A/N: So you know how I promised to stay away from drabbles? Yeah, well, it's 30 days till season 5—so I have a drabble countdown, dang it. I don't care if you're excited. I am. Here you go. A series 5 drabble series of things that could happen in season 5. Might include some spoilers.

White. Everywhere was white, and the sun was shining off of the snow on the ground, and despite the sun, it was freezing, and wet. And white. And cold.

And very miserable.

Thoroughly unhappy, Arthur and Merlin sat in their little cave, unsuccessfully trying to get a fire going as they scraped ice off their shirts, and shivered.

At last Merlin broke the silence. "And you once told me that worrying about what to pack was for girls." He tried to rub some heat back into his arms, which were only covered by his usual thin jacket.

"Shut up, Merlin."