Chapter 5 – Getting There

Bella's POV

The flight had been unremarkable. We flew first class and I had been seated next to Jasper. I had hoped that Edward or Alice would sit next to me. They sat together right in front of us. Tanya, Aro and Marcus were seated on the opposite aisle. Jasper didn't say much, but Alice and Edward kept up an ongoing conversation for most of the flight. Well, mostly Alice telling Edward more about the trip. He seemed interested in every small detail she revealed listening attentively. Jasper barely spoke a word with me. However, halfway through the flight when the cabin lights were dimmed, Alice asked whether we could shift seats for a bit so that she could go over some tour details with Jasper. I had readily agreed. Ever since we took off, I'd been looking forward to talking to Edward. So far he had barely spoken a word to me. Edward got up and took Jasper's seat while Jasper took his in the row in front of me.

"Did Alice get you everything you needed?" Edward inquired.

"I honestly don't know. She asked me to pack a small back pack which I'm currently carrying as my hand luggage. She's packed all the stuff she got for me and checked it. I'll only see what she has bought me when we get to the hotel."

"Oh, about that Bella, I hope you don't mind, but Alice and I decided to make things easier by booking a suite for you and me."

"What? What do you mean? I can't share a room with you!" What on earth was going on?

"We don't want Aro to know anything about me modeling for you. I don't think you want that to be common knowledge either do you?" I shook my head no.

"But they might wonder what the hell I am doing sharing a room with you!"

"Shh…quiet. Let me explain."

"Okay, go on."

"We have booked two suites right next to each other. Each one has two separate rooms so we will all have our own room. One of the suites will be book under your name and Jasper's and the other under my name and Alice's. However, I will be sharing one with you while Alice shares the other with Jasper. We were lucky enough to have a connecting balcony between the two so if something happens, we can rush next door without being seen."

"Okay, I still don't understand the necessity for such elaborate measures." I couldn't help wondering why one suite was under Edward's and Alice's names and why not Alice's and mine.

"Bella, if it gets out that I'm going to model nude for you, or if someone sees us doing it and the press gets hold of it, it will be bad publicity all around. It could ruin your fledging art career, plus my reputation as a serious composer. I have worked incredibly hard to come this far and I don't want it ruined by any unwanted gossip."

"Who would want to spread such rumors? I'm sure the success of the tour means more to Aro and Marcus."

"Yes, may be to Marcus, but Aro only agreed in the hopes of having Tanya's career as a violinist promoted by riding on my coattails. Well, that is not going to happen now so he has every reason to find something to hurt me with."

"I guess so. Why is Tanya coming on the tour?"

"Aro insisted that we take her as your backup."


"Bella, to be honest with you, I don't like the idea that much either. I suggest you watch your back at all times. Tanya would do anything to get your place in the concert. I have included her in some of the orchestra pieces, but it would be nothing like the exposure you will be getting."

"Okay I understand. I'm willing to go through with all this if it means that I could get a few good art pieces out of it."

"I've been meaning to ask you, why don't you pursue music as a career?" I didn't hear his question clearly as I saw Alice suddenly kiss Jasper on the lips after wrapping her hands around him. What the hell? Did she kiss everyone? Who's next? Me?

"Bella, did you hear me?"

"Umm, what did you say?" Another giggle from Alice distracted us.

"Alice!" Edward called out.

"What?" she was still giggling.

"We are not alone, keep it down. I think it's time you two shifted seats again." Alice pouted at Edward. She then planted another kiss, but this time on Jasper's forehead before he got up and changed seats with Edward. I was very disappointed with this turn of events. Edward was just opening up to me; it even looked like he wanted to get to know me better. Also, Jasper didn't look too pleased either. What was up with that?

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