Earlier that day

As the hero Danny Phantom flew through the cloudy sky trying to defend against stray ghosts from the ghost zone, Sam and Tucker were below watching, their hearts beating through their chests. They've watched him fight billions of times, they've seen him improve incredibly over the few years since he began processing his powers but that never made it any easier for the pair to watch. The building around them had become burnt graphitised space, marked with ugly charcoal burns from the attacks the ghosts were making at each other.

Sweat dripped off his forehead and watched it hit the ground 20 metres below him. He was tired exhaustedbut he wouldn't let the enemy know that, that would only make them fight harder.

He was panting and was extremely hot in his suit. The wind was hot and gave him no relief. His anger only made it harder for him to relax; he was pissed off because this was taking so much longer than it ever had. He sighed and he began chasing them began, heaving for air.

Sam watched from the ground, her heart beating faster than usual "DANNY!" she shouted "DANNY DON'T GIVE UP!" she screamed up to him getting the ghost thermos ready "I'M READY WHEN YOU ARE!" she screamed trying to help her best friend where she could

"Is that all you got?!" he spat at the ghost as they raced towards him "Come on, I can barely call this exercise!" egging them on

Danny looked down for a split second at his best friend who kept jumping around to position herself perfectly to capture the extremely annoying ghosts. He then looked up to face the situation at hand. The ghost during that second hit him with a fiery blaze burning right through his suit. He could feel the heat from metres away before it actually hit his skin, burning and sizzling at him.

He groaned as he began to fall to the ground after being caught off guard. The burn sizzled his skin and he began to drop out of consciousness forgetting what was happening around him.

"DANNY!" shouted both Tucker and Sam as they attempted to position themselves under Danny to catch him

Danny being reminded of what was going on from the screams of his friends' regained balance and flight

"Whoa, that was close" he mumbled to himself before swooping back up

He looked around and there was no ghost. He panicked

Where the hell did they go?!

He looked as far as he could see and there was no sight of anything out of the ordinary yet he still breathed icy blue air.

"DANNY!" screamed Sam from below as the enemy closed in on her and Tucker

Sam held out the thermos waiting for the right moment, Tucker was standing on the other side of her holding out his laser watch shaking uncontrollably "A little help Danny?!" he squeaked

"Hold on guys!" he shouted as he swooped down to save them

As he did, something… he never really found out what, knocked him from the sky to the ground with a loud bang. The concrete met with his head then the rest of his body, bouncing a few times before coming to a stop next to a wall of one of the charcoaled building walls.

Tired and in extreme pain, his body gave up, he couldn't move even if he wanted too. He was trapped in his own body due to exhaustion.

Too tired to fight on

Everything hurt,

His eyes closed on him needing rest, he could hear his friends cry out in the background but it was too late.

Danny Phantom had given up