Thank You, Everyone

The girl sat there, watching through every pair of her eyes ever drawn, every pair on every computer screen, watching all the countless people who loved her, hated her, found her strange, thought the world of her.

She had been there for five years now, as people wrote songs for her to sing, drew pictures of her, wrote about her, made the odd video game for her, fantasized about her... that last one was unfortunate.

She had existed in the internet, in people's minds, in pictures and in words. She was born to sing, born to be an idol, and she had succeeded. She surpassed human opponents with ease, sang more songs in a month than others managed in a lifetime, was in the hearts and minds of countless people.

Some people hated her, called her a cash-cow. Others complained that her voice was too high, too squeaky, too this, too that, and each time someone said that, she cried a little inside.

She chewed on a leek, or was it an onion? People were still arguing about that, still arguing what *her* favourite food was. As if she did not know herself.

Then again, she was only really a name and a picture, all the rest had come from her fans, giving her personalities in songs and stories, whether she was a gentle sweet girl, a raving madwoman, a murderer, the cause of original sin, or just your common or garden tsundere, it was a personality someone had given her.

Five years, and yet she had lived hundreds and thousands of different lives through her songs, she had felt heart-ache and the purest joys of love, she had killed and been killed, and still she sang, living a million years in those five.

For every gift she had been given, she was thankful, she was glad of every life she had lived in music, and every death she died. She was who she was because people made her that, and she thanked them all for making her to be herself.

She smiled inside at the thought of all those who loved her and her music. Those who wrote the songs, and those who listened. Those who drew pictures of her, and those who wrote tales of her life. Those who had gathered to wish her happy birthday.

And Miku Hatsune, on her fifth birthday, wished to say one thing...

"Thank you, everyone."

A/N: And a happy birthday to Miku.

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