"Something's going to happen today," said Lenny.

"What do you mean," Linda asked.

"It's been too quiet, no major incidents, there's loads of free beds in resus and we've got the time to have this conversation."

"That's actually quite a good point," replied Linda thoughtfully. "What do you two think?" she asked Tom and Meg.

"I think any minute now there's going to be a massive pile up on the motorway or something," said Meg.

"Yeah, it'll end up being one of those days where you know you're not going to get home on time," Tom said.

"I think it's time you all found some work to do," Nick added to the conversation.

There was a collective 'sorry Mr Jordan' and the four friends started going through files and asking Noel to chase up test results.

"That's better," Nick smiled.

"God, he can be so annoying. You were having a small conversation and we're hardly rushed off our feet!" Zoe moaned.

"Feeling bitter Zoe?" Meg laughed.

"Just a bit," Zoe replied, winking.

"Hey, does anyone know whose bag that is?" Lenny asked, pointing at a bag which had been left on a chair.

Everyone shook their heads and shrugged their shoulders. Lenny walked over and picked it up.

"Shall I see if there's any ID in it?" he asked.

"Might as well," Tom replied.

Lenny unzipped the bag and had a look inside. All the colour drained from his face.

"What's up? You look like you've seen a ghost!" Jay called.

"It's a bomb! Everyone get out!"

No one knew what to do. Tess looked over.

"Joke's over Lenny, it's not funny."

"I'm not joking, it's a bomb, everyone get out!"

There was suddenly a deafening bang and the ground shook beneath everyone's feet. The air was full of smoke and there was fire everywhere. The floor was covered it bodies-some lucky, scrambling to get back to their feet, others who weren't so lucky and weren't moving at all.

Lenny was lying on his back, covered in blood, and not moving at all. Linda screamed and ran over to him. She crouched down and grabbed hold of his hand.

"Lenny! Lenny! Please talk to me! Wake up! Please don't die Lenny, I'm begging you!"

Everyone began running, trying to get away from danger.

"Linda!" Zoe screamed. "Come on! The ceiling's not going to hold!"

"I'm staying here."

"What do you mean you're staying there?!"

"I'll be fine-I'm with Lenny."

At that moment some of the ceiling collapsed. completely engulfing Linda. Screams rang through the air. When the dust settled there was no longer one body lying by itself. Linda was lying next to him, holding his hand, and although blood was trickling from her head, she looked peaceful.