My apologies if this sucks, it was written months ago on my iPod and I've suddenly found myself without a computer. So this is an...experiment of sorts.

"Jay-Jay?" The slightly younger man made a noncommittal noise of acknowledgement.

"Jay!" The short haired blond sighed and lifted his head, dissolving into laughter at the sight of his husband. Adam huffed and lifted his chin in indignant fury, although the effect was somewhat ruined by the mud and water that was dripping off him.

"It's not funny!" he snapped. Jay nodded.

"You're right," he choked out. "It's hilarious. What happened to you?"

"Nero wanted to help me wash the dogs, that's what happened," Adam growled. "Apparently Jeff has taught him more bad habits." Jay couldn't hold his cackles in any longer and had to hold onto the kitchen counter to stay upright.

"Jason!" Adam snarled, just as the sounds of crying were heard over the baby monitor.

"I'll go," Jay offered, composing himself enough to stand. "You go get cleaned up. Maybe take Nero with you." He glanced out the window at the little boy happily playing in the mud, his clothes and visible skin utterly filthy already, before he headed upstairs to see to their daughter.

"Thanks /babe/," Adam called after him. "Give me the hard job." Jay laughed as he entered their daughters nursery, the screwed up face relaxing the second she saw him.

"Hi there Rosie," Jay cooed as he picked her up. "You hungry? Or just want some company?" The little girl scrunched her face up, obviously disliking both of those options. Jay wrinkled his own nose at that, realising what the problem was.

"Ok miss Rosie," he agreed as he moved her to the change table. "Let's go with that instead." He changed her diaper with no problems, finally being able to take her downstairs to giggle at Adams attempts' to catch Nero and get the two of them cleaned up.

"Nero!" Jay finally called, taking pity on his husband. "Time to get cleaned up."

"No!" Nero announced, dodging Adams attempt to grab him...yet again.

"Now!" Jay ordered.

"But Daddy," Nero whined. "Uncle Jeff always lets me play in the mud for as long as I want!"

"This isn't uncle Jeff's house," Jay reminded him. "Playtime is over." Nero huffed and tried to dodge Adams next attempt to capture him anyway. Jay couldn't help the grin at the little sound of triumph Adam made as he flipped the struggling child over his shoulder. His husband could be quite adorable when he wanted to.

"Remind me to have a discussion with Jeffrey about the proper playtime etiquette," Adam told the slightly younger man as he traipsed through the kitchen on the way to the bathroom. Jay couldn't help but laugh, knowing that as mad as the elder blonde might get, he would never seriously take it out on Jeff. No matter if it was technically the other mans fault or not.