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Nothing could be worse. There couldn't be anything more horrible, not even suddenly dying. To see Henry lying there, pale body still and non-responsive. The only thing moving was his chest, breathing merely assisted by a machine. This was all Regina's fault. If she had just let Emma leave, if she had just let it be and not given her that damn apple turnover. But no, she had to take control, making sure Emma was out of the picture for good. Well she had failed, fucking failed big time. Now Henry was laying in a hospital bed - in a coma.

This was the price for getting attached. This was what Emma got for sticking around and not just leaving when she had first said she would. Now, months later, here she was crying over the son she had given up ten years ago. Amazing how things could change. Not only that, but also the knowledge of the curse being real was too much. It was too much to know that what Henry had been spouting at her had been true the whole time. If only she had listened.

Regina knew it was her fault. The pain in her chest, knowing she had put Henry in this coma, was too hard to live with. Not to mention she only had ten minutes to sit with him each day. Her guilt drove into her, wrenched at her heart tighter than anything she'd ever known. This hurt even worse than when she had lost Daniel. And that meant something. Emma kept her from staying longer, from spending as much time beside her son as she could. But Regina never protested it. There was no use in bickering about it when her son was lying in a coma. What if he could hear them?

Somehow Emma had been given the power of saying who could come in to visit Henry and when. It was infuriating. The whole situation set Regina's nerves on fire. Emma Swan. That damn woman. If she had just eaten the apple turnover. If she had just not showed up at all. What she would give to rewind to before she had showed up. She ruined everything. While Regina knew it was her fault, she still blamed Emma for everything, including Henry's coma.

It had been a month since Henry had fallen into the coma and Emma remembered the day it happened very vividly. She probably always would. She remembered fondly how she'd thrown Regina into a room, not giving her enough time to react properly. A smile flashed across her lips as she thought of how she'd slammed her against that locker and held her there, yelling at her in anger. The smile disappeared as she remembered why she had done it.

That was when Regina had admitted to the curse being true. Emma knew she was telling the truth, her superpower going haywire. Although August had also tried to tell her, she'd refused to believe him. She had indeed been blind, only seeing it when Henry had sacrificed himself to prove it. Now God knew when he was going to wake up – if ever. It was the most depressing, most horribly agonizing thing Emma had ever been through and it was all thanks to Regina. She was pretty sure she'd always blame Regina.

There was something the two of them shared though, aside from their regret over Henry. Both lived constantly in fear of Gold returning and bringing chaos with him. Neither had any idea where he had disappeared to and it scared them that he had gone quiet for a month. Regina knew he'd be showing up again, and knew very well he had something planned. As for what it was, she had no clue – so did Emma. While she knew Gold was a dangerous man, she had no idea what he was truly capable of.

Every now and then she'd hear a strange noise and she'd jump, praying like hell that it wasn't Gold. She had a fear he'd hurt her, maybe somehow trying to kill Henry. Once in a while she'd think he might come back for Regina. While the idea intrigued her, she knew nothing could happen to Regina. Otherwise she'd be absolutely alone when it came to knowing about the curse, alone in her regret and misery. And she sure as hell couldn't have that.

It was these things and more that plagued her mind as Emma sat in her chair at the Sheriff's office. She slumped over her desk, finding it idiotic that she still had to play Sheriff. Even though she knew about the curse, no one else did. So life went on as it usually did for everyone else. For Emma though, life was vastly different. Maybe not in the mundane acts of every day life, but in her mind it had most certainly changed. Emma folded her arms and laid her head on them, closing her eyes momentarily. Her mouth stretched out into a wide yawn, legs stretching out under her desk. She never meant to fall asleep, but minutes later a light snoring fell from her lips. It was as she slept that her dreams reiterated what ran through her mind the most.

Emma ran outside after Regina, following close behind her. They both had been told to go home and get some rest, seeing as they had both been awake since Henry was brought to the hospital. Emma and Regina both had bruises all over their bodies, thanks to Emma slinging Regina into a room to yell at her. That was when Emma had found out the truth, had found out that Henry had been right all along. She knew Regina was telling the truth after she had asked if it was true. She should have left Regina alone, should have just gone back to Mary Margaret's…no, Snow's apartment. But instead she had followed Regina, glaring at her back the whole time. Emma had never been so pissed, so angered before.

Just as Regina approached her Mercedes, she turned on Emma, glaring back at her. "What?" She asked, tone low and harsh. "Do you plan on following me now? Seeing how many more I try to put into coma?" She spat the words at Emma, but the blond didn't even blink. Emma stepped forward, completely invading Regina's personal space. "Oh, you can bet your ass I'll be watching you closely. Very…closely." Her green eyes narrowed into slits and Regina returned the look. "Do what you want, Swan. But what happened to Henry was not intentional. That turnover was meant for you." Regina balled up her fists, hoping maybe her words would cut right through Emma.

A shiver did run down Emma's spine, but she made no show of it. Instead, the anger boiled up inside her further, making her neck turn red. Her hand reached up and wrapped around Regina's throat, squeezing ever so slightly. Regina tried to back up, but found her back pressed tightly against her car. She struggled a little, but did little else to show that she was afraid of what Emma might do. Emma could feel Regina's heartbeat quicken against her hand, pulse just under her thumb. She was starting to squeeze a little harder, but was stopped when Regina abruptly pushed hard against her chest. The sudden push had Emma sucking in a lungful of air and letting go of Regina.

Regina took that moment to push Emma once more, the blond stumbling back and tripping on feet. She landed on the concrete with a thud, air rushing out from her lungs and leaving her breathless. Turning towards her car, Regina prepared to open it and climb in, but she was suddenly stopped by a hand grabbing tightly at her arm. Regina was pulled from her car and slammed against it once more. Brown eyes met angered green as she glared at Emma. She had Regina pinned against her car with her body, hands balling around the material of Regina's blazer.

Just as Emma pushed her face closer to Regina's, Regina hands came up to tangle in Emma's hair. She grabbed a fistful of the blond locks and pulled as hard as she could. Emma hissed as her head shot back, pain shooting through her skull. Her own hand grabbed and pulled at Regina's hair, pulling so hard she was sure she felt some of Regina's hair being pulled out. By the scream that came from Regina's mouth, she was pretty sure she had done exactly that. Regina let go of Emma's hair and immediately braced herself for a punch. She nicked Emma's cheek, ring slicing against skin. She would have hit her straight in the face had Emma not moved.

Emma's own fist connected with Regina's mouth, pain searing through her cheek and down her neck. Her anger flashed hotter and she took another shot at Emma, not hitting her at all this time. Regina was slinging blind after a moment, screaming obscenities at Emma. It was unlike her, losing control like that. But she was so angry at herself and at Emma that she couldn't contain it anymore. Emma just kept ducking and dodging Regina's swings, unable to get any of her own swings in. Emma did understand Regina's anger, able to feel it herself. They were mad at each other and that could only lead to the two of them fighting. Regina was throwing another punch at Emma when Emma's hand connected with her face in a slap. It startled her, her actions stopping mid swing.

The two of them backed away from each other, Regina's hand swinging blindly behind her for her car. Emma shook her head, licking her lips as she let out a breath of irritated laughter. "This isn't over." She mumbled, turning her back towards Regina. "We've got a hell of a lot to talk about." She threw behind her before walking off, leaving Regina behind. She was too tired to fight with her anymore, thankful the slap to her face had stopped Regina from freaking out. Just before she was completely out of ear shot, Regina finally spoke up. "Watch your back, Sheriff. There's no telling when Rumpel will show back up and what he has planned." Emma gave a curt nod before continuing her walk to the apartment.

A sudden, loud boom startled Emma awake, making her jump a few feet out of her chair. She grabbed at the gun on her belt and held it up as she swung her body around, looking for whoever or whatever had made the noise. It took her a moment to realize she was alone in her office and yet another moment to realize it was raining outside. A flash of lightening lit up the room, followed by another sound of thunder. Emma let out a relieved sigh and put her gun back in the holster, sinking back down into her seat and letting her body go limp.

She thought over her dream, shaking her head as she realized it was detail for detail of what had happened outside the hospital. She knew she hadn't talked to Regina yet, not having even seen the woman around town. Emma supposed she was probably having her grieving time in her home alone, away from anyone who could see her break down. Not that she could blame her on that front. Emma wasn't one to want to showcase her emotions either. However, Emma also knew that she and Regina needed to have a talk and soon.

Two hours after the rain had finally stopped, Emma pulled up to Henry's castle in the Sheriff's car. Or rather, the spot that used to be Henry's castle. Wood still laid everywhere from when Regina had it tore down. She was so focused on the castle that she completely missed the figure sitting on one of the pieces of wood. Emma removed herself from the car and made her way towards the spot, tears immediately coming to her eyes as she thought about Henry. She had been coming here ever since Henry had fallen into that coma. She went to his castle every day to apologize, to sit and think about how she could solve this whole ordeal. It was as she stepped up onto a random piece of wood that she finally saw something move from the corner of her eye. She jumped, heart pounding in her cheat for a moment before realizing who it was.

Green eyes narrowed she they fell on Regina, brown eyes glaring up at her own. "What the hell are you doing here?" Emma asked, frowning deeply. Regina made no move to speak for a moment, just glaring up at Emma from her spot on the wood. "I've been coming here. Because I know how much Henry loved it here….before I had his castle tore down." A regretful look fell upon Regina's face then as she turned away from Emma. "It was only because the storm had torn it down first. I was only thinking of his safety." She whispered, gloved hand swiping at the lone tear that fell from her eyes. Regina swallowed and stiffened as Emma took a seat beside her, scooting away from the blond as much as she could.

Emma rolled her eyes, but stayed in her spot. She said nothing about Regina's comments, just staring out at the ocean as the waves crashed against the rocks. Silence fell around them for a moment, making the situation a little awkward. They both had apparently expected to be alone, but suddenly faced sitting with someone they had no intention of doing so. The silence was broken though as Regina's curiosity got the better of her. "What are you doing here?" She questioned, voice dripping with the same irritation as Emma's had been. Green eyes cut over to her for a moment before Emma shrugged her shoulder. "I've been coming here since Henry was put in the hospital. I feel…closer to him here. As crazy as that sounds." It was all Emma was going to give and she was sure Regina would mock her for it. However, when no mocking came, Emma was quite surprised. The only response she got was a whispered "Me too."

It was silent again, the two of them just staring out at the water. There was nothing to say really, nothing that hadn't been said already. Though Emma had every intention of questioning Regina, she couldn't find the words to do so. Though the other wouldn't know it, they were both sitting there berating themselves internally. While Emma and Regina both blamed the other for this mess, they also blamed themselves. There was a struggle they secretly, unknowingly shared as they continued to sit with each other.

Every now and then Emma would get the urge to want to reach over and ring Regina's neck, but she kept to herself and tried to act as if she was alone. She also wanted to ask questions, but assumed Regina wouldn't want to talk about them. It was nearly an hour later when Regina roused from her seat on the wood. She started to talk away, Emma sighing in relief. But she had barely walked a foot away before she stopped and turned around. "You said we needed to talk. I suppose now is as good a time as any?"

When Emma turned to look at her in surprise, Regina had her eyebrow raised. There was a look in her eye that told her she knew exactly what Emma wanted to talk about. It seemed she was more ready than Emma had anticipated. Emma nodded, getting up from her own seat. "Sure." Emma said with a nod, walking towards her. "Good. You can follow me to my home then." Regina said no more, left no room for arguments, as she turned and retreated to her car.

All Emma could do was follow, getting back into the Sheriff's car and following Regina to her mansion. This was the moment Emma had been waiting for since they'd left the hospital. She had questions and she needed them answered. Her mind still failed to wrap around everything she had learned since gaining the knowledge of the curse being real. Regina was the only one who could clarify anything. That thought alone made Emma worried. Regina was the only one she could rely on now and there was no easy way around that.