Outside she searched for any sign of Richard, dismayed when he was nowhere to be found. Knowing him, he probably took a bus home. Well, she might as well follow suit.

There was no sense in hanging around this hotel, even if the surroundings were beautiful. If she had no one to share it with, then it was completely pointless.

As she was about to hail a taxi, she saw him, standing alone by the bus stop.


As soon as he noticed her, she ran toward him, smiling at his surprised expression.

"Caroline what are you doing out here? You're supposed to be on a date with that Willard person."

"You're my date, Richard."

"Well, that's true but like I said, I'm just a fill-in."

Her eyes filled with tears once more and she took his hand. "Oh Richard, you're more than just a fill-in. You're everything."

"But what about Willard?"

She sighed and looked away. "Oh, well..."
It was then that he noticed her tears and he gently turned her to face him. "You're crying. What happened?"

"Nothing, it's just-."

"Wait, he didn't hurt you did he?"
"No, Richard. Well not exactly. Kind of, I guess."

Richard began looking around frantically for any sign of Willard.

"Damn it, I knew it! Where is he?"

Caroline shrugged. "I don't know Richard. He just left."
"If he laid a hand on you, I'll kill him with my own hands, I swear it!"

Touched by Richard's concern, she squeezed his hand. "Richard, it's fine. I'll be fine. I promise. Let's just... finish what we were doing before."


She looked around and smiled. "Why not? The stars are out, and we're all alone."

"But there's no music. How can we possibly finish dancing if there's no music to dance to?"

She smiled mischievously. "I wasn't talking about dancing."

He gave her a blank stare. "Okay, you've lost me."

Caroline took him in her arms and kissed him, massaging his silky blonde hair with her fingers.

When she drew back, she smiled at him. "Does that answer your question?"

He brushed a fallen tear from her cheek. "Um... Actually you might want to explain it to me again."

They shared another kiss, even more tender than the first. For it had only taken one dance to tell her heart who she truly loved.