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Mikan Sakura Yukihara zoomed through the classrooms. It was a everyday routine. Her getting up late, missing breakfast and then zooming through the hallways. Everyone was used to it.

She was running when she bumped into someone and that unfortunate someone fell on her butt.

"OH MY GOSH! I'M SO SORRY!"Mikan screamed and she hurried to help the unfortunate student up.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

"It's ok Mikan. You don't have to apologize so many times. I'm perfectly fine, see?" a 14 year old girl with smooth turquoise hair a.k.a the girl Mikan knocked over, answered.

Mikan lifted her up and bowed to apologize again until she finally realized that she still needed to go to her classes. She rushed to her class like the wind.


"I'm sorry I'm late!" Mikan shouted as she banged open her classroom door.

"Mikan your late again." Narumi sensei said to her with his hand lifted with chalk to write but he was concentrating on her.

"Sensei I'm sorry..." Mikan said with her head down. She was ashamed that she was always late. Literally everyday.

*Sigh* "It's all right Mikan. Please go to your seat and remember to be on time tomorrow." Narumi said to her with kind eyes and a warm smile.

Mikan lifted her head and suddenly she felt better looking at Narumi sensei's warm smile. She walked to the very back of the room and sat on her seat. She looked at her right and greeted her friends (well she considered them her friends at least.)

"Good morning Ruka-pyon, Natsume-kun!" Mikan said cheerfully. Natsume was sitting next to Mikan with a manga covering his face indicating he's sleeping and/or do not disturb. Ruka was next to Natsume petting his bunny.

"Good morning Sakura-san." Ruka greeted with a small smile on his face. He looked at Natsume. Seeing he has not budged, he lightly nudged him with his elbow. Natsume slowly lifted his hand to the manga lying on his face. He took the book down and looked at Mikan.

"Wow. Finally here huh polka dots?" Natsume said with a small smirk on his face. Mikan's face turned red with rage and popped up from her seat.

"Hey I just over slept a little! I'm not that late...and I am not polka dots! My name is Mikan, Mi-kan" Mikan pronounced her name hoping Natsume will call her by her name, but as usual, no such luck.

"Yeah whatever polka dots." That was Natsume's annoying answer like always. He then put his book back on his face and went completely silent.

"Mikan, is there something wrong?" Narumi sensei asked with a questioning look on his face. Mikan glared at Natsume's sleeping figure and turned to Narumi sensei.

"Nothing... I'm sorry for interrupting class, sensei." She plopped back down on her seat while Narumi sensei continued writing on the black board.

After school Mikan went to her friends.

"Hi, Hotaru, Koko, Kitsu, Nono, Anna, Yuu and Permy!" Mikan greeted them.

"Good morning, Mikan-chan." Everyone answered in perfect simultaneous except for Hotaru who was too busy making her new invention. She just grunted in reply.

*Sigh* "Mikan, can't you get my name straight? It's Sumire not Permy" Sumire said clearly annoyed with her nickname, but Mikan is way too dense to sense that.

"But 'Permy' fits you!" Mikan said with a smile causing Sumire to roll her eyes. They all got used to Mikan being an idiot. Natsume and Ruka were about to leave with the other boys when Mikan suddenly turned around.

"Ruka-pyon, Natsume-kun! You guys want to go to the Tea Party with us?" Mikan asked.

Flash Back

"Tsubasa senpai!" Mikan shouted at her senpai while she entered the Special Ability class.

Tsubasa senpai turned his head from where he was sitting.

"Hi Mikan, you were late today." Senpai said with while eating pocky. Then Misaki senpai came into the Special Ability class with an envelope in hand and a grin on her face.

"Mikan! I was looking for you. I am in charge of sending all the invitations for the Tea Party. I was looking through the remaining invitations when I found your name! I can't believe your invited as well as Hotaru and the others..."

"HOTARU IS INVITED TOO?" Mikan screamed with delight. She was now jumping up and down while Tsubasa was shaking his head and covering his ears.

After about 2 minutes of jumping, Mikan ran to Misaki senpai and snatched the envelope from her. She quickly opened it and scanned through the lyrics. She was allowed to bring two friends of any gender.

End of Flash Back

Natsume and Ruka stopped walking and turned to face Mikan with a smile on her face.

"Why would I want to go to the Tea Party with you?" Natsume asked with an emotionless fa├žade. It was hard to tell if he really wanted to go, or really didn't want to go but Mikan didn't care. She didn't even care if he used his alice on her. She had nullification to protect herself.

"Come on, Natsume. Why won't you come with us? It's gonna be so fun!" She said, eyes shining with excitement. Everyone else was rolling their eyes while Natsume stayed the same.

After a short time of silence, Natsume finally answered.

"Fine. I'll go." Natsume smirked and left the room. Mikan was hooping with joy while everyone else's mouth was dropping open. NATSUME SAID YES? How on Earth is that possible?

"Natsume, are you really going to the Tea Party? I've never seen you say yes to a question like that, especially if a girl said that." Ruka said to his best friend who was sitting next to him on a bench. It was peaceful since all the others were busy in their dorms doing their own things and talking.

"I don't say yes without anything planned." Natsume answered with a smirk on his face. His head was spinning with pranks on Mikan. His favorite game was to make her annoyed.

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