She can't help but stare at her ballet class's new arrival, at the smooth looking skin of tan thighs and muscular-looking calves. Her eyes travel up over Santana's hips and up further, further, her eyes focusing on an attention drawing collarbone. The bun that sits low at the nape of the taller girl's neck is something Rachel's never seen, and she wishes she could just pull her eyes away. That it didn't matter that it makes the Latina's neck stand out, that somehow, it draws the little performer's attention up to dark eyes that are focused on her own. Pulling her lip between her teeth, Rachel tries to smile away her nervousness. When Santana returns the small but much-desired gesture, the shorter of the two breathes deep and turns back to the glass wall, stretching and failing to keep her eyes away as the other brunette does the same.

An hour and a half later, the two girls are left alone in the fairly large room, packing away their things unnecessarily slowly.

"I uh...I bought you a bottle of water." The smaller dancer turns, wide smile curving her features.

"Thank you so much. I'm afraid I forgot to bring my own today in my haste to leave the house in time to be early." They both silently sip from their bottles, trying and failing to avoid getting caught watching each other.

"It's nothing, anytime."

"I didn't know you were a dancer Santana. You're quite skillful. It's a pleasure to watch you...wait...I didn't...You're very good." The latina grinned at the mix up, finishing her bottle and dropping it in the recycle container.

"Yea um...Ballet since I was four, hip hop since nine. I started getting into contemporary three years ago. Still kind of a beginner compared to you, I know." Rachel shook her head as her instinct to comfort with touch exhibited itself via her hand on a toned bicep.

"That's actually quite amazing. most dancers I know through the classes they teach here are good or great in one field, not exceptional in three. It's rare."

"Who says I'm exceptional, shorty? You've seen me dance before this?" Rachel lets the comment on her height pass. It sounded not like an insult but a term of endearment to her well-trained ears. Combined with the kind smirk on pouty lips, it brought up her brightest smile.

"I practice afterschool in the choir room quite often. Sometimes, I prefer the auditorium. If I close my eyes it's like i'm in New York on a stage, baring my soul to an audience. Occasionally, I'll arrive there and someone else will be there. Someone like you, dancing across the stage, baring your own soul. I always try to give you privacy, but you're so beauti- your dancing... is so beautiful, I end up staying. Exceptional is the perfect word, Santana."

"I think you're beautiful too, Rae."