So yeah, I wrote another Fanfic. This is based off of a dream I had. Just quick: NO CANNON HERE. This isn't a love story, although I do agree I think of it as BRO-MANCE. So if you're lookingf for some smut, there's much on this website, but not here :P not for Johnny and Squee. ENJOY!~


I rolled over in my bed about seven times before giving up on getting comfortable. My bed's hard. Like a giant piece of wood on my back. I sat up and quietly groaned.

Then I looked up at Shmee, who was sitting on my shelf, looking down at me. His little voice was running through my head. He didn't move, but I could hear every word he's said. And that's how its always been. "Shut up," I covered my ears with the sides of my pillow and shut my eyes tightly. But he didn't stop. He never does. He kept rambling on and on, telling me things I should do, people I should hurt. He wasn't always like this. He used to warn me. But I guess when you grow up, you have more responsibilities. Or so he says. And now I'm supposed to be different, when I really don't want to be."Please, Shmee!" I begged. "Just stop! Be quiet! Be quiet!" I tossed my pillow aside and stood up.

That's when I got a good look at myself in the mirror I had on my wall. I had never taken a lot of time to look at myself, but now I think I had finally seen myself as someone else would've seen me. I was pale. More pale than any other person I've seen before, it looked like I was a little sick. My hair was shaggy and my bangs were getting a little what stood out most are my eyes. They were giant and filled with fear, even when I felt calm.

But I started to think about why my eyes were so big...

When we first moved here, into this house. I didn't know what to expect, and now I'm glad I didn't. The whole town was awful and had a very gloomy feel to it. And though the house was normal, what happened in it wasn't. But that was all a long time ago. It doesn't happen anymore, thankfully.
I walked over to the window. I stared out at the old abandoned house that used to belong to my neighbor. All the memories began to flow back. Each time he'd come into my room and...basically scare me. Now I know he never meant to, maybe he was just so twisted he didn't know how to comfort a child. He tried, that's all that mattered, right? I was ashamed to think I was actually starting to miss him. I didn't miss hearing the screams and blood-curling cries coming from next door, I just sorta missed my neighbor..

I guess Shmee could hear my thoughs, or knew what I was doing, because he started reminding me of all the awful things my neighbor did. I covered my ears again and stayed looking out the window, lost in thought. Was it really seven years ago? Did he really leave when I was eight? Man, I've gotten old.

Just then, I heard a loud BANG coming from the hallway.

My entire body froze, I could barely even breathe.

Shmee's tiny cackle rang through my head. He kept telling me to open the door to see what it is.
Footsteps were heard. They echoed and went closer and closer towards my door. I cowered towards the window, really hoping I wouldn't fall out. The doorhandle jiggled rapidly. Then the door squeaked open slowly, taking my breath away completely.

There,standing in my doorway, was the one person in this world I never would've expected to see.

He was older now, it was noticable a little, and he let his hair grow back to the way it was before the antannae style. But he still wore stripes like he did so long ago. I couldn't even believe my eyes, I was so sure I was dreaming.

He cocked an eyebrow and stepped closer to me. "Who the fuck are you?" He said. I gulped and pressed my back onto the window. I pointed to myself.

"T-Todd...don't y-you remember?" I couldn't help it that my voice was trembling.

He stepped even closer to me, observing me carefully. "No.." he said. "Really?! Squeegee, is that you?" He walked right in front of me and poked my cheek a couple times. As if that would help. I whimpered, causing my throat to make a "squee" noise. His face lit up. "It is you! Wow, you grew up! How long was I gone? Hah, I thought you were some pervert who killed Squee and lived in his room!"

I was at a loss for words. Emotions were brewing around inside of me and I wasn't sure how to react to all of them.

"I expected little Squee sitting on his bed holding his teddy bear to be waiting for me..."

"It's been seven years..." I said. "I-I grew up.."

"Seven years?" He began looking around my room. It's been so long since he last saw it, it's changed a bit. Then he noticed Squee on my shelf. "The hell is that?!" He said loudly. "Seven years and you still have that THING?"

"W-Well I d-don't carry him around a-anymore..."

"Still!" He said. I hid my face in my hands and waited until he calmed down. It didn't take as long as I thought. He began pacing around the room, ignoring my fear. "I'm surprised your parents didn't make you throw it out yet. That little demon...little fucking demon.."

My body went numb at the mention of my parents. I stopped trembling, and just stared at him.

"How're they doing anyways? Did I blind your dad that night?" Nny went to reach for Shmee, but stopped and sighed. "You know, there was nothing personal on your dad. Well I mean..I guess..he kinda was telling you he hated you. Is that right? Damn I have a good memory...I don't like that color curtain you have. If I had the CHOICE, I would've hurt your mom, I've never liked her...waste of space..."

I began to slide down my wall and sat on the floor. I could barely keep up with what he was saying. Then he turned to me and noticed my stare. "What?" he asked. I held my knees to my chest.

"Nny...m-my mom's been dead for two years.."

There was an awkward silence. He was just staring at me, probably expecting me to tell him I was kidding. I continued to stare at him. It all still felt like a dream.

"God...I mean...well...sorry, I guess?" I knew he wasn't. Inside he was probably cheering. Nny shook his head and sighed. "How's your dad then? Did he at least take responsibility after she...y'know.."
I couldn't even find the words to describe what happened. He seemed to get annoyed with my silence, I knew he was slightly impatient. My lower lip began to quiver slightly and I hid my face again.

"Squeegee?" Nny leaned down and tried to get a look at my face. "Todd?" I knew he was being serious when he used my real name. He brought himself down and sat on the floor in front of me. "C'mon, nothing could be that bad..."

My voice was muffled through my sleeves. "I-I found her...she was foaming from the m-mouth, a-and when I t-told dad, h-he blamed me. He locks himself...i-in his room everyday.." My eyes were filling with tears that I couldn't even stop. "I haven't s-seen him in about a year. He pretends...pretends I don't e-even exist!"

"No!" Johnny exclaimed loudly. "That's bullshit!" I didn't even bother to quiet him down, I knew Dad wouldn't come to check up on me. Tears soaked into my sleeves and I cried harder. It became more difficult to talk.

"A-And you'd think I'd be happy the kids at school don't p-pick on me anymore!...But now they just ignore me...i-it's like I'm invisible to everyone!"

"What about that little..kid? The AntiChrist and all?"

"H-He went off to be homeschooled. Take on t-the family business o-or something.."

"I can see that happening..."

I looked up and wiped my eyes, but more tears soon rolled out. Nny tilted his head. I knew he didn't know how to deal with a crying teenager and it made me feel a little guilty.

"T-This is pretty much the only real conversation I've had in..s-so long." I sniffled.

The next thing I did was completely out of my control. I threw my arms around his neck and pulled him into a tight hug. He was shocked, of course, and jerked slightly.

"H-Hey...alright, I think- go-" His words were all very brief as he desperately tried to pry my arms off of him. But I wasn't ready to let go. My own tears were slipping onto his clothes. I could tell he was a little creeped out. But finally, he gave up and just sat there in my embrace.

"Why'd you have to go?!" I asked. Nny just sat there. He waited until I eventually let go of him to give me an answer.

"I had a lot of things to think about," said Nny with a calm tone. "It took a long time, obviously, but I do think in the longrun I helped myself..."

"Did you..stop killing people?"

"Pft- NO. I tried though. I just limited myself, " He replied. We paused again, being very quiet.

"Shmee...u-um, he's been telling me to kill people lately."

"God dammit!" Nny stood up and shot a death-glare towards the stuffed animal. "What is your problem?! Leave the kid alone!" Just then, his voice turned into a rage-filled scream. "YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO HURT HIM!"

My jaw dropped when I heard him. The voice only lasted for a second, as he was soon normal again.

"So...have you? Killed anyone- I mean." he asked. I shook my head.

"I would never! I-It's too scary!" I blushed, a bit embarassed at the fact I sounded like such a kid. Nny's frown turned into a wicked grin, curling at the ends. Normally, I would've been scared...but seeing someone smile in my direction was so nice. No matter what kind of smile it was.

"Aww, really? I'm so proud of you! I knew you were better than that!" He sighed with relief and leaned back against a wall. "All these years I was so freaked out that you would turn into some kind of..MONSTER. This is a huge weight lifted right off my chest!"

I felt myself smile slightly hearing that he was proud of me.

"So where did you go anyways?"

"Dunno!" He piped up. I raised an eyebrow. "I mean- I just traveled around. To be honest, it all seems like some messed up dream. Just a big blur rushing around my head, giving me such a headache. I was calm for most of it. But some people piss me off no matter where I go. Can't be helped. But it was

pretty nice."
"I-I'm glad to hear that.." I said.

"Well, I got some business to take care of!" Nny said, moving away from the wall. My eyes widened. He had to go already? "I did leave my house for seven years...some of the people in there didn't even last a DAY. And I need to do some spring cleaning! I'll be back, don't you worry!" Right before he went to leave, he grabbed Shmee off the wall forcefully and dug his claws into the fabric. He then threw the bear on the floor. I could tell by his expression he was pretty mad.

"Scratch that- I might have something else to do. Stress reliever and all...Well, bye!" And with that being said, he stormed out.