Daenee: Yay! Second story!

Ikuto: Yay! No one cares!

Amu: Ew! Gay!

Daenee: Yay!

Amu: ...

Daenee: ...Me no own show with little floating people. Oh and I'm Hanami Fei -bow- and I'm not 16... Let's just pretend I am =]

P.S. - I don't know how the periods are in your country so I'm making this up.

Ages: 17-Ikuto





















Stupid dip shit of an alarm clock.

Oh hey, I'm Hinamori Amu, a 16 year old girl with an abnormally pink hair that reaches my shoulder, honey colored eyes, very irritating curves that I try to get rid off, multi talents, a 'cool and spicy' character that I use to scare off people, a dorky look to keep a low and not so popular profile, a side of me that doesn't like being called 'nerd' or anything related to that and being name called, if anyone does, I kick their asses, and on what they keep on saying, a voice like an angel.

I'm a sophomore in Seiyo Acedemy, a school for rich kids.

I have a step-sister who's also a sophomore like me. Her former name's Hanami Fei, and now Hinamori Fei she has blackish-brown and pink highlited shoulder-blade length hair, a nice body, multi talents, too; a cold character to playboys, dorky look so she could be with me and keep a low profile, not so girly, an over-protective character to friends/family, good taste in clothes.

She's been my step-sister ever since first grade which was like 10 years ago. So yeah, we're sisters. We study in the same school and have the same age and stuff.

My phone was vibrating. I checked the caller i.d and it was Fei.


"Stop yelling! My ears are bleeding," I told her.

"IT IS?!" she hung-up.

My door burst open, and Fei barges in checking my ear.


"I thought it was bleeding," she wondered aloud.

"It was a hyperbole Fei, a hyperbole," I told her with the 'are-you-kidding-me' look

"It was?!"

"It was," I said seriously this time,"and why are you all dressed up?"

"School. First day. Sophomore. School," she said giving me the same look I gave her earlier.

Shit, I forgot about school!

I took a quick shower and wore a yellow fit shirt ,which showed my curves,with skinny jeans and topped it my fake glasses and baggy shirt and a matching pants. Fei wore a white spaghetti strapped shirt topped with a blue blazer. We wore the same outer clothes, so when we go shopping later we'll just strip the outer clothes out.

I came down and ate breakfast with Fei. I ate toast and she ate pancakes.

"Bye mom!" we both yelled out walking out of the mansion. Yes, we're rich. Deal with it.

"So what car?" she asked. Her eyes say : Say Lamborghini, say Lamborghini.

"The cheapest we have," I said


"Dorks are poor, they don't have Lamborghinis," I reminded her

"...fine..." she muttered

We got in the cheapest car we had which was a Mini Cooper and drove off.

When we arrived in school, we took our schedule from the office.

"Amu look, we have the same schedule... and music everyday? That's weird," Fei says.

Of all subjects why Music? And what's worst is, it's every damn day. I, as a person who keeps low, do not like sharing my "hidden talent" or whatever they call it. At least me and Fei will be having all the periods together, it also means she has to suffer with me.

We were walking down the hallway slurping on our slushies till we saw a swarm of girls making a way for a group of 5 guys. One with blond hair, the other with black, the other with long purple hair, the other with brown, and last was the one with blue.

"Neh Fei, who are those?" I asked Fei.

"Hmm, I don't know, but I think those guys are the Black Lynx that my friend was talking about, they're a band full of guys that needs a female singer as the partner of the lead singer, and the guy with black is obviously a playboy," she said crushing her finished container of slushy.

"Thank goodness you finished your slushy before you crushed the container," I said thankful.

"Crushed...?" she asked confuse until she looked at her hand,"Oohh crushed. I didn't know this happened."

"Man, those guys are a bunch of..."

"Playboys? A-holes? Douche? Self-centered a-wholes, playboys, and douche?"Fei continued.

"You read my mind," I told her.

"Great minds do think alike."

"True, true," I told her as we were walking pass the Black Lynx, or what ever you call them.

"Who invited the dorks to this school?" I stopped dead on my tracks when I heard that. I don't like it when people call us 'dorks', 'geeks', nor 'nerds', as long as it relates to those, I get really pissed off because we're none of those. Oh and I hate being called names.

"What did you call us?" I asked sternly.

"Dorks," the blue haired boy from the group repeated.

"Why don't you fight me then, chicken?"

Everybody oo-ed.

"I'm sorry, I don't wanna make my hands dirty with germs" he retorted.

"So wait I shouldn't call you chicken, but a girl? Girls are very concious about germs," I retorted back.

The blue haired guy was getting pissed off.

"Come at me, bitch," the he commanded.

"Gladly," I said about to take my outer clothes off, so I could move more. That is until someone held back my shoulder.

"Amu, as dorks, we don't wanna cause a commotion do we?" Fei said before anything else happened.

"That's right dork," the blue haired guy said

"Fine," I muttered," You're lucky this time douche, I'm just saving the best for last."

I said walking away leaving Fei to catch up with me.

"That was close you know," She told me.

"What was close?" I asked

"Clothes. Off. High profile."

I oh-ed, "Yeah, sorry bout that, just a bit carried away..." my voice faded.

The bell rang.

"We better hurry, first period's about to start," Fei said dashing off while pulling me.

I hope I don't see that blue haired guy anywhere today, heck make it every day.

-First Period-

When we got in class a name was written in big letters, it spelled "Ono Akari"

Guess it's the sensei's name.

"Class settle down now," sensei said, " today we will be having a new student from the band Black Lynx-"

The girls cut off sensei by squealing and whispering on where the guy will be seated.

"Now girls, don't go fan-girly all because of that ,and don't expect me to sit him near you. He'll be choosing himself," sensei said while the girls wailed on why can't they sit next to the guy, " and guys, don't get jealous just because he'll attract the attention of the girls, he's still a normal boy," sensei continued.

"Now, Tadase please come in here," sensei commanded into thin air, then, out of nowhere came a blonde guy, "This is Hotori Tadase. Tadase please introduce yourself."

"Hello, my name is Hotori Tadase. Thank you for having me," he said before bowing.

"Pick a seat Hotori-san," sensei said.

His eyes wandered around the class looking for a seat, and finally his eyes landed on me.

"I would like to seat next to that pink haired girl, Ono-sensei," he said.

What? Why me? Of all the people?

Daenee: So? Was happening now?

Amu: I don't know but I think the readers died of boredom because-

Ikuto: -cuts off Amu- The kiddy king is here.

Daenee: Tadase has to here!

Ikuto: Why?!

Amu: Why not?!

Amu and Ikuto: -Fights outside-

Daenee: R&R~