Chapter 2:

The next day Yory was not in class and was not there in the cafeteria or with Mikan either. Everyone thought it was Natsume's fault (except for his fan girls.) at break Natsume went off to find Yory to give her a file from Nodacchi-sensei. He found her room rather quickly, he was about to knock but realized the door was open a crack. He opened it and walked in casually, he was surprised to see the room so neatly arranged, the fan was on and he could say without a doubt that the AC was never used. Natsume was surprised to see Yory curled up in bed, the blanket was next to her neatly folded, and she was using only one pillow. Natsume's eyes immediately spotted her burnt hand; it was still the same without any bandage on it. There were two transparent piggy banks on the floor next to her bed, the first one said "Savings for Mikan's studies" and both were full the second one said "Money for orphanage kids". Natsume was surprised and amazed too!

Yory suddenly shifted on her bed and yelled Mikan's name and woke up, tears rolled down her cheek, her emerald eyes were wide with fear, her long brown hair was messy and hanged lose. She looked at Natsume and fell back on the bed, passing out. Natsume walked to her and kept his hands on her forehead, she was blazing hot! Yory had a fever! Natsume kept the file on Yory's table and walked out after keeping a wet cloth on Yory's forehead and bandaging her hand.

Mikan came to hear about her sister and skipped classes to stay with her. Yory recovered quite quickly. Mikan was coming into Yory's room with a bouquet of flowers when she saw Yory floating in mid air as all the colors of her alices revolved around her. Red for fire, blue for water, light blue for wind (wind was almost transparent), brown for earth and a sky blue for ice, there was a large ball of light on top of her resembling the nullification alice. Mikan quickly closed the door and locked it, slowly each of those lights entered her body and Yory solely floated back on the bed. Within seconds she opened her eyes and looked up at the tearful Mikan. "Onee-san, I was so scared of losing you!" Mikan said hugging her sister. "Na, I'll never leave you, even if I die I'll still live in your heart, won't I?" Yory smiled slowly. "Onee- san! Don't say things like that!" Mikan cried loudly.

Yory signed softly Mikan would never get over it if she died, surely Mikan would try suicide, she would try anything to get Yory back. "Mikan…" Yory said in a soft voice. "Yes?" Mikan asked. "Can you promise me something?" Yory asked. "Yes, anything." Mikan tried to smile. "Even if I leave you promise me to go on with your life, don't commit anything stupid, especially suicide, which would make me very sad." Yory said. "Onee-san I promise, but don't say things like that, you're scaring me." Mikan replied. "Good, now go back to class, I'll join you after awhile. Ok?" Yory asked turning emotionless again. Mikan wiped her tears and skipped out of her sisters' room like a small child.

Yory quickly got dressed and almost immediately saw the file on her table, she opened it and saw the class work and home works of the day, there also was a letter from the orphanage she grew up in. It said:

Dear Yory,

How are you? Hope your fine. We all miss you a lot especially the younger kids. They keep waking up late each night, crying your name and Mikan's. The staffs here also miss you a lot. The normal cheerfulness is gone after you and Mikan had left. There is also good news for you, Amanda and Sara got adopted yesterday, they refused to leave without seeing you, and so we had to persuade them to leave a letter for you and Mikan. The kids here have already brought you presents and made cards for your birthday! They really do miss you a lot. I wonder what magic you had cast on them! I mean you rarely talk to anyone! By the way this Tuesday is Jessie and Lassie's 4th birthday; they are really looking forward to see you at their birthday party. The neighbors gave Mikan and you their love saying that they really miss you all!

Take care,


The Orphanage manager,

Mrs. Kinomoto.

It was a short but sweet letter, Yory smiled on thinking about the little kids at the orphanage, they were so dear! Yory carefully kept the letter in her drawer and went to class.

At The Woods:

Yory was just in time for nature class everyone was grabbing a net and some glass jars. Mikan was dressed in a white top with a pink flower in it and a pair of black jeans. Yory was dressed in a black sweater and blue jeans. Her long braided hair now was tied to a high pony tail and she had a black hair band on. After grabbing herself a net and two jars she joined the class. "Onee-san!" a cherry voice rang out and Yory felt being hugged from behind. "You look so nice with that hair style!" Mikan said after releasing Yory from her hug. Yory rolled her eyes; Mikan noticed that Yory's burnt palm was now good as new. "Onee-san, you healed so fast!" Mikan exclaimed. Yory nodded. "Hey Mikan! Come on! We're catching some butterflies!" Anna yelled waving. "Sure!" Mikan yelled back. "Wanna come?" she asked Yory who shook her head.

Mikan was not the only one who noticed Yory's palm, certain raven head also did notice. The class arrived at a clear field filled with flowers, butterflies, beetles and other amazing bugs. The girls chased after the butterflies while the boys took some beetles and ran after the scared girls, laughing their head out. Yory sat separate from the class. She was staring blankly at a sky blue/ dark blue flower growing on the field, it was very pretty. There was a blue beetle near the flower so she easily caught it and gently dropped it into the glass jar inside her bag. She pulled out her sketch book and started drawing the beautiful flower and colored it, on the other page she grew the beetle. Out of the blue a beautiful blue and black butterfly fluttered by, Yory was quick enough to grab her net and swipe it, thus imprisoning the butterfly in it. She lovingly kept it inside the 2nd jar and made a beautiful sketch of it.

Yory was startled out from admiring her art when she heard someone yell she looked up and saw Ruka shouting curses and Natsume holding him so he wouldn't pounce on poor Kokoroyomi. "You ill-hearted being! You crushed the poor innocent beetle to death!" she heard Ruka yell. "Oi! Ruka calm down!" it was an accident!" Natsume yelled trying to calm down his insane best friend. "Poor Ruka-pyon! He must be so sad and frustrated!" a bunch of fan girls signed pitifully. "Idiots!" Yory slowly said. Soon the class was on their way back to the academy. Mikan, Hotaru, Anna and Nonoko were on the lead with the other kids, Yory was last, she had chosen to keep a long distance from the crowd of girls and fan boys after her and her sister. After all it is not her fault that they are so very into her. That made Yory sign in frustration. "It's the same with every school me and Mikan visit!" she mentally told herself. Then suddenly she felt herself being read, Yory turned to face Kokoroyomi, which everyone refer to him as Koko, was looking at her with a very happy facial expression meaning, "Oh I just love reading something juicy once in a while". Yory was annoyed so she came up with a plan. "Oi quit reading my mind or I'll blow you all the way to North Pole!" she thought. Koko having been reading her mind immediately heard her thought and backed away, scared and surprised.

Yory noticed that Natsume was right behind her, the thought made her a bit uneasy. Yory felt being grabbed from behind, she noticed that the class was nowhere in sight. "Ok talk!" Natsume said finally letting go of Yory arm. As usual Yory ignored him quite daringly. "Why didn't my alice affect you yesterday? Talk! I don't have all day." He said. "Neither do I, so leave me alone! Stupid Hyyuga." Yory mumbled before gracefully jumping on the nearest tree and running off, leaving the raven head very annoyed and surprised. Yory arrived at Gukuen Alice and ran to the headmistress's office and asked her to grant Mikan and herself leave for Tuesday, which she happily agreed after Yory told her the reason.


Yory and Mikan had happily packed for their journey back home, surprisingly for Mikan and annoyingly for Yory, Natsume and Ruka decided to tag along with them. Yory was annoyed by the presence of Natsume while Mikan was manifested knowing that Ruka was present. Natsume kept sparing glances at Yory for he found her different from other girls and much more mysterious than any other person he ever met. And as for Mikan she kept cooing over Ruka's pet bunny and was happily stroking the rabbit.

Finally the trio reached their destination, the orphanage was small but very nice, the fencing around the ground was new and painted, lovely roses and sunflowers covered the compound; the front yard had several toys like see-saws and swings. Mikan had sparkles in her eyes so did Yory but she was careful enough to hide them. They went to the entrance followed by a curious Ruka, a jumpy bunny rabbit and of course a very bored Natsume. Yory knocked on the door and a young woman with red hair and brown eyes came out, she gasped on seeing Mikan and Yory. "Is this a dream or are you two really here?" she cried. Mikan burst into tears as the woman hugged Yory and Mikan tightly. "Come on! The kids are inside the playroom, I bet they will be surprised!" she said with a smile after wiping her tears.

"Oi might wanna introduce us!" Natsume suddenly said. Yory ignored him. "Sorry, this is Ruka-pyon and Natsume-kun." Mikan smiled and the woman gave both of them a warm smile. The group followed the red haired woman assumed to be Layla to the play room. "Kids, I have a surprise for you all!" she said and immediately caught the playing kids attention. "Look at who came to visit!" she said as Yory, Mikan and the others stepped in to the room. "Kyaa!" the kids shouted and ran towards both Mikan and Yory they sprang at the two helpless girls standing at the door way knocking both of them over. "We missed you so much Onee-sama! And Mikan-Onii-chan!" they yelled hugging the girls. Natsume guessed that Yory would glare draggers at them but was very surprised when she started laughing sweetly; he had to admit she is cute when she is smiling. Yory noticed Natsume and her smile disappeared immediately, reviling her cold heartless expression. "Onee-sama, who is this?" a blonde haired girl asked tugging on to Yory's white top white pointing a finger at Natsume. Yory wanted to answer but was cut off by Mikan. "This is our friend Natsume-kun and Ruka-pyon." She said smiling brightly. "Look! A bunny!" someone shrieked at Ruka's pet rabbit and the crowds of kids sprang for him, but were luckily stopped by Layla.

Later Layla had dragged Yory and Mikan away to meet the other staff leaving Natsume and Ruka with the kids'. "Sakura-san is very different here, isn't she? She looks heartless and cold but I wonder how these kids' managed to love her so much!" Ruka told Natsume. "Onee-sama is not mean or heartless." A voice rang out startling the two. They spun around to see a child no older than 7 with black hair and blue eyes, she had an angry expression. "Huh?" Ruka asked. "Onee-sama is not heartless or cold; she is not good at showing emotions due to her past." The girls replied. "What past?" Natsume snapped, quite eager to know more about Yory. "Ya got any money?" the girl asked. Both of them nodded. "Then gimme' 10, 00 yen and I'll tell ya!" the child replied walking away. Natsume and Ruka followed her to a tree far away from the kids'. "Pay up!" she said reaching out her hand. Natsume and Ruka gave her what she asked for and she began. "I am Ebony and I don't wanna know your names. You see when Onee-sama and Mikan-Onii-chan were very small, they used to be alike, there was no difference between them, Onee-sama laughed and smiled a lot, and she was also very talkative. But when they were two the orphanage staff came and took them away from their family per request of Onee-sama's parents and that same day Onee-sama and Mikan-Onii-chan's parents dead bodies were found, they were murdered, ever since than Onee-sama was cold and heartless, but she rarely opens up to anyone but Mikan-Onii-chan." Jessie said finishing. "But why go after her family? It's not like that they were famous or anything." Natsume asked. "Dun no! I heard one of the staff here say that Onee-sama's family was found out of having a rare alice, so they killed them when they didn't respond to the questions which were asked to them." Jessie said walking away. "And what alice would that be?" Natsume asked again. "Something called a nullification alice" she replied. "And Onee-sama has two things that she is scared of, losing Mikan and thunder." Jessie smiled. "Thunder huh?" Natsume smiled with a hint of evil in his eyes. "Nullification alice? But I thought it was a myth! Wow, Sakura-san must really have a strong family!" Ruka said stroking his pet. "Hn." Natsume replied shoving his hands into his jeans pocket and walked away.

Yory was making her way into the forest where she used to play (play alone with her secrete alices, not including nullification. By the way, did I mention that Yory's favorite is the fire alice?). She had no idea about her stalker, unluckily for her she didn't look at the sky for it was filled with large storm clouds, getting ready for a thunder storm. Yory walked slowly without making a sound as she did so, she looked like a ghost. After arriving at her spot she stopped and almost immediately fell down, but without wasting a time she suddenly stood up straight. A bunch of forest animals came to view, there were at least a zillion of them! They all came and gathered around Yory who gave the most pleasant smile Natsume ever saw. She stroked the animals one by one. "Oh, how I missed you all! How are ya? Did ya miss me? If only I could understand what you all are saying, I could ask Ruka-pyon, but I don't want to let them know about you all or they might hurt you." She said in a caring clear loud voice. Natsume was surprised by her beautiful voice. After sometime she told her animal friends to return to their home's, just as they vanished rain started pouring down, Yory chose not to use her alice and was soon drenched, suddenly thunder crashed and Yory screamed falling to her knee's. "Wow! She really is afraid of thunder!" Natsume thought. Thunder roared again, this time Yory shrieked and ran she was heading right at Natsume who was hiding behind a tree and pounced on him. "She… she knew I was there." He thought as Yory gripped his wet shirt. And Yory passed out.

She woke up at the orphanage and immediately got ready for Jessie and Lassie's birthday party; the trio arrived back at the academy by midnight