"Secretary Johnson?"


"Quit dreaming nightmares and continue working at once. I, uh, command you. Sincerely, Cave."

"But aren't you-"

"This was a prere... something. Yeah."

Caroline looked around her work seat. There was nothing not familiar about this. This was her work place. She had worked here ever since graduation, and lived a married life with Cave until he died of moon rock poisoning and announced her his heiress. And then...

(I realize Post-SCrash Session made me forget how the word "heiress" is spelt?)

There was a blur.

Well, might as well stop trying to remember and type those letters, Caroline thought to herself and opened her word processor.

In the middle of typing, however, there was a loud crashing noise and one of the employees accidentally spilled coffee onto her.

"Sorry, didn't mean to. Hey, you're such a nice lady! A day out, perhaps?"

"Just because Mr. Johnson died does not mean I don't love him."

"Come on!"

"Just no."

The guy, named Rick as she remembered, then steered away.

And then the intercom spoke to her again.

"Yo, Caroline! Or should I call you GLaDOS?"

"No, it's okay. I don't need to be reminded about what I'll be transferred to."

"You mean what you WERE transferred FROM."

"I don't parse."

"Might as well introduce myself. I'm not Cave. I was just, uh, imitating him. He died a thousand and something years ago. Name's Wheatley. And now I, of all things, am in charge of this project, so we can analyze SMELLY HUMANS."

GLaDOS then suddenly remembered, and if she was to be a potato, she would have turned off for good.

Author's idiotisms: Do not expect any new stories or new chapters for my existing stories at least for September and October. I'm too busy translating Homestuck to Lithuanian. (Though, fan chapters are more than welcomed, as long as you don't kill the Business Magnet/interdimensionalPortaller off.)