AUTHORESS'S NOTE: The story, The Light in the Dark, is the first story in a couple I plan to write. The next story is about Pegasus more than anyone else, mainly because I love the guy so much *glomp* even if he is a demented psycho. As a warning, this story pairs Pegasus with a lot of different people. Sadly, I could not put Bakura in this. Shadi will be introduced in this one. Midnight Blue will be returning, and you'll catch a glimpse into the illusion of the blissful seconds Pegasus shared with Cynthia. I know the ending of The Light in the Dark seemed a tad fast, but it's not really the end of what is going on. This story is going to have a lot more torture in it than the last one. This is not an advertisement, but a little tiny morsel to keep everyone's imaginations running. Unless I suddenly cease to exist for whatever reason, the story will go on. Thank you. Forward, MARCH!

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*darkness, total blackness, then a tiny smoke*

There are cold iron bars that surround my heart, their power growing as my last chance of escape dwindles...

*the darkness reveals a book, covered in dust. Someone blows the dust off and opens the cover; the scratching of a pen*

My name is Maxamillion Pegasus.

*a long hallway, portraits on the walls screaming, a strange figure in the window with mist curling around it, then the wailing of a newborn boy*

It is the year 1805.

*the walls of a cell are visible, a hunched form cowering in the only light there is, his white hair almost to his waist; the scratching of a pen continues*

These are the last words that I am to write.

*flashes of scenes, a girl dancing in the meadows, coming out of the water of a moonlight swim* *a boy, obviously young Pegasus, is sitting in a tree*

*there is a long, high-pitched scream and an American-sounding Pegasus (without the accent he has in the movies) screams "Urania!"*

What if you lost faith in all you hold dear...?

"Oh, God help me!"

*see the outline of a figure in the shadows, Shadi*

"What God is that?"

*cut to him kissing a girl with brown hair, their eyes closed*

I asked my brothers to smuggle paint into the house for me…

*the cry of a baby* *a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes looks up at a seventeen-year-old Pegasus* *the midwife wraps the baby in a towel* "You have a son."

"Cerberus Maximum Pegasus."

*cut to the dead stare of the body of the girl, her form ravaged by illness that overtook her soon after she gave birth to the children*

What if...

*he cries out her name softly, "Cynthia."*

... it was only the beginning?

*really loud carnival music comes; it is really dark and evil-sounding*

*fangs are driven into Pegasus's neck and he screams at the top of his lungs* *flash to a young boy with wavy black hair down to his shoulders and eyes like Pegasus's, only slightly redder*

*Pegasus hanging from a wall by his wrists, the metal cutting into his arms*

*a blue-haired, blue-eyed vampire circles a kneeling Pegasus on the floor*

"You drink death in a red gush and paint that life in your pictures."

"I paint what I see."

"Then you are mad!" *he strikes Pegasus, who lies there like a dove with broken wings* *he coughs up blood*

"Forgive me."

*he's led into a room to Shadi, who reveals a glittering gold object* "Take out his eye."

"Which one?"

"It doesn't matter."

*Pegasus screams at the top of his lungs* *everything goes black*

What if the world's sole mission was to break you...?

*Pegasus standing in front of his mortal son, now about fifteen* "Do you want it?"

"No matter what price, who would not want to be forever young?" *it fades away in red*

*blackness, then a small outline*

"You'll break eventually."

*blood starts dripping*

"I can see it in your eyes."

*blood dripping from Pegasus's lips onto his son's upturned face*

"Welcome to Hell."

*a hiss from Pegasus, his fangs bared; blood is streaming down his hands*

*total darkness again*

...and there was blood all over the walls...

If Angels Should Fall

Rated R

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