Full prompt:

"In an AU where all the cores and robots are human office workers and GLaDOS is their boss, there is some love triangle-ing going on. The Curiosity Core is crushing hard on Rick, while Rick keeps trying to make moves on GLaDOS during cigarette breaks, and GLaDOS just wants to be left out of it all! Will anybody get what they're wanting so badly?"

It was another average hour for GLaDOS, getting to test robots and reassemble them. As far as she remembered, nothing was done to progress Aperture further, and if anyone walked in, they couldn't notice that already a thousand years had passed inside. Everything was done the way it was done in 1998, when the arcane computer structure was turned on, and the only difference between 1998 and 2998 was the presence of alive humans. All the human test subjects had died, their bodies preserved for "science", and at no point anyone tried to cause a rebellion to disestablish the perpetual motion machine of Aperture Science.

So there GLaDOS was, seeing how far her favorite pair of bipedal robots, Green and Purple, and they never had a technical name, were doing. Currently the artificial intelligences inside Green and Purple were constantly rewritten to be able to think cooperatively and to get through the tests for as long as possible without dying, and GLaDOS was happy.

But then it happened.

As GLaDOS was tracking Green and Purple through their tests, she noticed a CD and immediately sealed the exit.

"We cannot continue until I examine this one of the last remnants of... a society before me."

As Aperture Laboratories were practically GLaDOS's body while the chassis was the brain, there was no problem to bring in a player to view the document.

As GLaDOS viewed the last change date of the only file inside the disk, she was further intrigued. It was precisely one day before she was turned on.

As the title card of the movie opened in a screen that also somehow got there, GLaDOS watched through the camera. Then the audio kicked in.

Aperture Science. Best damn applied science company on Earth.

The movie then finished, and GLaDOS simply stared at the screen blankly.

The secret to Aperture's prosperity was a complete lack of robots.

With the epiphany still running through GLaDOS, she started a new project. Turn several cores into human beings and seal off a part of Aperture. Then recreate the precise conditions of Aperture before I was turned on inside the bubble, and put the cores inside. May be expanded upon success. Current participants: Morality, Curiosity, Logic, Anger, Space, Adventure, and Fact Cores

"Hey there, buddy!"

"No, not you again. The last thing I need is you. The future does not have you anywhere in its book."

"Just, uh, hacking into your system, because that's what I'm good at. Hacking. I'm the best hacker there is. Can't hope to defeat me in a hack-off. Don't try."

Adventure, and Fact Cores, and Wheatley and GLaDOS mainframe.


"Can't trust you any second. Once I'm done, I'm going to burn you down and dissect your aaaaash aaaaAAAATOM BY AAAAAAAAAA-"

The casual voice of GLaDOS then turned into pure agony as an automated process began the transfer.