a Sound Bazooka. He inhaled deeply but stopped as he noticed the fleet of monsters was really just one man. His intimidation was that of many fiends. No sooner than the mysterious girls left, he turned around. The red haired man scowled as they fled. "Zebra-san!" He heard the small chef call his name. He looked over and saw Komatsu with Toriko. The blue haired man had an uneasy look on his face. He spoke to the bigger man in a rather serious tone, "Zebra, we need to leave the beach. I had a feeling this would happen." The tiny man looked up at his partner rather concerned "Toriko-san...what do you mean?" Toriko replied looking down at Komatsu "I mean I knew we would have to leave early. We were not called upon by the IGO for any minor occurrence." Sunny and Coco came running down the beach; Coco started "Toriko!" The blue haired man nodded "I know Coco." He looked at his partner "Komatsu, pack up. We leave for Gravity, tonight."

The Four Kings and Komatsu stood in front of Gravity, the cold ice mountain. Toriko stood in front of the group "We need to split up." He kneeled to the small chef "Of course you're coming with me." The big man grinned softly. Komatsu nodded and returned the smile. Zebra snorted as he looked at the two. Without a word he'd walk into the cave. There were three paths. Zebra stood on the far left, Coco and Sunny on the far right, and Toriko and Komatsu were in the middle. Zebra continued to walk inside the cave without a second thought. The other kings cautiously let their senses guide them through the cave.

Sunny & Coco
Sunny had his sensors spread everywhere; he had Coco lead the way because his vision wasn't as good as the poison man. The two men felt the room get cold...really cold...FREEZING COLD! With each step the men took, the cave got even colder. The cave widened and Coco drifted away from Sunny. Each man was in the same room but they were pretty far away from one another. "Sunny, you finding anything over there?" The colorful man replied "Nope." Both men grew impatient until they reached the end of the cave "This...is it?" Sunny walked over to the man "No, it's a false end." Sunny spiked his hair through the wall. It all crashed down instantly. The giant rocks crumbled at their feet as they took a step back. In front of them was a bright grassland area. The painful coldness suddenly turned to warm balmy air. The plane was filled with dangerous fiends, and about a dozen tornadoes going faster than anything they'd seen in Human World.

Coco looked at Sunny and sighed "This won't be easy." Sunny turned to Coco "No thi-…YOU!" Coco looked at Sunny very confused as Sunny prepared himself to fight. A woman's voice appeared behind Coco "No need to get all worked up." It was the woman from the restaurant. She was wearing a black tank top, black pants and black combat boots. Her legs were wrapped around Coco's neck with one of her hand holding up the right side of her face and her elbow on top of Coco's head. In her other hand she was holding a handful of Sunny's sensors. She released his sensors "I was only here to hitch a ride." She back flipped off of Coco, clinging onto his shoulders as she did. Her brown braid gently flowed back with her. Sunny looked at the woman, "I, I couldn't even sense you." The brunette woman smirked "No, but you gave it your best shot." They felt the ground shake beneath them. A new wall was coming back up slowly. The trio jumped over and watched their only way out close.

This was a new wall, made of pure platinum. Unbreakable. A tornado came at them and the woman guided them all out of the way, spinning, almost as if she guided the tornado to pass through them. The woman looked at Sunny with her good eye facing him. "Listen, we can discuss everything later. Right now, we need to watch our asses or we WILL DIE!" Coco and Sunny nodded. Sunny stood up and helped the lady to her feet. "Alright then Cyclops, but I still don't trust you." The woman flipped her bangs from in front of her eye patch "Hmph...actually its Luckiie." She looked at both men "Gentlemen be prepared. This is going to be a long journey and trust me when I say we don't have much time.


The giant man was walking deep into the cave. As with Sunny and Coco, it was freezing cold. He opened his echo map, and noticed a person. Whoever they were, they weren't too far from him. After he went down a ways he caught a gust of moisture in the air. Warm air. He took a step and his foot was on top of a white material. Next to it was a pair of white boots. Walking up a bit further, he saw a woman in a hot spring. The woman looked up, "It's about time you showed up." It was the same woman from the beach. The spring was excruciatingly hot, the water was boiling and water shot up from the hot spring. Zebra walked over toward the small lady.

"What the hell are you doing here?" His face was intimating but she seemed to yet and still be unphased by it. She moved her black bangs out of her eyes. Right as she opened her mouth to speak, the floor began to shake. The ground collapsed underneath them and the woman held onto the gold pendent around her neck with one hand and covered herself with the other.

She had no clothes on besides her black swimsuit. They finally landed on the ground. While Zebra landed on his feet, the small lady wasn't so lucky and landed right on her ass. She stood up with both her and Zebra facing back to back. They switched to fighting stances as they were surrounded by high level beasts. Each one had an unknown capture level. The woman looked back at Zebra "Look big man, we put this off until the beasts are no longer a threat. Got it?" She turned back around to face the beasts and saw a purple shirt in her vision. It was Zebra handing it to her. "Don't fuck it up, or I'll kill you. Got it?"

Grabbing the shirt, the woman replied. "Yeah, whatever." He turned his face toward her but his body was still facing the fiends, "Can you fight Half Pint?" She put the shirt on. It was unusually large on her and reached down past her knees. Looking back at him, she replied, "I'm better at evading than fighting. But I got a few tricks up my sleeve. Look, Zebra. We've gotta get out of here as quickly as possible." A beast came at the raven haired woman before she could finish, it clawed at her from her thigh up to her face. "DAMMIT HALF PINT!" Zebra yelled and looked back to see that the girl was no longer there. She knocked on the top of his head sitting with her legs crossed on his right shoulder, "Gimme a little credit will ya? I told you I am the master at evading attacks, and my name is Juriie." Zebra smiled and cracked his knuckles. The woman also smiled, "You plan to kill them all, don't you?" The purple haired man chuckled "Just try to stay alive." She smirked as she boosted herself off the big man's back and they both dove into the crowd of fiends at full force.

Toriko & Komatsu

Toriko and Komatsu walked into the icy cave. The blue haired man looked at his partner "Komatsu, stay close to me okay?" The chef nodded and walked closer to the big man. The small man looked up "Uh, Toriko-san. What exactly are we looking for?" Toriko still looking forward replied "A key." Komatsu cocked his head a bit to the left, "A key?" Toriko nodded, "Yes, a key to the underground Black Sand Desert Kingdom. From there, we must find the Black Desert Land Shark." The big man stopped and sniffed the air. "What is it Toriko-san?" He sniffed the air once more "I smell human blood. Someone is hurt." He picked up his pace and walked at a faster speed. The closer he got, he could hear the whimpers of a woman. He ran forward, further into the frigid cave and stopped right in front of the woman. Komatsu flashed a light on her.

It was the blonde lady from the beach. The light showed her face, as well as a pool of blood around her, and a large wound from her outer thigh. Komatsu pulled a cloth from his backpack and wrapped it around her leg. She looked up moving the hair from her face. She mumbled "S-see Toriko. I t-told you we'd m-meet again." The blue haired man grabbed her face, "Blondie? You're gonna be alright." She put her arm around Toriko's neck. Komatsu and Toriko both helped her to her feet. "Thanks guys." She led them to a door "This is where I came from." She put in a code for the door. It was top notch security. It took her a good second to complete. The door opened and the freezing cold turned more unbearable. There was a body of water that took over the entire room. It was so large it looked endless, like the beach. The woman limped over to the shoreline

"Toriko, there is something I must tell you. My name is Sweetiie, I came in this cave with my two partners, Juriie, and my sister Luckiie. I thought we would be able to make it individually through each cave. My sister Luckiie took the right cave. In there lies a grassland. There dozens of tornadoes reside non-stop, running at unnatural speeds. But the worst part is the fiends. The capture levels are between 30 and 50, but what makes them dangerous is that they run in pacts...But that is the least dangerous cave of the three." Toriko nodded and walked over to the blonde "Sweetiie, what about the rest?" She looked at Komatsu who was on the other side of her and back at the water. "The middle cave, the one we are in. The main problem here is that we will have to swim about 8 miles before we reach the other side. The water is freezing and unless we can bear the frigid water for hours, this task is just about impossible. Not to mention the water is inhabited by monsters with the capture levels between 70 and 80."

Komatsu pulled out two lighter suits, "Toriko-san, Sweetiie-chan, I brought these just in case it would be cold. But, there are only two." Sweetie looked up at Toriko "I won't need one. I can scale the walls up top as long as you protect me from down below." She grabbed a pair of gloves from her red pants pocket. She slid the black gloves over her hands, and attached to each fingertip was a two inch long spike. There was electricity emitting from them. "Before we start, I should tell you about the last cave on the left. In that cave lies a number of unknown fiends. Their capture levels have never been determined. It is a literal fight for your life. It is pitch black in there with hundreds or maybe even thousands of monsters coming at you non-stop. I fear that Juriie is not going to make it out. But if each person makes it through, the three caves lead to one room with a lift house. My partners and I agreed that if we aren't all there within two hours of the first person who showed up, just leave with no questions asked. So we might wanna get a move on, because the next lift house doesn't come for another six months." Toriko spoke "One question. Where do we find the key to the Black Sand Desert Kingdom?"

The blonde woman's eyes widened. She knew something. "The key to the Black Desert Kingdom lies in the belly of the Tiger-Eel, and that is what attacked me. I barely escaped with my life." No later than she said that, the water started to bubble and the ground began to shake. It sounded like a very loud earthquake. "GET READY! IT'S COMING BACK!" "KOMATSU! GET ON MY BACK, NOW!" The small man did as instructed, and the other two prepared themselves to take down a beast!