Authoress's Notes: Okay. I have a few things to say.

One: This is a really dark fic. A lot of things happen in here that might not agree with some people. I have seen about five episodes so far and read a lot of fanfics. After reading all of them, I decided that Pegasus wasn't represented well. I mean, the guy is a total bishi! That Eye might knock him down a point, but he is still really cute. I happen to enjoy discovering what makes people evil. So I decided what I wanted in my Dream Fic. This fanfic is everything I personally would desire in one. I have incorporated some of what I have read, stuff that made a lasting impression, such as the idea of vampires in the "Yu-Gi-Oh!" world.

Two: This fanfic has light to mild yaoi, but it doesn't really go past kissing and hugging. It also has something I call "vampire-related violence," meaning blood, torture (mental and physical), and the blur between good and evil.

Three: I don't own "Yu-Gi-Oh." Some tiny shards are based on other things I have read about this series, but I have warped everything to my own fiendish desires. But please keep in mind that I don't own any series I wish to invoke! This is just a creative outlet!

Four: Thank you for reading my notes, and now sit back and enjoy my insanity!

            For some reason, the author of this story was angry, very angry. She debated it for some time – yes, it seemed that it could be futile to do this – but then again, who else was there to do it? It was her burden. She, the girl who read psychology books to search for answers to the real mysteries, who would sit there and listen to Pegasus talk until the world was gone. There had to be some reason for all of it, right?

            Then there was that episode where Yami Bakura, who she referred to as Fallen, as it was much shorter and therefore easier to write. You didn't see Fallen die.

            The desire to write the story grew and grew until she could no longer bear it. The words finally came, coursing out of her soul like so much blood, all the tears and the hatred and the darkness and the light until she was finally free.

            This story would be for the lovers of the dark side. Pegasus, Fallen, Yami… every dark side. It is just so… crude to hate a character without even trying to figure out the why. Maybe it could be what she needed…

            And maybe bend reality to her will… change things…

            Fate Légend had just defeated him in a duel. He quaked and jumped down from the terminal; she got down as well and took the star chips from him. Eyes masked, totally pretending he didn't want to hurt her, his eyes concealing the fact that he had snapped, even though she could see through him like an osprey seeing through water.

            "You've won your last duel," he said softly, his eyes becoming mad, his gestures feral, and she backed up.

            Before the girl could react, he pushed her with all of his strength. It made him fall to the ground, but it didn't matter. She fell to the ocean and tasted blood in her mouth as she fell. Then she decided to change the situation and tried to make at least a dive.

            Seconds after impact, she came out of the water with a hearty glare at the one who pushed her off. Even though she was at least a hundred feet below him, she could hear a faint laughing coming from him.

            She didn't know when she felt something brush up against her ankle. She looked down in the water and tried to feebly glance into the darkness, but it was no use. She felt a tugging at her ankle and she screamed as she was sucked into the water. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't see anything, and there was something at her chest. She felt a gnawing presence and saw a blinding gold light.

            Then everything went black.

            They had been laughing until they heard the scream. It was quickly cut off, but the resulting silence was unshakable.

            "I am assuming that the rest of you heard that?" Bakura asked. It was right after their duel in the Shadow Realm.

            "Yes, we all heard it."

            i Bakura… /i He felt a little uneasy from the sudden voice and wondered, but then again, Fallen had died, hadn't he? There was no way he could have returned.

            He sat there quietly for a few moments as the rest debated on what had just happened. Bakura wasn't listening to them at all; their voices were just a futile babble. Instead, he was focusing inward, trying to figure out where he was in all of this. Could he risk friends when he might get them hurt? Should he take the chance?

            "Bakura, have you been listening to anything?" Téa. He looked into her eyes. "Are you sure you're okay after what's happened?"

            "I'm fine," he replied absently. He hadn't heard a word.

            Yugi's forehead began to glow. Bakura felt slightly sick as he saw the change from Yugi to Yami occur; he felt like he might lose the last meal he had… come to think of it, when had he last eaten? He hadn't been hungry at all since he found the Millennium Ring. Come to think of it, a lot of other things had changed as well. What exactly happened when he found it? He couldn't remember anything but a warm, pleasant feeling at his lips and a sharp, cruel pain…

            iYes, that's it, Bakura, figure things out for yourself. You obviously don't want or need my help anymore. /i Fallen's acidic whisper was very unnerving; he had said the same thing dozens of times. Was it a memory, or was he really speaking?

            "What's wrong with Bakura?" Yami asked offhandedly. "He looks like he is going to get sick!"

            Joey looked at Bakura strangely. "What, beach-combing tomorrow doesn't sound good to you?"

            "It's fine. I was just thinking about something else." He tried to smooth back his white hair, but it didn't really work.

            Yami continued their conversation. "We can't find anything in the dark, but I am pretty sure that whatever happened was coming from the cliffs. We can find clues."

            Bakura wondered why everyone seemed so afraid of the dark. He could see better in the dark than he could in the light. The night seemed… beautiful, lethal, comforting… his energy was always higher in the nighttime.

            "Meeting dismissed. Get some sleep."

            Bakura was floating in midair, right outside Pegasus's castle. Without a single thought, he was inside. The sleeping form of Pegasus was in a really plush bed, propped up against the pillows. He was holding a stuffed calico cat that looked like it may have been around for twenty years.

            Briefly, the dream Bakura tried to remember everything he could about Pegasus. The twenty-four-year-old was a genius that had graduated from school at twelve and got through college by the age of seventeen. He was super-rich and his mother was a successful archaeologist. She brought him to Egypt as a gift for graduating from college. Then he made the card game and it had escalated to the most popular thing in history for adults and children since… well, since the last most popular thing.

            Pegasus shifted slightly in his sleep. Bakura was aware of a burning sensation inside him, centering on his stomach area. His mouth also hurt. He had never felt anything like this hunger before. Pegasus's neck glistened in the moonlight. Trembling with hunger and fear, Bakura turned away, but the hunger grew until he felt like he would go mad if it didn't. He smelled blood in the room.

            He found himself sitting on the bed very close to Pegasus. The man's veins were burning through his skin… oh… the blood…

            Bakura awoke with a start. It was still night; the sleeping forms of his friends were all there… wait… where was Yugi? He got up and searched through his mind. Where could Yugi go? Then he was up and running so fast that he was like a blur. He moved through the forest or the forest moved through him; it was impossible to tell. He was standing next to Yugi, who was kneeling beside a girl on the beach. Bakura knelt down beside his friend – where had that word come from? – and put his hand on the girl's wrist.

            "She's so cold," he said to Yugi.

            Yugi nodded. "We have to get her to the camp. She'll die otherwise. Her pulse is very, very faint."

            Bakura lifted her up and let her stiff form rest gently in his arms. He felt a stab of hunger that was reminiscent of the dream, but ignored it. After all, it was only a dream, wasn't it? They walked back to the camp in silence and stripped the girl of her wet clothes, hung them up to dry, and went into Téa's bag for some clothes. He dressed her, having no feelings for the girl, whereas Yugi felt guilty. Then they wrapped her in blankets and Bakura forfeited his place by the fire to let her lie there.

            "Bakura?" Yugi whispered. "Why are you up this late?"

            He wondered how long it would take him to spin a lie. "I heard you leave and I was curious as to where you were going."

            "Good night, Bakura."

            "Good night."

            As he had forfeited his blankets, he sat against the tree, just outside the fire's glow. The tree felt more comfortable, anyway. Soon, he was fast asleep.

            He awoke to a fierce prodding. "Bakura, I'll bet you'll never guess what happened last night!" Joey's eyes were dancing.

            Bakura let out a groan. It took him a few moments to adjust to sunlight. He didn't know why they were waking him up at such an absurd hour. He usually slept until afternoon on this island.

            "Pegasus almost died last night. They sent the helicopter over here and everything. He had an emergency blood transfusion sometime around one or two this morning. He won't let anyone come in the room but the nurse and he refused to abandon his work. They say that an hour after typing away at his laptop, he'd fainted and needed another blood transfusion."

            Bakura felt his face turn chalk-white. "What?" he asked.

            His friends saw his concern. Joey looked at him strangely. "You don't have any sentimental feelings for that creep, do you?"

            "No." He was getting really good at this lying thing. "It just seems unbelievable that something could happen like this. I mean, the guy is totally insane!"

            The conversation came to a halt when a low moan came from the girl by the fire. She slowly moved and made a low hacking sound. Up came a lot of water and some food she had ingested. She looked around with a dazed expression on her face.

            "Where am I?" she asked. "Never mind, stupid question…" Her eyes were moving from wrist to wrist.

            Téa sat down next to her, mildly disgusted by the vomit, but still there. "What happened to you?"

            "This kid lost a duel and he just snapped mentally. He threw me off a cliff. I can swim, but something grabbed my leg and pulled me under. The last thing I remember is a brilliant gold light. I thought I died."

            "Who were you dueling against?"

            "A kid named Nathan Greenseye."

            Bakura looked up. "Nathan Greenseye? We dueled and he lost; I felt kind of bad for him, you know. He just started crying."

            The girl got up shakily and almost fell into what was left of the fire. Téa, always the helper, steadied her. She locked eyes with Bakura and the strangest thing in the world happened. He felt the familiar presence of Fallen inside him, brilliant and like he had never gone. He saw the Millennium Ring glow slightly; it was pointing at her. He crossed his arms to hide it.

            They were too absorbed in the girl to pay attention, anyway.

            "What's your name?" Téa asked. "I'm Téa. The kid with the white hair is Bakura. The short guy is Yugi. Then there's Joey with the blondish hair and Tristan with the brown hair."

            "Fate Légend." Her last name was almost French in the way it was pronounced, and it rolled off her tongue like blood flowing down – wait, what was he thinking? He shook his head free of those thoughts.

            Fate was an attractive, tall girl. Her long, flowing brown hair almost glowed in the sunlight. She had black eyes and a light tan, and she was about an inch taller than Téa. Bakura's eyes studied her calmly, and they fell to her neck. It took most of his control to pull his eyes away from that neck.

            "Bakura?" Yugi asked. His voice sounded very concerned. "You look a little pale. Are you sick?"

            "No." Bakura didn't want to talk about it.

            He didn't feel like talking at all.

            That night, he fell asleep, but somewhere around midnight his hunger awakened him. He felt like he was on fire. He curled up into a little ball and tried to fall asleep, but the hunger wouldn't stop.

            He could hear the beating hearts of everyone in the camp. They teased at his hunger and he covered his ears, begging it to stop, but his hunger wouldn't cooperate. He imagined he heard Fallen somewhere close by, talking to him. But it wasn't his imagination.

            "Bakura," Fallen whispered in his ear. "You have to listen to me. You need sustenance. If you don't, you will die."

            He was in too much pain to say no.

            "Good. Now do exactly as I say…"

            Maxamillion Pegasus was in a really depressed mood. He clutched the stuffed cat, the only remnant of his dead father's love, and shivered underneath the covers. He had never been sick in his life, and the dark powers of his Millennium Eye couldn't make him well again. He felt his life force deteriorating with every hour.

            It frightened him. Something frightened Maxamillion Pegasus. He was afraid of dying, of all the things he couldn't undo consuming his soul as soon as his heart stopped beating and his mind went on. He had stumbled on the power by accident, and he had fought for years to control its power.

            Life really had no meaning for Pegasus. He could have all the riches in the world. He owned so much and he was the role model of many young children. But what was the meaning of it all? Then, when he was about eighteen, he had gone into the thing alone, with only the knowledge he had learned in school. He had fought his way into the final room and opened the carrier of the Items. All were gone but one. The eye… how it had turned on him then… and it had hurt…

            He cringed, remembering the pain. His mother was the first soul he had stolen, and then he felt better. The numbness that accompanied it soothed him. It made him cold and unemotional. But he needed more of them now to keep the numbness. There were the comics when he was feeling down, the cartoons he had trusted since he was a young child because he was a genius and no one ever wanted him for a friend.

            Then there was college. Oh Gods, he would do anything to forget that… his roommate was throwing a party. He got drunk with his friends and one of them took him, even though he had been studying the whole time, and raped him, though he hadn't been forced to take his pants off… that had been the final straw.

            Pegasus was unaware that he was crying until his hand brushed across his face. The Millennium Eye was cold and unemotional, but his real eye showed the agony he was in. Living from day to day, wanting and waiting for the paralyzing numbness that froze his heart to wear off and he had to steal another soul to make it go away.

            Bakura climbed into Pegasus's room. He looked at the sobbing form on the bed. For so long he had let himself think that Pegasus was cruel, cold, and unemotional. He seemed to live off others' suffering. He fed on their pain and anguish. Humiliation was his desert. And yet… he was crying?

            Bakura wondered how he would appear to Pegasus. His skin had flushed until it was the color it normally was. Why had Fallen kept it a secret from him for so long?

            He made a small amount of noise, and Pegasus immediately looked up. "Whoever you are, go away!" he said softly. Then he saw Bakura.

            Instead of listening, Bakura walked over to the bed and sat down next to Pegasus. He put an arm on his shoulder and smiled at him. Though it may have been the blood he had stolen from Pegasus, he felt a sort of kinship with him, and since Pegasus hadn't registered his presence, he knew the emotion wasn't faked.

            Pegasus looked up at Bakura with a startled expression. Bakura's face softened and he flashed Pegasus a smile that would make a heart of stone tremble.

            "Do you want to talk about it?" he asked.

            Over tears, Pegasus told Bakura everything. And when it was all over, Bakura wasn't angry. He watched Pegasus with understanding instead of condemnation. Then he did something to show that he cared. He hugged Pegasus and Pegasus hugged back.

            "Why did you want to lure the holders of the Millennium Items?"

            Pegasus looked at him. "I don't feel like talking about that right now."

            He felt Fallen's presence in his mind; it was egging him on, telling him to do what he must do. "I'm sorry," he told Pegasus.

            Bakura was caught in a rush of blood, the taste of Pegasus flowing through his mouth. He was aware of the heart slowing, and as it did he finally realized what he was doing. Though he doubted Pegasus would be a big loss, there was still something about him that he couldn't lose. Maybe it was the way Pegasus laughed, or the sound of his voice, but he didn't want Pegasus to die. As he drank, he realized that everything Pegasus had said was true, and he needed the Millennium Items for one reason.

            Revenge. Oh, how had Bakura been so blind as he listened to Pegasus? The reason was so obvious. The emotion flowed through Pegasus's blood like a lethal poison. He knew that he could make the monsters real, and he wanted to do it so he could bring about the end of the world.

            If only there were some way to give the blood back… but he needed to hurry, for Pegasus's life was fading fast. And blood was connected directly to life…

            With a small shudder of disgust at what he was about to do, he took the knife out from under Pegasus's pillow (how he knew it was there, nobody knows) and slashed at his neck. He lifted Pegasus up to him and pressed Pegasus's face to the wound. It hurt, and Bakura wished he knew how to make the pain subside, and he was feeling like a part of him was dying with every drop Pegasus drank.

            Finally, it was too much for him to bear, and he threw Pegasus away. Fallen was laughing inside his head, and Bakura finally realized what he had been made to do by his insane, psychopathic dark half. But then again, who really was the dark half? Bakura had been the one taking lives. Bakura had been the real monster.

            He couldn't stand another minute of it. He jumped.

            It rained for the next few days and nights. Bakura was huddled in a tight ball in the underbrush. He was hungry, wet, cold, and tired, but he didn't move. Sometimes he would dream only to awaken screaming.

            The area around him was one big blur. Sounds all merged together until there was nothing upon nothing and the aroma of night and day were blurred, fading as the rain went on and on with no sign of stopping.

            Fallen appeared beside Bakura, the former shaking his arm until the latter was conscious enough to hear him. "You're killing yourself, Bakura! Don't you know how pointless it is to fight it?"

            "I don't want to end up like… like…"

            "Like me?"

            Bakura nodded.

            Fallen shook his head and wrapped his right arm around Bakura as he brushed Bakura's cheek with his left hand. Then he brought his lips in and touched Bakura with them. Bakura's eyes widened. He'd never felt anything like it! His dark half had never kissed him before. He closed his eyes after the initial shock and kissed back, surprised when he hurt his own lip with his fangs.

            "You aren't human, Bakura. You're above them. You were human when I found you and you were human when that vampire drank from you; I don't think you remember it. Just trust me when I say you can relax. Don't kill yourself for nothing. You can't stop the pain or the killing."

            Bakura stood and stretched. Fallen studied his light half with his eyes; though a disappointment at first, Bakura was getting stronger every day. Once he had been so weak that Fallen had barely touched him and he would start crying, but Bakura was maturing, moving faster than lightning.

            One thing was for sure: Bakura would have to learn how to control himself before he got into a rather unpleasant situation.

            Fallen was sorry for the way it had to be done. Every beating, every push-down, even every rotten thing he had ever done was all to build Bakura.

            "Bakura!" Yugi yelled.

            The one the name belonged to turned around. "Yugi?"

            "Where have you been? We were worried about you. You shouldn't have gone like that!" he scolded.

            Bakura honestly wondered why Yugi had worried. "You know me. I had to go for a walk. Couldn't sleep. Then I got lost."

            That wasn't exactly a lie… he still didn't know where he was…

            Téa looked hurt, more hurt than Bakura could have withstood a few days ago. Instead of sympathizing, he ignored her. Yugi and Bakura locked eyes and neither backed down. Bakura felt someone breaking into his mind, and he instantly slammed a mental fist into whoever it was out of instinct. Ever since he was a little child, he'd been able to feel people entering his mind, and he dealt with it in the same way all the time.

            Yugi doubled over as if he'd been punched in the stomach.

            Joey clenched his fists and stood in front of Yugi, his face a mask of pure hatred and disgust. "What have you done to Yugi?" he demanded.

            Bakura looked into Joey's eyes brazenly. "I did nothing. He did it to himself."

            He felt guilty about what he had just said. There was Yugi, looking so helpless, clutching his stomach. Bakura closed his eyes and willed the images away. Accusations from Téa; he could not keep her voice out of his head. He could feel the presence of Joey, clearly defined by his anger, and he knew when Joey's fist moved to hit him.

            After opening his eyes, he found himself holding Joey's fist. It was obvious that Joey had just flung himself at Bakura; how could he, with no experience whatsoever, hold a punch from a kid who knew how to street fight? He took a step to the side and felt something else this time. Yugi's presence had gone and there was Yami to deal with.

            "Bakura!" Yami yelled. The others encircled him like predators coming in from the kill. The girl, Fate – she wasn't there.

            He saw Yami's hand rise as if pulled; he took a step back and looked at all of the faces of the people he trusted so long ago. Yami's forehead was glowing and Bakura felt terrified. He was running before he had even made the decision to run, and Yami was following him, though he couldn't match Bakura's speed.

            Bakura rammed into something and fell on his butt. Two men in suits were standing in front of him with their arms crossed. He did half a crab-walk backward before deciding against it. After debating on what would be better, he decided to stand up and face them.

            "Bakura. Mr. Pegasus would like to have a few words with you."

            They grabbed him by the shoulders and he pretended to struggle, and a flabbergasted Yami watched them take him away.