Jez grinned sadistically as In This Moment's Blood began to play. This was her favorite song.
"From Death Valley, Jezebel Rayne!"
Blood, blood, blood, pour mud through my veins.
Shut your dirty, dirty mouth. I'm not that easy.
Blood, blood, blood, pour mud through my veins.
I'm a dirty, dirty girl. I want it filthy.

The redhead slid into the ring and set off her pyros, showing shades of her older brother.
"Beat that, Glenny," she muttered under her breath.
Grabbing a mic, she raised it to her lips and smirked.
"Who's the first victim?"
No More Words began to play as Jeff stepped out and started doing his dance. He slid into the ring and looked at her with a smirk.
"You're my opponent? They didn't tell me you were so good-looking."
Jez smirked.
"I'm about to get even prettier, Hardy-boy."
She hit him with a roundhouse kick and he went down, wincing as his back hit the mat.
Jez stared down at him, head tilted in observance.
"You know, this seems a little too easy for me, Hardy-boy."
Jeff swung his leg, knocking her down as he rolled into a crouch and waited.
"It only gets harder, Jezebel."
She growled and launched herself at him, spearing him to the mat.
"Nice try, Rainbow Sprite. Nice try."
Jeff grinned and crawled to the turnbuckle, launching into a Swanton and pinning Jez.
"And here is your winner, Jeff Hardy!"
Jez smiled and hugged Jeff, raising his arm.
"Nice job, Hardy-boy."