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This is a Naruto/Saw/Deadman Wonderland Crossover Fic.

I've been thinking about this since the Deadman Wonderland show came on, on Adult Swim, which was a while ago, and I'm just now writing it out.

There is so much that one can do when they don't have a life to live. Quite depressing. Also, this fic is only taking elements from Deadman Wonderland, I've made up reasons for a lot of the things I'm going to have happen in my fic. I just want to rip off the whole blood thing.

Plus, the beginning is meant to be written all disorganized, it mirror's Naruto's mind. Compare it to when he next wakes up :)

Well I really should get on with it then. Enough boring you with rambling.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, Saw, or Deadman Wonderland... only my Ocs... Which will be a plenty...

PS: This might be a harem XD

This is Chapter one of:

You Don't Hurt Me!

The basement was cold. The window was chilled over with a thick layer of frost. The leaky sink had overflown, puddling the floor. Boxes and crates littered the room. The young boy hadn't known how long he had been in here. He had himself pressed up against the corner of the wall, his side to the floor, surrounded by boxes; trying to provide warmth to his frostbitten limbs. His stomach roared in displeasure, it's noise echoing off the molded walls. A lump of coagulated blood fell from his mouth. The wound on his chest already healed. All he could remember was a woman yelling, stabbing him, then pushing him down a flight of steps. He blacked out again.

His lips were purple, his eyes sunken and blued. His body could no longer shiver to produce heat, it was frozen to the floor. He didn't know how or why he was still alive. His stiff black fingers twitched. He tried to open his eyes. His eyelashes were melded together from the cold freezing his tears. His ragged breath came out as a cloud. He wished for death one minute and a savior the next. He could no longer feel himself. His body was unaware of anything.

His nose was blue and purple. He was struggling to breathe. He heard the wind press itself up against the small basement window, the noise scaring him. He knew if the window were to break his nine year old life would be over.

He took in a shuddered breath, the connective tissue between his ribs and spine was beginning to freeze. His lips were apart, his tongue was stiff and lolling out of his mouth like a dead cat. His knees were curled into his chest. His breathing was noisy and congested. His arms were black and frozen together with a thin layer of ice. His body was in full rigamortice.

The wind pressed itself against the small basement window once more. A body spasm involuntarily wracked him as his body was lifted and his skin stuck to the floor. He felt that. He cried inside. He was desperately weak. He heard a noise, footfalls, he strained his ears to hear more. He tried to open his ice sealed eyes. He heard the boxes being moved, thrown aside. A man's voice, intoxicated, began to yell. He couldn't understand most of what he was saying. He could make out most of it though.

"...Sneak up on my wife... daughter...kill you...death...killer...nine...thief...better off...your fault...yourself...monster...fox...murdered … blood...NOW DIE!" He felt a sharp pain flared through his frostbitten legs. Coagulated blood fell from just above his knees. Cold alcohol burned his face, his eyes were screaming to be opened. He took in a sharp breath of air as he began to slip. Before he blacked out a warm and powerful feeling embraced him, it spoke to him.

"You will not suffer."

The power soon receded.

Kakashi Hatake was frantic, Naruto had been missing for the past twelve days. He and his nin dog, Pakkun, along with Iruka, have been searching for days. Who ever has Naruto knows what they are doing. The three met up at the center plaza, "Any luck Iruka?" Kakashi asked.

Iruka was panting slightly, "No, nothing."

"Pakkun, anything?" Kakashi asked his summons.

The small pug with a video recorder in his head shook it, "No, I-" Pakkun was then cut off by a familiar blast of yokai engulfing their senses. It left as soon as it came.

"Follow it Pakkun!" Kakashi ordered, he knew for a fact that was the Kyūbi's chakra. Pakkun took off like a rocket. Left, straight, right, straight, down a flight of stairs, across an alley, right, left, stop. The three looked on. There was definitely something wrong. Pakkun put his nose to the ground and began to sniff, it lead him to the front door.

"He came in this way," He sniffed some more and was lead to the side of the condo. He lifted his little head and tapped the small window with his paw, "He's down there, I don't know if he's alive though. It's a very disgusting scent." Pakkun looked up at his master for a reply.

The past month had been a very cold one, a thin layer of ice coated the ground from sleet and hail. Kakashi and Iruka looked through the basement window after chipping the ice, "Oh no," Iruka panicked, "The inside is frozen."

Kakashi stood and rushed to the front door and knocked. At first there appeared to be no one home. Kakashi was ready and willing to bust it down. He readied himself but then heard the door unlock. A young girl with bright pink hair answered, "Hello?" She asked with a smile.

"Hello, are your parents home?" Kakashi asked.

"No sir, they just left to get the police. There's a scary wild animal in our basement. My mom and dad told me to stay here to keep the door locked so it doesn't escape and hurt people."

Pakkun adjusted the camcorder on its head and walked into the house. His nose was able to tell the story, "Naruto was lead into the house, the really nervous scent starts here, ten feet from the front door." The small dog looked around.

"Is that the basement?" Iruka asked the little girl.

"Yes, sir," She answered puzzled.

Pakkun took a few steps towards the basement door and yelped, "He's down there! He was stabbed right here!" Kakashi and Iruka sprung into action. The former kicked the door off the hinges.

The little girl screamed, "No you'll let out the scary monster."

Pakkun turned to the girl and looked up at her, "The only monster's here are your parents." He then left the girl who was now confused and crying.

The nin dog dashed down the stairs and followed his nose, "This way!" He had Naruto's scent. He reached the corner and nudged through the boxes on top of his target. The sight that met the three made them sick.

"No! No, no, no, no, no!" Iruka repeated, falling to his knees.

Kakashi was at a loss for words, his sensei's legacy, his sensei's son, lay here dead. No. No.

Pakkun walked up to the frozen boy and sniffed a few times, "He's not dead, the fox is keeping him alive."

Kakashi and Iruka looked at Pakkun, "Are you sure?" Iruka asked.

Pakkun looked hurt, "I'm not a novice! Yes he's alive!" Pakkun then nudged the boy's face, "He won't be alive for long though, we'd better hurry." Kakashi made to move the boy.

"Careful Kakashi, I think his body is frozen to the floor." Iruka said as he stood to go to the upper house, "I'll get some warm water to break the bond. The moisture in his skin has frozen." Iruka dashed up the stairs. He soon came back down to the basement with some luke warm water. He carefully poured the water to the bottom of Naruto's partially naked body. Iruka let his breath go when the boy's body was able to be carefully detached from the floor. It was disturbing, Naruto's body was still in the position it was on the ground.

"His body's in rigamortice," Kakashi said gagging a bit. He was a seasoned ANBU and had seen some grizzly things without batting an eye. But, to see the child he held so dear, who he was banned from any contact to him from the civilian council, in such a state. They all will feel his wrath, starting with Mrs. Haruno, "We need to get him to the hospital, he is severely frostbitten. His arms and legs are black. Except his right arm, it's slightly blue." Kakashi said running up the stairs. Iruka followed.

They were stopped at the top of the stairs by the little girl from the doorway, "What are you doing?" She yelled, she then realized there was a boy in the man's arms. Then promptly threw up.

Kakashi ran past her, "I'll meet you at the hospital." Pakkun stood with Iruka to document his explanation.

"Look, this boy might not live. I need you to tell your mom and dad that this all has been taken care of, okay." The chunin said as he leaned down to the girl's level and rested his hands on her shoulders. Tears pouring from his eyes.

The girl looked up at Iruka and gave a weak yes.

"Good, say, what's your name?"

"S-Sakura Haruno," She stuttered out.

"Well it was nice to meet you." Iruka said then jumped from the house at top speed. Pakkun sighed and jumped after him. They soon caught back up to Kakashi and made their way to the hospital.

It wasn't really hard to find people to cooperate, anyone with a heart would find pity on this boy who was frozen stiff, surviving souly off of yokai. Kakashi and Iruka still didn't trust the nurses until Doctor Suguwara arrived. He was the one doctor that wasn't around for the Nine-tails attack nine years ago. He was able to meet the boy and bond with him, even under bad such circumstances.

"ER Stat!" Suguwara commanded taking Naruto from Kakashi's arms and placing him on a gurney. Pakkun trailed behind, needing to document the surgery.

They made it into the emergency room and went straight to work. The nurses worked on dethawing his body while doctor Suguwara did his best to draw what little blood the boy had left then hook him up to an IV. Once that was completed the task of moving his limbs to a natural position was at hand. They worked for hours to save the frostbitten appendages.

Kakashi and Iruka were waiting outside the entire time, worrying their asses off. A nurse had brought them blankets and pillows for the night four hours ago.

This was going to be a very long wait...

Fourteen hours into the surgery doctor Suguwara came out to meet the exhausted ninja and an anxious Hokage, "I am sorry but we were only able to save his right arm, his left arm and both legs are beyond repair. When he came in his legs were hanging by threads, just barely attached...they need to be amputated." Suguwara said with grief.

Kakashi fell back onto the couch out of breath. Iruka was speechless and horrified. The Hokage needed to find a chair before he had a heart attack. The doctor then continued, "But, don't freight, I know the greatest auto mail maker. The best of the best. I have no doubt in my mind she couldn't make anything to fit his needs, even new eyes." Suguwara said this with much confidence, they had to believe them.

"New eyes?" Kakashi wheezed.

"Both his eyes are beyond recovery, they had to be removed," Everyone seemed a bit feint.

"Is he still under anesthetics?" Sarutobi asked as he held his aching chest.

"Yes," The doctor replied, "We still need to prep for the surgery, the nurses are taking a break and rotating shifts."

"Could he still become a ninja?" Iruka asked a bit detached.

Suguwara gave a small smile, "Yes, of course, Makina can create any auto mail, you see-" He was then cut off by a nurse.

"Doctor! His blood! Hurry!"

The doctor ran into the room and was stunned, this boy's blood was levitating above him like a snake. It then broke apart into the shape of a flower. He turned back to the double doors, "Hokage-sama." Suguwara whispered, as if his voice could stop what was happening before him.

The Hokage stepped into the operating room along with Iruka and Kakashi. This scene shocked them all, "What is this?" The Third asked.

"I have no idea."

The Hokage frowned, just what in the hell was going on? He would have to look this up. The blood then started to wisp about in a beautiful display before quickly returning to Naruto's body.

Kakashi looked to Iruka, "Could this be a Blood Line?" Iruka shrugged his shoulders.

"It could be," Pakkun said from his perch on a shelf above the operating table.

Doctor Suguwara spoke to the Hokage and the others before ushering them out of the Emergence Room. He was going to be spending an awful amount of time in this room.

The hospital room was warm. The window was bathed in a yellow glow. The sink was sterile and gave a clean scent. Machines were surrounding the boy. The young boy hadn't known how long he had been in here. He was in a cozy hospital bed. His stomach was not bothering him. A clamp on his tongue and a tube down his neck. His body was numb, except in his right arm. All he could remember was a warm power embracing him after being beaten and stabbed.

He felt refreshed as he breathed in through his nose. He lifted his right arm into the air and stared at it. He felt a bit weird, his left arm wasn't rising. He let his right arm drop to pick up his left one...

He panicked...

Where was his arm?!

He sat up quickly and pulled away the covers. To his horror both of his legs were gone from mid thigh to foot...

He screamed... he wrestled with a few nurses... he screamed some more... cursed Kami... cried and cried... he screamed out until he couldn't scream any more... he eventually blacked out...

"Are you sure, Makina-san?" The Hokage asked the black smith who was standing before him, three prosthetic limbs in her arms.

"Are you kidding?" She asked incredulously, "I am the greatest, you see Hokage-sama, these may not grow with him, but, this metal will bond to his skin and allow him to use them without the fear of them falling off."

"Will you be staying here in the village then?"

"Yea buddy, this kid is amazing, I wanna be here to test out new products. You see if he's as strong willed as you say, then he's gunna want me to keep on upgrading his auto mail. Geez, Hokage-sama, this kid is gunna help me grow. This was the opportunity I was looking for." She smiled confidently.

"He isn't just an opportunity," The third said with a twitch of his eyebrow.

"Of course not Hokage-sama, he is a human being," She winked as she walked into the room to get started. Hiruzen sighed and turned to leave. He had found out a week ago that Naruto was the last in a line off Blood Manipulators from the Namaki Clan on his mother's side. They lived in the same region as the Ice Manipulators, hmm. He then left to go into glorious battle against the only enemy who has survived since the dawn of all the villages... Paperwork...

Makina walked into the room and stood by the hospital bed, the boy was chained to it. Was he that dangerous that this nine year old boy, missing three limbs, still needed to be restrained. Or was it simply so that he didn't sneak away. Limbs missing or not, she saw an elderly man, paralyzed from the waist down, sneak out of a heavily guarded institution of will power alone.

She remembered the old man. That man reminded her of her Grandmother, who had raised Makina when her parents died by bandits when she was seven. Now nineteen, she had made a pretty good name for herself in the Yu Region. Once she got a letter from Doctor Suguwara she came immediately. His daughter had to have an arm made for her when she turned eight, two years ago, it was a tragic day for the doctor. But nothing she had ever encountered would prepare her for what was to come from lifting the hospital sheet.

Makina looked down at the boy's face, he looked awful, poor boy. She undid the chains and removed the covers slowly, not really wanting to see what was on the other side. What she saw made her gag. His body was still a pale blue, as if still frozen stiff. His stomach was a blue-green and looked like it was rotting. She quickly covered him back up and buzzed for a nurse, the red light flashing quickly, matching her heart rate.

When the nurse arrived she asked, "Is he really going to live? He's rotting from the inside out."

The nurse gave a small smile, "Yes ma'am, he's healing."

Makina was confused, usually when a human was frozen and rotting they didn't heal, they just died, "How is that possible? Human's don't heal from something like this."

The nurse just looked around, afraid of the Hokage's wrath if she were to tell this woman about the Kyūbi inside of him. She opened her mouth then shut it. She then began to speak, "He isn't like you and me. He is very special. If someone were to rip a hole in his chest it would heal instantly."

Makina really didn't know what to say about that, "Could I place the limbs on him?"

The nurse nodded her head yes and bowed to the woman. Makina bowed back. When the nurse left she turned to the boy and pulled up her long hair into a pony tail, "From one blond to another, you stink boy." She smiled and thought positive thoughts as she pulled the blanket off of him. She picked up the left arm and placed it over the ball socket of his left shoulder. It was a perfect fit. She applied chakra and the metal arm began to grow into his shoulder.

When she was finished she moved onto the left leg and then the right. When she completed her task she sat by his bedside and waited for they young boy to awaken.

She had to wait an hour before he was awake and freaking out, his blue eyes darting around the room frantic. She smacked him and he settled down, "Who-who are you?" He said with fear of the beautiful woman. The last time he trusted a beautiful woman it nearly killed him.

"My name is Makina, you are Naruto, correct."

He simply shook his head in the affirmative.

"Good, now, I have a surprise for you."

Naruto didn't really know what to expect, maybe she would kill him and save him the pain of constant rejection. Or maybe she would save him, unlikely.

She pulled back his covers and he stared in awe. "Are those mine?"

"Yep, they are attached to you, I'm going to stay with you to help you with them. They would need to be replaced when you grow. That is if you don't mind of course."

Naruto was shocked. She wanted to stay with him? He couldn't help to be doubtful, "You're lying, once I show you my home you're gunna kill me, aren't you?"

She showed a small smile. These people probably were the cause of such a problem in trust, 'I think the only things I kill are flies and trees...Kill a little boy? I don't think I could, even if he turned into a zombie and tried to gnaw off my arm,' She narrowed her eyes and looked him square into his, "Naruto, I would never." She stood and held out her hand, "Come on now, I know you're rotting and all, but, I need to know how the auto mail fits." He hesitated, "Come on, trust me."

It was the look in her eye and the tone in her voice that made him move. Naruto grabbed her hand gently and swung his metal legs over the side of the bed. Makina slowly helped him to the tiled floor. The boy was nearly naked, in a pair of underwear, she wondered if he could ever have kids because of how his body was hideously sour. She shook her head slightly and looked down at the little kid. He wobbled a bit to find his balance. Once he found it she was helping him all over the room. He had such a genuine smile on his face it made her smile too.

"Okay tiger, back on the bed before the Hokage pops a vein," She whispered to the boy, being rewarded with a giggle. "If he found out that I let you out of bed he might slap my wrist." They both laughed as Makina helped him back into the bed. Naruto began to bleed and Makina panicked. What the hell is she going to tell the Hokage?

His blood then arched before it touched the bed. Naruto was fascinated as the blood wisped around him. It was like a ribbon dancing around his hand. "Wow," Naruto said as he looked down at his stomach and saw the rotting blue-green mass start to recede then stop. There was still a bit of erosion but it was greatly smaller. Naruto stared at the blood circling his hand. He began to unknowingly focus on it and it began to swirl into a glowing red mass in the palm on his hand. He flexed his hand and it shot into the mantle of the bed, blasting it into splinters. Naruto was stunned, that could have taken off his head!

Makina was doubled at what she witnessed, what a strange kid.

She smiled.

She was going to have fun.

Real fun!

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