Jezebel Jacobs ran down the hallway, giggling as she jumped on her older brother.
"Gotcha Glenny!"
Kane chuckled and turned his head to look up at her.
"Hey Jez. When did you get here?"

"Flew in this morning. Where's Marky-Mark?"
"Locker room."
"Awesome. Imma go bug him for not calling me."
Kane shook his head.
"I wouldn't do that, Jezzy. He's been in a mood lately."
Jez scoffed at him.
"He wouldn't hurt his darling sister, would he Glennifer?"
"No I wouldn't. Get over here, Jezzybel."

Squealing, she threw her arms around her brother's waist.
"Marky-Mark! Why didn't you call me?"
"Been busy preparing for Wrestlemania. Sorry, sis."
"It's fine."
A little girl ran up to the red-haired teen, hugging her leg.
"Auntie Jez!"
"Hey, kiddo! Where's little brother?"
Ember grinned and pointed to her mom, who ran over and tackled Jez.

"Jez! Why didn't you tell us you were coming?"
"I told Glenny. Did he not tell you?", she said while looking over at her brother.
"No he didn't."
"I was trying to surprise you, Princess."
Grinning, Jez threw her arms around AJ's waist.

"Crazy! What up girlie?"
"Not much. Be careful about my stomach though, kay?"
Jez stepped back and marveled at AJ's stomach.
"How far along are you?"
"About two months. I'm praying it's a girl."
"And knowing my brother, he wants a boy."
"Auntie J!"
Jez turned just in time to catch a small brown-haired boy, hoisting him on her hip.
"Ashy! How are you little man?"
"I'm good! Daddy buyed me a froggy."
"That's cool, kiddo. What's his name?"
"I named him Trevor like on Harry Potter!"
Jeff Hardy walked down the hallway at that moment and Jez whistled at him.

"Hey Sexy! Nice legs, when do they open?"
He turned and raised an eyebrow at her, continuing to walk backwards.
"Past your bedtime, Sweetheart!"

The Enigma laughed and waved as he walked off.