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Danny hit his small bed like a ton of bricks. He was exhausted. He turned to on his back and put his hands under his head.

He sighed loudly, trying to make his anxieties and fear fly from his body.

He kicked off his shoes and a sudden comfort washed over him.

The ghost is gone

Sam is somewhat safe

And I can sleep now.

Danny stunk, he didn't care. All he cared about was how much he could sleep before visiting hours would reopen. Surely, the nurses probably thought they were seeing things. Nurses work really long hours….

I wonder how she's lying to them…

He closed his eyes she's right, I need to sleep… For a few hours… by then everything with Sam should be better.

He sighed deeply and rubbed his head before turning onto his stomach and snuggling deeper into the pillow. He curled up and closed his eyes tighter.

He listened to his heart slowing down as he felt his world being restored.

Sam's a smart girl, she'll make a up a good excuse.

His mind began to wander away from the situation he was in, his heart happier, he's brain more at peace. Soon, there was no one he loved at the hospital in his mind,

There was no anxiety or fear,

Just him and Sam,

That's all he needed.

Sam wasn't feeling the same way.

The situation went from bad to terrible.

She tried telling them that there was no one in the room. That went terribly wrong after they checked the security camera's that told otherwise.

Police, the ghost hunters (the Fentons) and her parents were all rung and demanded at the hopsital.

She sat in her bed surrounded by her screaming parents; Danny's screaming parents and two pissed off nurses.

She crossed her arms, ignoring them all.

What could she do? Tell them her best friend was a ghost? That she was falling in love with one?

Her mother's hair which was ALWAYS tamed was suddenly everywhere. Her father's wrinkles on his forehead were so much more evident when he was angry. They stood over her, both of them shouting hysterically at her. She hadn't seen them like this ever.

This worried her terribly.

"HOW DARE YOU DEAL WITH A GHOST! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS BEHIND OUR BACKS?! IS THIS WHY YOU ARE INJURED?!" screamed Sam's mother throwing her hands in the air "I knew you had issues Samantha but why the hell would you get involved with a ghost?!"

Sam breathed slowly through her nose and out her mouth;

Patience was key.

At least they hadn't suspected Danny Fenton being Danny Phantom.

Sam's dad exhaled and sat down next to Sam and held her hand

Sam refused to look into his eyes. She closed her eyes instead. Her dad gripped it tighter instantly making Sam want to spill everything she knew. She knew she had troubles with her dad… she loved him though, and hated seeing him like this.

She never thought of the implications of having a daughter with a ghost best friend would be like on her parents. She knew she was terribly different from them and that always caused issues. Dad cleared his throat and exhaled "Sweetheart, Mr and Mrs Fenton, can we stop for a moment?"

The adults all went quiet. The silence in the room was painful. Sam didn't know what to expect next. She opened her eyes to see all the adults standing away from the bed besides her father.

This is better.

"You aren't a ghost are you?" Sam's dad quietly asked

Sam looked at her dad, surely there relationship wasn't that horrible. Surely he didn't just ask if she was a ghost…

She looked at Danny's parents

Oh yeah…

Sam shook her head trying to keep her breathing normal "Dad-"

"Just precaution" he held his hands defensively

"Not all ghost are evil" she whispered

"Who was the ghost? Was it Danny Phantom?" asked Danny's mum ignoring her last comment

Sam looked away and crossed her arms.

"Don't be so rude to Mrs Fenton young lady!" shouted her mum "Answer her"

" I refuse to answer" she whispered "Anymore questions"

Mrs Fenton set her lips straight "Is my Danny involved in this?"

"No" Sam whispered softly

"Until you answer all our questions, I'm afraid the doctors and security want you under supervision and surveillance" Mrs Fenton demanded pissed off putting her hands on her hips "We can help you Sam"

Sam involuntarily gulped "I don't…need help"

The adults looked at each other, feeling hopeless

Dad sighed "Mr and Mrs Fenton, I hope you can find the ghost giving my daughter trouble" he stood up and took his wallet out "I'll pay all the expenses that it will take. No one is allowed to hurt my daughter-"

"He wasn't giving me trouble-"

"You're in enough trouble as it is young lady. I wouldn't try and downplay what has happened here" muttered her dad

God dammit Danny, how the hell are we going to get out of this one?


"Sweetheart, I need you to prepare the…."


"Where the hell did I put it last? God dammit!"


"Ugh, never mind honey… I found it"

Danny sat up from his bed slowly, his back and neck aching. It was setting on night. His room was filled with the colours of the sunset.

He rubbed his neck and yawned.

What is going on downstairs?

"Mum? Dad?" Danny groaned "I'm trying to sleep"

There were whispers coming from downstairs…

That's better.

Heavy footsteps made its way up the stairs and kicked the door open.

Danny jumped and sat up "What's going on?"

His dad appeared at the door. And awkward terrible silence followed

There was still a lot of banging downstairs by mum.

Danny looked at his dad and the look in his eyes weren't reassuring.

What the hell is going on?

His dad sat by him on the bed and exhaled "I hate to be the one to tell you this Danny-"

"What happened?" Danny asked his relaxed heart rate forgotten as his heart rate and anxieties began to play up again

"Sam's being attacked by a ghost" he admitted with great disgust

Fear and dread rushed over Danny



"Danny Phantom, he hurt her and then tried to get to her again in the hospital" whispered dad "I'm sorry Danny, she's fine now… We were just talking to her-"

Relief washed over Danny.

Shit, my heart. Thank god she's fine…. Again

"Oh… that's terrible! I'll go see her now-" he tried getting up from the bed

His dad pushed him gently back down

"No can do Danny, she's under tight surveillance and supervision until Danny Phantom is found. Her parents aren't taking any risk."

Danny gulped