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Chapter 20: Frenemy

I tried to pull the wax leash off my neck, but with no luck. This stuff was no joke. And I was going to go and try and up rooot the tree but Mr. Three's approach changed that.

"What the hell is this!?" I shouted at him. "If you want the information I could think of a few better ways to get it!"

"I had originally planned on using a spear to stick you to the tree and let you writhe in agony, but Miss Goldenweek had an idea that gave us the information and granted a request of hers." Mr. Three explained.

I looked towards Miss Goldenweek, she was still eating some cookies and looked like she didn't care but if she ended up saving my life she couldn't be all that bad.

"So, what's this new plan of yours then?" I asked. "Can I suggest you try asking nicely and maybe I'll tell you." I added sarcasticly.

"You'll give us the information willingly." Mr. Three answered. "And Miss Goldenweek finally gets the pet she always wanted."

I blinked in confusion of few times after that last sentence. "Pet?" I repeated and it was then that it finally sunk in. "PET!" I roared at the snoppy bastard in front of me. "How about I shove my foot so far up your ass that it kicks out your teeth, and we'll see how good of a pet I am!" I ranted at the guy while trying to punch or kick the bastard, but he had made sure to stay a good distance away in case I tried that.

Mr. Three just smirked at my reaction. "I think something will have to be done before I can let you off the leash." he commented. He then turned to face Miss Goldenweek. "Miss Goldenweek!" he called out to her.

Miss Goldenweek seemed to let out a sigh as she put down the cup she now had in her hand. She then began walking a bit closer to me and Mr. Three.

'What's she doing?' I thought.

I then noticed she now had a paint brush and one of those things that artists hold in their hand for paint. My eyes widened as my struggling came back, I had just remembered what she could do with that paint.

She then dipped the paint brush in the blue paint and then in the yellow paint turning it green. She then pointed at me as she started tom make a stange pattern in the air in front of me.

"Color Trap: Green- Color of Soothing!"

The strange green pattern then flew at me and hit me square in the chest. The moment the paint hit my chest I stopped struggling and didn't seem like myself.

"That's better." Mr. Three remarked. "Now, let's get the pet off his leash." he then moved behind me.

I wanted to attack him or even curse at the bastard, but I couldn't really do anything. I couldn't will my body to do anything.

'This is crap!' I shouted in my head. 'There has to be a way to get past the affect of this paint.'

I felt a lot of heat at the back of my neck and then noticed that the wax collar around my neck was slowly dissapearing.

"Cortez! What are you doing!?" Nami shouted.

"Quite standing there and do something!" Zoro added.

I could hear them, but I couldn't even respond it was just no use I couldn't do a damn thing!

"It's pointless!" Mr. Three shouted at my captured friends. "He's under Miss Goldenweek's 'Color Trap' he can't go against her will!" He then began laughing like any villain would at this point.

And Zoro, Nami, and Vivi were shouting at me to try and fight, but it was to no avail.

During this though Miss Goldenweek had lead me over to the little picnic area and had resumed eating with me following her example.

After Mr. Three had finished gloating over the fact that he had one and all that blah, blah, blah! He began coming our way to join us.

"Gum Gum...Rocket!"

The shout of a familiar voice had the three trapped in the weird wax cake cheering in relief and Mr. Three stopping dead in his tracks. Which wasn't a real good idea.

Out of the woods came Luffy and holding on to him were Usopp and Carue. The later fell off the moment he had entered the clearing but Luffy kept going and clocked Mr. Three in the face sending him to the ground with the rubber idiot still going.

"Luffy! You idiot!" Nami, Usopp, and Zoro shouted.

"Don't worry!" Luff shouted. "I'll be back and we I do I'll kick those guys asses!"

Usopp face palmed at Luffy antics, he then turned to look in my direction and he looked real confused.

"Cortez? What are you doing?" Usopp asked.

Of course I couldn't reply as I was being controlled and eating a cookie.

"Usopp! Watch out!" Nami shouted. "The girl did something to control Cortez!"

When Nami told Usopp that he pulled out his slingshot and began shaking like a leaf.

"Al...Alright!" He yelled in my direction. "I...I do...don't know wh...who yo...you are..but...I'll...take...yo...you do...down!"

"Oh, please."

Usopp turned to look at Mr. Three who was dusting himself off after Luffy collided with him.

"Judging just by the look of you I'd say your the weakest member among this crew." Mr. Three said to Usopp. "You really aren't much of a threat."

And to everbody, except mine, suprise Luffy came back once agian flying through the air running into Mr. Three once agian but this time he stopped right in front of Usopp and Carue.

"I made it!" Luffy cheered laughing the whole time.

'You know I'm beggining to think that Luffy has just dumb luck.' Morgan said.

'Were the hell have you been!?' I shouted at Morgan. 'Why haven't you been trying to help me break this control instead making stupid jokes!'

'What do you think I've been doing the whole time!?' Morgan shouted back. 'I've tried everything I can think of but nothing has worked the only thing to do is hope they rub that paint off your chest.'

I then noticed Luffy was looking in my direction, his head tilted to the side in confusion.

"Eh? Cortez?" Luffy questioned. "Why do you get to eat?"

From where I could see everyone had a huge sweatdrop on the back of their head, heck I think I had one even while still being controlled.

"Luffy! His not eating! His being controlled!" Usopp shouted at Luffy.

"Really!?" Luffy exclaimed he then went from looking at me to Usopp a few times, before he settled looking at Usopp. "He looks like he's eating to me."

Usopp just slapped himself in the face and let out a frustrated growl.

"I'm really beggining to think that killing you would be a waste of time." Mr. Three growled as he stood back up. He then dusted himself off and made his way over to Miss Goldenweek and me. "So, I'll have some one else waste thier time."

'I don't like the sound of that.' I thought.

"Miss Goldenweek if you please." Mr. Three said to his partner.

The next thing I know Miss Goldenweek is standing right in front of me paint brush in hand. She then dipped it in the yellow paint and once agian began making that wierd pattern. The pattern then flew and stuck to my chest right next to the green one.

"Color Trap: Yellow-Green- Color of Friendship!"

The next thing I know my minds feeling all funny and for some reason I think Miss Goldenweek is my friend...weird.

"Will you please get rid of these two?" Miss Goldenweek asked and if it wasn't for the fact that she was part of an evil orginization and controling me agiasnt my will it would have been kind of cute.

"What are friends for." I replied like a robot, no real emotion present. I then stood up and began making my way to Usopp, Luffy, and Carue.

"Stay back!" Usopp shouted in fear.

The next thing any of us really knew was me jumping towards them.

"Meteor Impact!"

The three barely had enough time to move as I came down with a chakra charged fist, making a small crater where they once stood.

"Cortez! What are you doing?" Luffy shouted at me. "We're your friends!"

I turned to face him. "Miss Goldenweek is my only friend and she wants you gone. What kind of friend woul I be if I didn't help her?"

"Luffy! He's being controlled by the girl!" Usopp called out him. "We need to find a way to break her control!"

Luffy apparently wasn't paying Usopp much attention as he was glaring at me. "Only friend!? We're your friends! And I'll kick your ass till you remember!"

"Gum Gum...Pistol!"

Luffy shot his fist at me, but it seems while I didn't have control over my body I still made my knowledge over everything that was going on and that meant Luffy's moves. I moved my head just enough to dodge the attack and grabbed his stretched arm and flung him into the other two who were behind me.

"This is quite entertaining." I heard Mr. Three comment behind me.

'Just you wait.' I thought. 'I'll be kicking your ass once this control is broken.'

I then felt something jerk in my hand. My head turned on instict to inspect and saw that it was Luffy's arm. But, my body wasn' able to do much else before something big and heavy slammed into me and sent me flying back into a tree.

The next thing to happen was Luffy grabbed me by the collar of my vest and slammed me agiasnt the tree making me look right at him.

"Did that bring you back!?" Luffy shouted at me. "Do you remember who your real friends are!?"

Even though I wasn't in control, I could tell that the look on my face was probably one with no emotion.

"What are you talking about?" I asked in a monotone. "I already told you that Miss Goldenweek is my only friend and your some one she wants gone."

Luffy snarled at me as he let go with one of his fists and brought it back to punch me in the face I guess.

'Damn it Luffy! Do something that gets the paint off my chest!' I screamed in my head.

Before Luffy could punch me I sent him flying back with a kick from both my legs.

"As much as this fight has been amusing I think it's time to put an end to this." I heard Mr. Three say. "Miss Goldenweek if you'd please."

"Cortez, will you please end the fight now." I heard Miss Goldenweek say. "And don't hold back at all."

"Alright." came my reply.

I saw that Luffy was getting up and was gettting ready to charge but since I was told not to hold back I wasn't going to let that happen. But, to my shock I didn't run to attack Luffy instead I made I riased my right hand and swung it forward at him.

The next thing that happened suprised me and I'm sure everyone who was watching the fight.

A golden like chain began soaring towards Luffy who jumped out of the way just in time for the chain to make a gash in the ground where he stood.

My head turned to follow Luffy's movement as I raised my left hand and flung it towards him, once agian a chain appeared that soared towards him and luckily he got out of the way again, this time the chain took a chunk out of the tree right behind him.

'You know this would be really cool if it wasn't for one problem.' I thought.

'And what's that?' Morgan asked.

'If it wasn't being used to try and kill one of my best friends.' I replied.

'...Good point.' Morgan told me.

I then heard what sounded like a scream and tuned back into the real world and saw that Luffy seemed to have dissappeared but the damage I had been doing was obvious with the gashes in the ground and chuncks taken out of the nearby trees.

"Gum Gum..."

I looked around to where Luffy's voice was coming from and when I couldn't find him my head looked up by instinct. And sure enough there was Luffy coming at me his arms stretched behind him and some blood flowing from his forhead.

I felt my right arm reeling back to attack once agian, but Luffy was already way a head of me on attacking.


Luffy's arms shot forwaed at me at high speed and I wasn't able to get out of the way fast enought as the palms of his hands slammed into my chest at full force and let me tell you that that attack is rightfuly named.

All the air left my lungs and I coughed up a small bit of blood and then went flying back at incredibly high speeds breaking through at least three trees and slamming into a boulder.

"I didn't see that coming." I said and it was then that I realized that Luffy's attack had rubbed a good amount of the paint off my chest breaking Miss Goldenweeks control. I smiled at Luffy. "Thanks for that." I told him before I fell to the ground unconcious.

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