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(Rachel P.O.V.)

Two and a half months.

That's how long I've known Ben Mason. And in those two and a half months, we fell in love. Finding Ben was the best thing to ever happen to me, beside's finding my dad and Shelly. Hal and Matt have become my brothers. Jimmy Boland, my new best friend, was my brother as well, he and my father having formed the deep father/son bond.

It's been three months since the Mason brothers had last seen their father, Tom Mason, and my heart broke for them. I knew what it was like to lose your father. But I had found mine, and it kill's me to see them heartbroken over loosing theirs. But if the Mason brother's are anything like their father, then there is no doubt in my mind that Tom Mason, is alive. And I can not wait to meet the man who walked onto an alien space ship, to save the one I loved.

The population of the Second Mass had lessened greatly, hundreds having died fighting and protecting others from skitters and mech's.

Ben had become a fighter not to long ago, and was now always partnered up with Jimmy. Thankfully, the two had quickly become friends, leaving the hostility towards each other in the past. When ever they would return from mission's, all three of us would hangout and laugh like we'd known each other since birth. And it felt like we had. Matt and Hal would sometimes join us.

Whenever I wasn't with the boy's, my dad, mom or Shelly, I would help Anne and Lourdes with patients. But I was usually given orders to relax and soon became the patient myself.

Because I, am pregnant.


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