Benji – Fear and Pain

"Ethan can you hear me? Ethan can you hear me, over?" The door suddenly bursts open. I jump and when I turn to see, Moreau is standing there, staring at me with a murderous look in her eyes. Startled, I quickly stand, but when I see Jane behind her with a gun, I feel slightly relieved. Before I can fully comprehend what is happening, the two are across the room and Jane is pushing the assassin into the chair.

The next thing I know, she's handing me the gun.

"Watch her." She orders.

"W-why me?" I stutter. Why do I have to watch this woman? The very same woman who murdered Hanaway in cold blood only a few days ago?

"Because if I do, I'll kill her."

Oh. That's why.

Sliding my walkie-talkie onto my belt, I grasp the gun with both hands and stand guard. As I watch Moreau, it terrifies me that someone so beautiful can be so malicious and dangerous. It feels as though she is trying to burn holes into my skull as she stares up at me, poised as though she is sitting on a throne.

Suddenly, there's a voice in my ear.

"Benji?" It's Brandt.

I keep hold of my gun with my right hand as my left reaches for my walkie-talkie. I grasp it in my hand and lift it up, never once taking my eyes off Moreau.

"Go for Benji."

"I've got Leonid by the elevators, he's been shot."


"What?" I realise my mistake too late. I've turned my head and my aim has moved. Not by much, but just enough…

There is a brief moment of pain before everything goes dark.