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Lucy: what on Earthland is happening to me.

Me: Be patient, you'll find out

Lucy: fine. Hey Nastu want to do the honours?

Nastu: huh?

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Memories, Love, Pain, Sorrow, Price, War

Chapter one


It seemed like an normal day at Fairy Tail; however if you looked closely a certain pink haired boy was auguring with a certain navy blue hair boy and it was about a certain blonde.

"What do you mean you can't find her?!"

"It's like I said we know she went to the magic council but after that we don't know!"

"Then why are you here; instead of looking for her!"

"Because she's LU-CY right know we can't trace her! We thought she might be here!"

"Well she ain't so why are you standing not looking for my Lucy!"

"Your Lucy! Who in god's name said she's yours!"

"She is mine" the pink hair boy started to growl at the challenge.

"She ain't yours; you dense moron."



At this the pink haired boy stormed out of the guild. Three very nervous dragon slayers know that they should follow their 'brother' but before they left the youngest spoke to the boy her 'brother' was fighting.

"Sorry Yuno. It's a dragon thing; Nastu only has one mate and it's Lucy. She is the only one he'll ever love; however news that she might be missing will cause him to become an extremely angered dragon. It is like tell him that she is dead or someone has tried to claim her." With this warning left to the guild she hurried off to find her 'brothers'.

After a few moments of the guild being silent; they understood the true meaning behind Wendy's words.

Nastu was going to become ballistic; not only that he'll kill anyone who tries to say that Lucy belongs to them. "Just like a dragon. Dragon Slayers are more like dragons when you think about it with the exception that they are humans with human instincts."

"Only there dragon instincts can be stronger." Mira and Levy had found a way to make Yuno and his siblings, which were now trying to straggle him to death, understand. They had not been in Fairy Tail as long as their cousin therefore they didn't know how exactly everyone fought, nor their feelings.

Meanwhile Ezra, Gray and the Exceeds went chasing after their dragon friends. They had managed to find them at the train station; they looked to be fighting. As they got closer they could hear what they were saying.

"Nastu you need to calm down. Remember we promised Lucy that we would take care of that dark guild with minna."

"I have to find her."

"Yo flame brain in order to find her you need to keep your promise to her than look and not be train."

"Gajeel has a point you two are horrible with transportation."

At this they all froze. Ezra walked forward and spoke. "Nastu. She isn't dead just missing, and we will find her."

Nastu had clam down enough for Ezra to then knock him out. "OI what did you do that for?"

"Laxus" the aura around her sent chills down everyone's back "We're bring him back and he's going to stay unconscious till we find that guild; we can wake him up then and point him in the right direction."

The dragons looked to each other and then to the Exceeds and Gray. They nodded and follow her back to Fairy Tail as she carried Nastu back. But what of our lovely lady in question what has become of her?

"Where am I? What's my name?" the pretty blond girl looked down trying to remember she saw Keys and a whip on her hips "What am I?"


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