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I glared at each one of them.

I think... I was starting to like Ikuto.


What am I thinking?

I would never like that hentai neko.

End of recap.

Amu's Pov.

Ikuto pulled a chair and placed in next to him.

"Sit," he commanded.

"What? No," I told him.

"Eh, Amuuu," he whined.

"No," I told him again.

He was acting like a kid who wanted another candy.

A few people was staring at us.

"Ikuto stop attracting attention!"

"Will you sit beside me then?" he asked with a victorious smirk.


"Then let a few of them stare until all of them do."



"Wha?" he asked, acting dumb.

"Stop attracting attention!"


"...Fine |:T" I sighed defeatedly.

"Here then," he says, patting the chair next to him.

And then I sat.

"Ikuto," Utau called.


"Ikuto, did you go out with someone yesterday?" Utau asked.

I stiffened.

"Nope," Ikuto replied with a poker face.

"Are you sure?" Utau asked.


"Really really sure?"

"Yes =_=."

"Absolutely positively sure?"

"Yes," Ikuto answered, obviously annoyed.

"I was just asking a question, why are you so mad? Geez," was all Utau said.

He's a good liar.

If I were to be asked repeatedly I would've given in.

=_=# was Ikuto's mood.

"A-ano..." I said awkwardly.

I don't really know what to say when people are fighting -_-"

"Amu~" Ikuto said.

Sudden change of mood? Is he bipolar or something?


"I wanna build a snowman~" he whined childishly.

"Then go build a snowman," I told him with a bored look on my face.

"Do you wanna build a snowman?"


"Come on let's go and play."

I looked at him with an 'are-you-serious-?' look with on my face.

"Konnichiwa minna~" Nikaidou-sensei sang as he barged in the room.

"Konnichiwa Nikaidou-sensei," everyone greeted him in a very tiring tone.

"Has anyone guessed who it is yet~?" he asked curiously.

"Nikaidou-sensei just tell us!" they wailed.

"No can do~! Ikuto-kun doesn't want to~"

Why does Nikaidou-sensei keep singing?

"What? Ikuto-kun can you tell us~?" Saaya whined, swaying her hips as she approached Ikuto.

"No," Ikuto told Saaya nonchalantly.

"Ikuto-kun, onegai~?" she begged.


"Ikuto-kun~!" she whined.

I felt a tap on my shoulder.

It was Fei, and she was trying to say something to me.

"I hate her. Please kill me now, I'd rather die than stay here and listen to her wailing," she whispered to me in a very irritated tone.

I just nodded.

Fei tapped me again and gestured for her earphones.

And I gave it to her.

I saw Saaya glance at Fei for a moment.

"Nikaidou-sensei, Hinamori-san is using her phone!" she tattled.

"Which one of them? -_-'," Nikaidou-sensei asked.

"Both of them!"

"What?" Fei and I asked.

"Bish, I'm not using my phone, Amu isn't even fishing her phone out," Fei growled.

"You were about to use your phone," Saaya retorted.

"I was using my earphones to cover up the sound waves because your loud, shrilly voice was shattering my precious eardrums!" Fei says, standing up.

"Oooh, I'm so scared a dork's gonna read books to me till I die!" she taunted,"and my voice is as wonderful as Lea Salonga's!"

Believe me fellow people, Lea Salonga does not sound like that. Lea Salonga's a broadway singer.

(A/N: you no know Lea Salonga? YOU DISGRACE. No I'm kidding, you're not a disgrace. Search Lea Salonga up, if you don't, then YOU DISGRACE xD)

A vein popped out of Fei's head.

Uh oh.

"Come here you son of a—"

"Fei," Ikuto said, looking at Fei.

"What do you want Tsukiyomi?" she asked, clearly in a hurry to kill Saaya.

It looked like they were mind reading each other.

"Fine," Fei mumbled, sitting back.

They were mind reading each other!

...How did they do that? :0

Ikuto then looked at Utau and she just nodded.

"Ikuto-kun you must've cared for me be—"

"No, he doesn't care for you. Please shut up and take your damn seat," Utau cut her off.

"Don't butt in you—"

Rima gave Saaya a long, icy glare.

"As if that's gonna work on me, shrimp," Saaya said proudly.

Rima's eye brow twitched.

Nagi was trying to restrain Rima from strangling Saaya.

That's when Yaya came in the picture.

She threw a chocolate ice cream at Saaya's face.

Where did she even get that? ._."

"Ugh! How dare you! Do you know how much my make up costs?!"

"Yeah, how dare you!" Saaya's minions echoed.

"Must've been cheap, slut," Rima snorted.

Saaya glared at Rima.

Yaya just stuck her tongue out to Saaya and her minions,"Yaya doesn't like girls who fight with Yaya's friends!"

"PPFFT—friends? Who would want to be friends with a baby like you?" she asked, scoffing.

That, my dear readers, is where Yaya broke it.

She cried while Kairi just comforted her.

"S-she's so mean! Uwaa!" Yaya cried.

"You shouldn't have thrown ice cream at her face even though she deserved it," he told her frankly.

He's so dull -_-"

"B-but she's meaan!"

"Hai hai," he says, patting her back as Yaya just sniffled.

"Bitch, just take your fucking seat will you?" Fei told her sternly.

"Don't call me a bitch, dork."

"Sucks for you because I just did. And I'll say it again, bitch," Fei said, sticking her tongue out.

Saaya looked like she was going to slap Fei. I hope she doesn't because Fei used to do taekwando, and when she was taking taekwando lessons she accidentally hit some guys last year by reflex when they tap her shoulder.

(A/N: I accidentally punched them Q-Q if none of you imagined it, 'Q' looks like eyes with tears.)

"Give me your best shot, bitch," Fei taunted.

Why isn't sensei stopping this?

"Why you little fucke—"

"Saaya-san, detention!" Nikaidou-sensei yelled.

"Again? Why the fu—"

"For two days!"

"Why in the fuc—"

"Three!" he added.


"The 'F' word is bad!"

"And so is bitch!"

"I told you, the 'F' word means something else!"

"So? I don't abide the rules! I'm Yamabuki Saaya!"

Nikaidou-sensei just sighed.

"Hai hai, but you still have a three-day detention. Now please sit down."

"Hmph!" Saaya said as she sat down.

"Now, I will let you all have a test."

"What?!" everybody asked in disbelief.

"Don't worry, it's just a recall of all the lessons you've learned. Now, pens only."

Everybody just 'ugh-ed' and took out their pens.

The test was easy as pie.

"Ok minna~ Pass your papers forward!" Nikaidou-sensei instructed.

After checking the papers for a few minutes, he's stood up.

"Ok! I will group our top twelve together!"

"Ikuto, Utau, Amu, Fei, Kukai, Kenji, Nagihiko, Rima, Yaya, Tadase, and Kairi."

(A/N: some if you must've forgotten Tadase was here huh? He just sits in the back of the group and smiles like the little prince he is.)

Ikuto smirked at me.

"Oh shush will you?" I mumbled.

At least Tadase-kun was with us ewe.

"Why are you so happy all of the sudden," Ikuto asks suddenly with his face a few inches away form mine.

O / / ~ / / O"

"I-Ikuto get your hentai face away from mine will you?" I said, looking away.

"Hai hai."

= / / ~ / / ="

Why do bad things happen to good people?

"Hinamori Amu and Hinamori Fei?!"
"Why are they with the Black Lynx?!"
"Why are all the losers with them?!"

Something must've glared at them because they shut up all of the sudden.

(A/N: Do you know what or who glared at them? Please, do take a guess xD)

"Sensei there must be some mistake! I should have a high grade! I'm suppose to be with my Ikuto-kun!" Saaya whined.

"No there isn't Saaya-san, in fact, you only got nine correct answers out of thirty numbers ._.'," Nikaidou-sensei told her.

"Impossible! I'm Yamabuki Saaya! Yamabukis always get the top grades!"

"All except for you," Rima snorted.

"Shut up, shrimp."

"Shut up, failure," Rima retorted.

"Why you little f—"

"Four days detention~!"

"WHAT? But sen—

"No buts."

That sounded wrong.

(A/N: No butts. PFFT—)

Fei tapped me and asked for my water.

"Now, our Top Twelve will have to do a performance that involves singing—"

Fei choked.

"What the—you ok there? -_-'," Kenji asked patting her


Realization slaps Fei in the face with a 'what-are-you-doing-?' look.

(A/N: I didn't know realization had a face -.-")

"Don't touch me, playboy," Fei growled.

And Kenji backed off.

"I was just helping you -.-"

"I'd rather die than get help from a playboy."


Nikaidou-sensei was looking at us.

"Carry on sensei, don't mind my reactions," Fei told him.

"...Ok then... Our Top Twelve will do a performance and so will everyone else."

"What?!" they all asked.

"You won't have a grade if none of you will perform you know =3=."

"Ugh," they all said.

"The one with the most cheers will have the highest grade," Nikaidou-sensei said.

"Haii," everyone groaned.

"Ok then class dismissed!"

"Ah finally, a time to relax from all the leader work~" Fei sang.

"Ok then, when do we practice?" Kukai asked.

"Practice?" I asked.

"For the performance you amnesia-tic sister," Fei scolded.

"Gomene -_-."

"We practice at my house!" Kukai exclaimed.

Fei raised her hand.

"Is it ok if I don't go?" she asked.

"No," Kenji answered.

"=_= Again, is it ok if I don't come?"

"No," Kenji answered again.

"=_=#. What would I do there?" Fei asked.


"I don't know how to sing!"

"Then you can play the triangle."

"Never in my life have I seen a triangle o-o."

"Then you will see one."

*"Really?" Fei asked with a dazzled look.

Kenji had a hint of pink on his cheeks.

Why is he 'slightly-blushing'?

"Eh? What's this? Is Kenji-kun—"

**"Shut up Nagi," Kenji says, looking away.

"Hai hai =v="

"Minna, I have to go, we have a dinner to attend to," Tadase said.

He had stuff to attend to ewe~

"Feel free to go," Ikuto said, expertly hiding the irritation in his voice.

I elbowed him.

"Ow! What?" he asked me.

"Bye guys," Tadase bid.

"Bye Tadase-kun," I waved.

"So practice at Kukai-kun's house?" Kairi asked.

"Where is your house anyways?" I asked.

"A house away from yours," someone whispered.


I looked back to see Ikuto.

"Can you not do that next time?!"

"Why? I like doing that."

"Well I don't!"

"Eh, Amu-k—"

Then I glared at him with the 'did-you-forget-?' look.

Then he shut his mouth.

"Ikuto-kun~!" a ear shattering voice called.

"Oh my fucking angels," Fei groaned.

"Ikuto-kun! I'm glad I caught up to you~" Saaya said as she ran through the halls.

"Hey guys, do you remember what I did to Utau when we were younger?" Ikuto asked.

They all nodded.

"Well, you guys have to do it too," Ikuto said, smirking at me.

What did they do to Utau?

"What are you—oh my angels. Please n—Kukai!" Utau shrieked as Kukau picked her up.

Oh no.

And they all picked us up.


"Yay! Horsey!" Yaya excaimed.


"I-Ikuto! L-let me go! I can run you know, maybe even faster that you!" I told him.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures, Ichigo," Ikuto told me, having a smirk on his face.

"Ikuto-kun~!" Saaya's voice grew louder.

"Split up and meet at Kukai's house!" Ikuto instructed.

And the guys ran in different directions carrying the us with them.


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