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Chapter 2

Riley swept into the kitchen, carrying his attaché case and jacket in one hand while straightening his tie with the other. He dumped his things on the table and went to the counter to pull a travel mug from the cabinet while our tabby, Bella, strolled in behind him. She came to the table to rub against my legs while Riley filled his cup at the coffee maker.

"No time for breakfast, babe?" I dropped my spoon into my cereal bowl when he shot me a look of apology.

"I'm sorry, no." He came to sit at the table, stooping to stroke the cat's head before he reached for the milk. "I'll be late tonight; don't keep dinner for me, okay?"

He lowered his eyes when I frowned. I couldn't help myself. Riley was good at his job in the hospital administration offices, and I was proud of his success. For the past couple of months, however, the hospital had been undergoing its annual financial audit and Riley had been working twelve-hour days, including weekends. He was too tired in the evenings to do more than eat a light dinner before going to bed, and we hadn't done much more than cuddle in weeks.

I missed him. It was hard to see him overworked, though he rarely complained, and all I could do was be supportive. That morning, as I realized how long it had been since we'd even shared a proper meal my patience grew thin. My mouth got away from me before I could stop it.

"How much longer do they expect you to work like this, Ri? You haven't had a day off in weeks and I feel like the only times I see you are when you're on your way out the door or to bed. The fucking cat misses you, for Christ's sake and cats don't miss anyone."

"Oh, bullshit, Edward. Don't project your feelings onto Bella; she likes you better anyway."

His quiet, injured tone chastened me. "I'm sorry; that was bitchy of me. You have to admit that your hours are crazy." I reached for his hand and brought it to my lips, murmuring against his knuckles playfully. "You spend more time at the hospital than I do … when you could be coming home to have sex with me instead."

Riley smiled as he looked up. "My boss is the CFO, Edward, and audits are always busy times; you know that. Everyone in the office is working really hard."

"Stop being so logical," I grumbled.

"C'mere, you big baby," he said, wrapping his arms around me. Riley had worked during the audits every year since getting his job at the hospital, but this was the first time I could remember feeling his absence so keenly. As much as I wanted to explain that to him, I knew better than to bring it up when he was already halfway out the door.

"I know it's been crazy," he murmured, running his nose along the edge of my jaw. "We're nearly done, though, and if I work Saturday, I'll be all yours by the end of the day."

"Another Saturday?" I sat up and ran a hand over his cheek, eyeing the faint circles under his eyes. "I wish you wouldn't Ri; you look tired."

"Last one for a while, I promise; I need to catch up on paperwork and watch a webinar with some of the other staff."

"What kind of webinar?"

"A compliance thing for the staff; make sure we understand the code of ethics, etc. It's pre-recorded, but I have to log in and out verbally. It's just a couple of hours."

"Couldn't you do that from here?" I kept my tone light and kissed him before helping him to his feet as I stood. "We have an office, Ri, and even if you're working the whole day, at least your commute will be thirty seconds long."

He smiled. "I could probably do that. I'll ask Crowley; the worst he can say is no."

"I have this weekend off, too," I teased. "You could work in the nude, and make up for blowing me off for so long by just blowing me—"

"Edward," Riley groaned and scowled. "Even if I'm here, I'll still be working, you cocky motherfucker. You don't play fair."

"Of course I don't. And you love it." I slapped his ass and went to the refrigerator to retrieve an insulated bag that I handed to him. "Enjoy."

"What's this?"

"Breakfast: two triple-berry muffins from the BunBun Bakery," I said, pushing his hair back from his forehead. "This cocky motherfucker knows how much you like them. I made your lunch, too."

Riley smiled, his cheeks flushing pink with pleasure as he leaned to brush his lips against mine. "Shit. Thanks, sweetie. You didn't have to do this."

"You're welcome. Now get out of here and have a good day, love; I have soggy cereal to eat."


My mood nosedived during my shift at the hospital. One of the hospitalists called out, the patients were needy, the nurses were cranky, and I lost my favorite pen. To top it off, a run in with a patient suffering from the stomach flu meant changing my dress shirt and trousers for scrubs halfway through the morning.

"Hey there, Dr. Sunshine," Emmett said when I slumped into a chair beside him in the doctor's lounge with my lunch bag. His blue eyes gleamed impishly. "Or should I call you Dr. Sexy, instead? You know how much I love you in scrub pants."

"Shut up, please." I folded my arms on the table and lowered my head onto them, closing my eyes. "This day can die in a fucking fire."

"That bad, huh?"

"It was shitty before a patient barfed on me and wrecked my shoes."

"Gross." I could actually hear Emmett grimace.

"You have no idea. Thank God, I had some sneakers in my locker. On the plus side, I am not in the least bit hungry." I yawned and opened one eye to peer up at my friend. "Would you hate me if I took a nap right here?"

"Listen, I met a girl the other night while I was grocery shopping and, I swear to you, Edward, she is the coolest chick I've ever met. I'm pretty sure that I'm in deep like."

"That's a no on the nap then," I said, sitting up and pulling my lunch bag toward me. "Tell me all about falling in like."

I ate my tuna salad as Emmett eagerly described the pretty brunette he had met in the produce section at Stop & Shop. His excitement made me smile. His last relationship had ended badly and put him off dating for a long time, leaving him single for nearly a year. I enjoyed seeing him feel optimistic about love again, though my mood soured when he suggested we arrange a double date.

"I don't know, Em." I picked apart the second half of my sandwich. "You just met this woman three days ago … are you sure you're ready to introduce her to your friends?"

Emmett's brow furrowed. "What's up with you? You're all Mopey McGee lately. It'd be funny if it wasn't slightly depressing."

"Nothing's wrong. You seem to like this Angela person and I figured you'd want to get to know her better before you bring her around your married friends."

My friend acted as if I hadn't spoken. "Are you going to tell me what's wrong or do I need to ask Riley?"

"Hmmm, well, you'd have to be able to reach Riley to ask him," I said wryly. "Seeing as he's Crowley's indentured servant at the moment, though, you might have some trouble with that."

Emmett watched me for a moment, sipping his water thoughtfully. "What did he do?"

"Nothing. He's working twelve-hour days; he hardly has time to sleep, never mind 'do something' as you so dramatically put it."

"Bullshit," Emmett said, his eyes narrowing. "This is what I'm talking about, Edward. I get that you're probably bummed out because your man hasn't been around, but this sulking isn't like you. What happened with Riley?"

I blew out a long breath and lifted a hand to rub the back of my neck. "Literally nothing. Ri forgot our ten-year anniversary."

The big man's eyes flew wide and his mouth dropped open. "Are you serious? Wait, you've haven't been married for ten years—"

"Not our wedding anniversary," I amended. "The anniversary of the day we met. We always mark the date somehow, nothing big, but just something for the two of us."

"You celebrate the day you met?" The corners of Emmett's mouth lifted in a small smile.

"Well, yeah. I met the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with that day, Em; why wouldn't I remember it?"

I had nearly canceled my plans to go out that night, ten years before. Working nights for several weeks had left me exhausted, and the only thing I had been looking forward to on my night off was lots of sleep. It was my ex-boyfriend's birthday, however, and I didn't want to disappoint him by canceling. Garrett and I had remained close even after our relationship ended, and I was very fond of him. Instead of crawling into bed, I had made an effort to look good, bought a bottle of his favorite bourbon, and rode the train over the river into the city.

I smiled fondly, remembering the mischievous gleam in Garrett's eyes. "I walked into the apartment and the first thing Gar said was that he wanted to introduce me to someone. I thought he meant the guy he was dating, of course, so I played nice and was polite to Alec, who ended up being really cool.

"Turns out that Gar really wanted to introduce me to Riley. They knew each other from the gym and Gar thought we would hit it off. Ri and I spent the whole night talking; it was like we'd known each other for years." I shrugged again, feeling my face heat. "We walked out of the party together that night, and when I kissed Gar goodbye, he said he'd be expecting an invite to the wedding."

Emmett smiled. "Garrett really had your number, huh?"

I nodded and got up to make some cups of coffee at the Keurig machine. "Yep. Never lets me forget it, either."

Emmett chuckled. He knew Garrett well enough to understand how much my friend would enjoy taking credit for such successful matchmaking.

"Anyway, I could tell Ri was interested, but he wanted to be just friends. He was coming out of a relationship and felt gun shy about dating. It took me about a month to wear him down. We'd have lunch or grab drinks, I'd ask him out on a so-called real date, he'd say no, I'd sulk a little, and we'd do it all over again a few days later. I think I asked him about twenty times before he finally said yes and then he kissed me. He moved into my apartment three weeks after that first official date."

I smiled at Emmett's look of surprise and handed him a cup of coffee. "When you know, you know. Anyway, the anniversary of Garrett's party was three days ago. I brought some takeout home and rented a movie, but Ri called to say he'd be working late. I ate dinner by myself and watched The Fall with the cat. I think Bella was unimpressed, especially when I got all emo over a pint of ice cream."

"You didn't say anything to Riley about missing your date?"

"No. He didn't know what I was planning. I didn't want him to feel bad and it's not as if he could help having to work. He didn't say anything about the anniversary that night or the next day, though … that's when I realized that he'd forgotten."

Emmett was silent for a moment while we sipped our coffees. "I forget sometimes that you're such a romantic fucker," he said fondly.

I snorted and waved him off, but he persisted.

"You are though, man. You always remember special dates and holidays, and when you had to go out of town for two weeks, you bought Riley a cat so he wouldn't be lonely. Shit, you make me want to be a gay man so I can be married to you. I'm all swoony over here."

"No offense, but you're not the one I want swooning."

"What are you waiting for then?" the big man asked.

I put my cup down and scrubbed my face with my hands. "I'm waiting for Riley to not be working all fucking day and night, I guess. He's supposed to be free sometime after Saturday, so maybe I can do something for dinner. He's working home at least, which means we'll be in the house together for a change."

Emmett snickered. "You're getting soft, Edward." He raised an eyebrow when I glared at him. "You said yourself your man's going to be in the house Saturday. He'll be working, Ed, but that doesn't mean you can't do something to get his attention."

I turned my friend's words over in my mind as we headed back onto the floor. By the time a leaky catheter bag forced me to change into a second set of scrubs, I had a plan.


Riley's alarm went off at seven-thirty a.m. Saturday morning, followed by my groan of exasperation.

"The sun isn't even up, Ri; tell me you're not getting up."

"Don't be such a drama queen," he said with a drowsy laugh and pressed a kiss against my shoulder. "It's been daylight for at least an hour and no one's making you get up. Go back to sleep."

I rolled over and grabbed him, murmuring against his neck. "C'mon, babe; no one's gonna know if you sit down to work an hour from now." I jerked alert with a sudden thought, picking my head up to look at him critically. "Wait, you're still working here today, right?"

Something flashed in Riley's eyes for a moment—guilt, perhaps, or chagrin—and disappeared when he kissed the corner of my mouth and chuckled.

"Yes, of course I'm working here today. I need to get through a lot of stuff though; I really don't want to have to do anything work-related tomorrow."

"You work too hard. There are more muffins in the breadbox. Eat something," I slurred, closing my eyes.

"Yes, Doctor Cullen." He kissed me again, very softly. "I'll see you in a couple of hours."


An hour later, I was up, showered, and dressed with a coffee in my hand and running errands in Harvard Square. I returned home to do chores, watching the clock while Riley's voice occasionally floated through the office door as he chatted with his coworkers.

At noon, I let myself in, grinning when he turned in his chair with a questioning look. His hair was rumpled from running his hands through it, and he was dressed in one of my old Columbia t-shirts and his favorite jeans.

"I made you some lunch." I crossed the room with a plate of sandwiches, placing it at his side on the desk. "You can eat while you watched your webinar thing."

Pleasure warmed his handsome face. "Thanks, sweetie. I wanted to come out and eat with you but I didn't get a chance to take a break—"

"No worries, babe; I know you have a lot to do."

Something in my words or tone caught his attention, creasing his brow with concern. "This thing will be over by three," he said, motioning to the monitor with his head. "I'll be ready to quit for the day then, okay?"

I smiled gently. "Of course, babe. I'll check in with you in a couple of hours."


Riley's attention was on the monitor and he was wearing a Bluetooth earpiece when I walked back into the office at two-thirty. I shut the door behind me and made my way to the edge of the big desk quietly. My resolve faltered a little when he didn't look up right away, but I drew in a steadying breath and composed myself before he raised his gaze to mine.

His mouth went slack as he looked me over and then slowly raised a hand to cover the earpiece. I never wore my nicest clothes at the hospital—working with patients limited my choices—and only during my days off if required to for an event. Even so, I enjoyed dressing well, and took particular pleasure in a beautifully cut suit; I knew, too, that Riley very much admired seeing me in them. He was especially fond of the suit I had on as I stood before him in the office: a handsome three-piece number in grey wool with a subtle plaid pattern. The last time I had worn it to a hospital fundraiser, Riley had guided me into a dark corner of the party and kissed me senseless before I dragged him home. He stared at me hungrily now; his gaze moving over my deep sapphire tie and the vest, then lingered at my crotch and the outline of my hardening cock.

"Edward … what are you doing?"

I leaned against the desk, slipping my hands into my pockets with a smile. "I'm here to help you with your work, Riley. I thought that I'd do a little something to make your last day on this audit … nice."

His Adam's apple bobbed twice before he spoke again, his voice hushed. "Is that so?"

"Mm-hm." I turned my gaze to the desktop. "I could help you with your paperwork or make some phone calls while you finish up online." Scooping up the file folders he had placed in his outbox, I smiled brightly. "Why don't I take these to the hospital for you—?"

"No," he murmured at once, leaning forward to grasp at one of my wrists with his free hand. "Don't you dare go anywhere."

Placing the folders back on the desk, I shifted, leaning forward slowly to place my hands on the chair arms as Riley sat back. Taking another step closer, I nudged his knees apart with one of mine, and smiled when he inhaled sharply. I sank to the floor, my eyes locked with his, and took one of his bare feet in my hands.

"You were nice enough to stay home from the office today, Riley; are you sure I can't do something to help?" Carefully, I brought his foot up to rest flat against my right shoulder, and stroked his ankle with my fingers.

"I must say that I feel very overdressed," I teased, turning to press a kiss on the skin just under the hem of his jeans, my eyes never leaving his. He blinked once, very slowly, and swallowed hard. "It's been a long time since I worked in an office, though, so that's probably my fault. Maybe I should change into something more casual?"

Riley shook his head. His eyes seemed to darken as I lovingly traced the skin of his ankle with my tongue before lowering his foot. He watched as I removed my suit jacket, folded it once before placing it on the floor, and undid my cufflinks. I rolled my sleeves over my forearms with deliberate care and smiled at him, ignoring the ache between my legs.

"Since you won't let me help you with your work," I inclined my head toward the monitor, "I'll just have to focus on mine."

"Your work?" he asked hoarsely.

"Yes, my work: making you feel really fucking good."

Riley's body jolted when I laid my hands on his thighs. "Jesus, Ed. Fuck."

"You should mute your call," I said mildly, unzipping his fly.

He gave me a blank look. "My—what?"

I slid my hand inside his jeans, licking my lips when I felt how hard he was already. "Mute your call, Riley."

He fumbled with the earpiece for a moment, and bit his lip when I wrapped my fingers around him.

"Nice," I murmured, more to myself than him. It felt like so long since I had really touched him or been touched; that simple act of contact was intensely arousing. My hunger for the man in front of me shook me to my core.

Riley let out a shaky sigh when I bent forward to press my face against his cock, nuzzling him through his boxers with a groan. I slipped my hands further into his jeans, exhaling softly when his fingers twined in my hair and he raised his hips slightly, pressing himself against me.

"You smell so good." I closed my eyes, inhaling deeply and breathing in the smells of denim, shower gel, and man. "Fuck."

Riley's eyes were glazed and his cheeks stained red when I straightened back up to look at him. He let go of my head as I moved my hands to his waistband, and lifted his ass to help me take off his jeans and boxers. His cock sprung free, making him hiss, and I groaned at the sight of it lying thick and heavy against his body. I traced slow, warm circles over his thighs with my hands while he sank back into the chair.

"Edward," he whispered when I leaned forward to press my open mouth against his skin.

I worked his jeans down over his legs, kissing and nipping as I went: his lean stomach, the warm creases of his groin, and the soft, soft skin on his inner thighs. My fingers trailed over his flesh as it was exposed, appreciating the crisp hair on his legs, and I smiled as his breathing quickened.

His fingers wound into my hair again when I kissed the head of his cock, and he swore under his breath when my tongue followed. I ducked down to lick his balls, making his thigh muscles jump, and his head fell back against the seat when I drew one into my mouth.

"Oh, fuck."

"Soon," I murmured into his skin, breathing in his sweet smell.

I worked him over, keeping my mouth and hands away from his cock, where I knew he wanted me most. When he was moaning softly with each breath and squirming in his seat, I used one hand to rest his dick against my lips. We stared silently at one another for a long moment, neither of us daring to move while the slides on the computer monitor slowly changed. Riley's face was flushed and he was breathing heavily, his fingers digging very gently into the skin of my neck to urge me on; I knew he would be begging me to suck him before long. Slowly, slowly, I took him in to my mouth, fire racing under my skin as I watched his face twist in pleasure. He let out a sexy little squeak when I swallowed around him, and my name fell from his lips when I began to move.

His big hands guided my movements while his hips rolled steadily. Watching Riley's pleasure made me ache with a fierce, hot need that I could not ignore. I dropped one hand to unzip my pants while the other cupped his balls, and I let out a low groan when my dick was free. I closed my eyes, stroking myself with long, steady movements that made my bones melt.

"Are you touching yourself? Oh, Jesus, you are. Motherfucker," Riley muttered, his hands moving to caress my jaw and neck.

I lost track of time, kneeling there on the floor of our office between my man's wide spread legs with his cock in my mouth and my own in my hand. I brought him to the edge a few times before carefully guiding him back, mindful not to push him too far while he was still technically working. Riley squirmed and panted, his hands fisting my hair or framing my cheeks, and his muttered words reached my ears from time to time.

"Fuck, fuck … oh, baby, please … God, Edward."

Suddenly, he stilled my movements with his hands, guiding me backward and away from him as he straightened in his chair, his breaths still coming fast. He put two fingers over my mouth when I made to speak, and gave me a significant look as he tapped the earpiece and cleared his throat.

"Yes, Riley Biers, employee 000302 … I'll be signing out," he said gruffly, and rolled his when I chuckled in understanding. The hand over my lips dropped to grasp my tie while he spoke, keeping me still between his knees for another minute before he tore the earpiece off, his eyes blazing.

"All done?" I smirked as he pulled me forward roughly.

"All done working, that's for fucking sure," he replied.

"Did you learn anything in that last half-hour?"

"Hell if I know or care." He pressed his forehead to mine. "Now would you please fuck me? For the love of Christ—"

"Is that what you want?"

"Yes. Make me come," Riley begged, his last word melting into a moan when I kissed him.

His breath caught when I pushed myself off the floor. I pulled him up with me and pressed his bare ass against the edge of the desk, sliding my hands up under his t-shirt.

"God, this suit." Riley's hands shook as they ran over the wool covering my ribs and chest. "You know what this shit does to me."

"You've been so busy," I half-teased, "I wasn't sure you'd pay attention to me unless I did something special."

He glared at me, and then glared some more when I smirked. I put two fingers over his mouth, eyeing him significantly as I pulled a travel-sized lube from my pocket with my free hand. I waved it in front of his widening eyes for a moment before putting it on the desk and reaching for his cock.

Riley's voice was strained. "Maybe you could leave the suit on?"

"Not a chance, babe. I don't want anything in my way when I'm inside you."

He whined low in his throat, his movements jerky as he helped me remove my vest, shirt, and tie. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my trousers while reaching for the lube, and groaned when Riley threw his arms around my neck, kissing me hard.

We stood, grinding against each other until my need overwhelmed me. Pulling back, I used my hands to turn him around, and placed my palm between his shoulder blades to push him gently forward. He braced his hands on the desk with a sigh, lifting his beautiful ass higher into the air and moaning when I rubbed my hands over his cheeks.

"Gorgeous," I murmured, taking a moment to admire his lean body before I picked up the lube. Riley made a soft noise when the cap clicked, and my cock twitched when his head fell forward slightly. "I'm gonna fuck you, babe."

"God, yes."

He waited while I slicked my hands, his hands curling into fists on the desktop when I stroked myself and grunted with pleasure. I turned my attention to him, sliding a finger slowly into his ass while he blew out a long breath and fell forward onto the desk a bit more. He was impatient as I stretched him, murmuring under his breath and tension running through his muscles. He bucked back against my hand when I slid a second finger in, and fell onto his elbows with a loud groan when two fingers became three.

"That feel good, babe?"

My teasing smile faded when he looked back at me over his shoulder. His bright eyes were pleading and his skin was flushed pink and glowing with a sheen of sweat.

"Stop teasing me, Ed. Please. Need you, now." His voice was thick with want.

I bent to scatter kisses over his shoulders and neck, stroking his face with my free hand when he sighed. "I need you too, Ri. I've got you, babe."

My words seemed to calm him. He dropped his head onto his arms with a grunt when I pulled my fingers out, but stayed quiet while I slicked myself with more lube. My movements were quick, made rough with my eagerness to be inside him, but I slowed as I tilted my hips to align our bodies. Pushing forward, I sighed at the sensation of his tight heat around me. A sweat broke out over my body as our hips met. I stilled for a moment, and then slowly rolled my hips against him.

"Oh, God," he muttered, burying his face in his arms.

Bending forward, I wrapped an arm around his shoulders and the other around his waist, pressing our bodies together tightly. He reached back with one hand, grabbing at my ass as he bucked against me.

"So good, babe," I breathed, dropping a kiss beneath his ear, tasting salt and Riley.

I let go of his waist, intent on getting a better grip, but he grunted, moving his left arm forward to stretch his fingers out in a wordless plea for more contact. I wound our fingers together tightly and bore down on him, knowing without asking that it was what he needed. He swore weakly before snaking his other hand down between his legs.

Time seemed to stand still again as we moved. I moved my free hand to cup his chin, gently twisting his face toward mine while our breaths mixed and the fingers of our joined hands twined harder. Every inch of us was touching: Riley's strong thighs against my own; my arms surrounding and holding him; our hips locked; his back sealed against my front.

"More," Riley rasped out. "Oh, Jesus, like that. More, Ed. Harder."

I did as he asked, a familiar aching tingle spreading in my balls. I fucked him harder and faster, grunting softly with each thrust, while he held onto my hand for dear life and pumped himself.

"Oh, fuck," he gritted out through clenched teeth, his body growing rigid. "Coming, coming, God."

Riley trembled violently when he came. His ass pulsed around my cock, making me gasp and fly. Pleasure tore through me, stealing my breath as I came and came and came, my lips moving silently against his neck.

He was still squeezing my hand and smiling lazily when I came back to myself, and I chuckled at his blissed out expression. I lay against him until I could trust myself to stand, and then guided him up with me as I stood. He swayed a little, giggling, while I slumped into the office chair and tugged him onto my lap. As he settled against me, I paused, reaching to pluck my shirt from the floor so he could wipe his hands.

"Mmm, thanks," he said, tossing it down again before he snuggled in. "That was … unbelievable." I heard the smile in his voice as he spoke.

"Enjoyed yourself?"

"So fucking sexy, Ed. Feel free to dress up and play office with me any time."

"You know I'll take you at your word, babe," I warned.

"You know I want you to," he countered, grinning widely as he sat up to wind his arms around my neck. "As long as you do it when we're here at home; I don't think my boss would take kindly to the two of us violating the furniture in my office at the hospital."

"Oh, you're no fun."

"Why do you put up with me then?" he teased.

"Because I love you, you silly man." Closing my eyes, I pressed my forehead against his with a sigh.

Riley was silent for a moment, and I felt his arms tighten just slightly around my neck. "Talk to me, sweetie," he said softly. "You've been out of sorts for days now."

"I missed you." I told him. "I've told you that. I know you were here every night, but I missed talking and spending time with you. I like seeing you, you know? It's nice just being together … don't you think?"

He chuckled softly. "Very nice. I missed you, too. Thanks for putting up with my schedule; I know it wasn't fun for you. And thanks for this."

"Really? Not too cheesy?" I asked, opening one eye to look at him.

"Not at all cheesy. It was fucking hot. I love it when you do crazy shit like this." He grinned when I helped him up and got to my feet.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but it was sort of Emmett's idea."

Riley bolted upright with a startled expression as he was picking our clothes off the floor. "What?"

"He told me to get creative," I said with a laugh, stooping to help him. "I might have been whining about how much I missed you the other day at work. He told me, in not so many words, to quit bitching and get your attention instead."

"I thought we agreed never to talk about Emmett when we're naked?"

"We did, but at least there was a good story behind it this time."

"You didn't have to do anything special to get my attention, you know," Riley argued. We walked through the house toward the laundry room with our armfuls of clothes. "You could have just walked into the office naked and I'd have jumped you."

"I'll remember that the next time you whine about wanting suit porn," I replied, sticking my clothes into the dry cleaning bag.

Riley grumbled playfully. "Don't you fucking dare. You should be wearing those things every goddamned day."

"That would just be boring, babe."

Riley grabbed my hand and steered me toward our bedroom. "Yeah, yeah, and you're a big tease. I don't want to hear any complaints the next time we get dressed up for our anniversary or something. I'll kick your ass. Better yet, I'll withhold sex."

I pulled a silly face and dropped his hand, jogging ahead to the bathroom to start the shower. Steam had fogged the mirrors when Riley walked in and walked to stand by my side while I organized extra towels. I nearly dropped them when I saw the expression on his face; he looked pale and almost startled.

"Babe," I said softly, tossing the towels on the counter and taking his hands. "Are you okay? What is it?"

"It's May twenty-sixth," he said looking at me carefully. "We missed our anniversary."

With a sigh, I curled one arm around his waist and ran the knuckles of my free hand over his cheek. "I know. You worked late that night."

Riley's eyes widened. "Why didn't you say something, Edward, or remind me?"

"I didn't want you to feel bad that you couldn't make it."

I pulled him into the shower with me, urging him when he seemed reluctant, and pushed him gently under the spray while I turned for the shower gel and a washcloth. I washed him slowly, my hands smoothing out the knots of tension in his muscles.

Leaning close, I made my voice low and soothing. "You couldn't get out of working, so why give you a hard time about it? That wouldn't have made either of us happy."

Riley slowly relaxed under my touch. "I suppose. You still should have told me, Edward. I could have figured something out, or we could have just postponed it for another day. For today, even."

"So we'll do it today," I agreed, smiling when he took the washcloth from me and raised it to my chest. "Or tomorrow if you'd like; whatever you want, babe."

"Today," he said firmly, lathering my neck and shoulders. "The sooner the better. We'll go out for dinner or something. Oh, shit, let's go dancing! I want to get good and liquored up and molest you in front of half-naked men."

I laughed loudly at his enthusiasm and pulled him close to kiss him. "Love you, Ri."

"I love you too." Riley's expression became serious again. "Don't not tell me about stuff like this, just because I'm working, okay?"

"You don't give me shit about working nights; it's all give and take."

"Sure, but there are some things that shouldn't be compromised," he said. "My whole life changed the day I met you, Edward. The day we moved in together, the day you told me that you loved me; the day I married you … those moments are important to me. I want to remember them."

"I feel the same way." I framed his face with my hands and smiled.

His eyes glowed with affection. "So what are we waiting for?"

"Nothing at all, babe." I pressed him against the shower wall as he hummed. "Let's start making up for lost time right now."


Mmm. These boys are fun, aren't they? Om nom nom.

Thanks so much for reading. I don't plan to add any more chapters to this story, but if you like the Edward/Riley pairing, Discordia81 and I wrote a fun poly entry for the Public Lovin' Contest called Off the Rails. We had *a lot* of fun with Jasper, Bella, Edward, and Riley, and definitely plan to revisit those couples sometime soon. Details on my profile if you're interested in reading or putting us on alert. ;)