This is my very first Hakuouki fanfic with my oc whose name will not be mentioned until chapter two.

Yes this is oc x ? hmm haven't decided yet but it's out of Heisuke or Okita so yeah. Hopefully i don't make them too ooc

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The Fierce Dragon Within

Chapter one

It was late in the afternoon. The sun was setting as it left streaks of orange, yellow and red in the darkening night sky I was currently walking home when someone bump into me I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Hey brat aren't you going to apologize!" a man with short black hair yelled. Annoyed I roughly pulled away. I gave small smirk as I stared at the older man and his two friends.

"This kid must want to die, heh show that brat how to respect his elders Jin"

The man known as Jin nodded quickly coming at me with a clench fist. Thinking fast I took a step back before knocking him over with a quick sweep with my leg. "I don't see the point in fighting or apologizing when I wasn't the one at fault".

This angered his friends I guess that meant Jin was the leader of the pack.

"Kenta quickly now!" one shouted. Kenta a man with little to no hair and an inflated ego came at me while unsheathing his sword. I fell back in an un-cool manner I smiled again as I thought of Tsubasa laughing at me for my clumsiness but it quickly turned into a scowl when Jin held me into a head lock just inches above the ground.

"L-let me g-go" I slowly realized how more and more began to crowd around and watch. The only rogue samurai who's name had still managed to be kept held a secret came ip closer to me. I struggled but to no avail as hard blows to my stomach was delivered with unnecessary extra force.

"Had enough kid?" Kenta asked stubbornly I spit in the man's face while panting heavily for air. Jin laughed as he released his grip on me. Catching my breath I slowly began to stand but was pushed down again.

Kenta that coward kicked me in my side causing me to gasp in pain. "Jin, Kenta look it's the Shinsengumi let's get out of here" As soon as his words reached my ears I slowly stood up remembering my father's words 'Show no mercy to those wrong you and show fear to those who go against you' as I held my stomach in pain. Unsheathing my wakizashi sword I took a slash at Jin.

He fell…hard to the ground crimson liquid escaping the fairly large gash on his back. Kenta and the other man stared in horror at their fallen leader. I looked behind me a group of men sporting a light blue haori were just about to approach us but I shouted for them to stay back.

"What's the matter I thought you guys were going to teach me a lesson." As I tried stepping closer to the two of them a hand was placed on my head. I looked up to see a man with piercing blue eyes and purple hair that hung in a loose ponytail over his shoulder.

"Hey are you okay?" I stared a boy who seemed to be a year older than me. He had long brown hair held up in a high ponytail and beautiful blue-green eyes. I gave a light nod to the boy.

"Saitou-san he's fine" the man in front of us now known as Saitou sent to other members from his group to arrest the two still alive and grab the injured one.

"…You two will be held accountable for the damages caused…don't expect to get off so easily" Saitou stated as his men dragged Kenta, Jin and the other one to some unknown place. The brunette smiled.

"Glad your okay, the name's Heisuke" his voice was cheerful and suddenly reminded me about Tsubasa…damn Tsubasa is probably starving right about now. Quickly I thanked him and hurried off. Unaware I had accidently dropped my sword I paid no attention to the footsteps following me.

Just as I rounded a corner I was happy that it was finally night and no one would be able to see me change in the alley way but I was wrong. I stood naked not even half way done to pulling on my kimono when Heisuke appeared standing at the brighter end of the alley where the lights of town shops illuminated. I could clearly see a deep shade of crimson spread across his face. Quickly I ran up to him pinning him against a wall.

"Why are you following me!" my voice though a whisper held a good amount of my anger.

"You forgot your sword you dropped it when you suddenly rushed off." I looked towards his hand and there it was. Embarrassed I snatched it from him. Remembering the fact that he most likely saw me naked I shoved him harder against the wall.

"What did you see?" I asked my voice both are faces dyed red this time. He smiled, laughing sheepishly as he replied with "not everything but…"

I have no time for this fully dressing myself I thanked him again before gathering up my clothes and leaving him alone. I quietly made my way to an Inn I was currently residing in. Tsubasa must be waiting at the door. Putting on a smile I entered our room.

"Welcome home onee-san"

"How many times do I have to tell you- oh never mind. Put your shoes on were eating out" he smiled at me. There is no way I could ever stay mad at him. Walking around Kyoto I began to get depress as Tsubasa was having another one of his coughing fits. I suddenly held him close.

"Don't worry I promise you I will definitely find you medicine." I spoke quietly as tears welled up in my eyes but I quickly hid them. Settling down in a small ramen shop we ate dinner together enjoying small talk and each other's company. The feeling of happiness engulfed us for the first time that night in a long time.

"So onee-chan how was your walk?" I smiled thinking about the incident that happened earlier

"Oh nothing special…" I replied giggling a bit with a smile on my face.