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Chapter three:

"Sleeeeep," Naruto moaned as he made his way to his bedroom. Kami enjoyed toying with him, a knock was heard at the door. He groaned and turned his direction. He was quite surprised with who was on the other side of the door, "Who are you?"

The woman looked a little bold in her skimpy outfit. Oh no! This was one of the council's choices?!

"I'm lookin' for a Naruto," She said, her gum smacking around in her mouth. She could have been pretty once... when she had all her teeth... when her hands were spotless... when her breasts didn't resemble a hound dog's ears...

"Why," That was all he could say, nothing else would come out without sounding like an asshole.

She looked him square in the eye, "I'm being paid to have a baby with him, you're him aren't ya?" She pulled out a picture and looked at it then back at Naruto, "Yep you're him. Now, let's get this over with."

Naruto was sent into a panic, "How much are they paying you?!"

She paused and looked up in a ditsy way, "two grand."

"I will pay double if you go," he mentally smacked himself and went for a save, "No offense but, you are a bit older than me."

"None taken, just pay me." She held out her hand.

"Come in please," Naruto opened the door farther to allow her into the house. He had her sit on the couch as he called for Makina. Once she too was in the room he asked for the four grand and got the reaction he was expecting.

"Four grand?! Sure let me just pull that out of my ass!"

"I don't want a baby yet!" Naruto yelled and it was affective, she was quiet, now understanding what was going on.

"Whoa, hold on," The woman said holding up her arms, "Neither of us are raising these babies."

Naruto and Makina turned back to the woman in utter shock, "You mean to tell me that I won't have my baby? I have to give it up?"

"That's what they told me. Look I don't wanna do it, but I have a sick sister, so I gotta do what needs to be done to pay for her medical bills. My daughter's pay was just cut at Markim's Tea Shop-"

"Wait, isn't he a council member?" Makina asked.

"Yeah, he is," Naruto said, she turned back to the woman, "Who sent you? Was it another council member?"

"Yea, it was. Shinto Wasi. He's my pimp."

Naruto acquired an impish grin, "Things just got interesting Makina-chan, give her five thousand. She deserves it."

The woman was wide eyed, "Five? Five thousand?" She's never made that much.

"Yeah, and tell them that you did it and they will give you the two grand, making seven thousand."

She began to cry, "You aren't a monster. They said that you would hurt me." She suddenly became sweet and vulnerable, it was a rather nice change from the brash woman they were greeted with.

"I just want one thing from you," Naruto said. The woman shook her head furiously, "I want to meet your sister."

"Of-of course! Whenever you like. Here's the address," She wrote it down on a piece of paper and took the money that was in a back pack. Before she walked out the door she turned back to the two, "Thank you very much, this I know will save my little sister." She bowed to them, "The name's Bubbles by the way," and left the house.

"Sleeeeeeep!" Naruto said running to his bed before he could be interrupted. Makina giggled as she locked the front door.

"Okay," Naruto said to Makina, "Now that's a lot of barb wire." The basement had a twenty by ten enclosure in the middle that was meant to be a large torture device.

Makina smiled back at her friend, "Yep. Now please tell me you're done with your scripts."

Naruto flashed a foxy grin, "Of course," He then picked up the puppet from the utilities closet and made off to Orochimaru's main office. "I've just gotta to make the recordings." He placed the black back drop down. He set the puppet on the cloth and set up the video camera. "I love my hobbies."

Makina giggled as she turned on the sound board, "Now let's make magic, the real fun begins tomorrow."

"Yes, tomorrow."

The village of Konoha was very busy today. Today was labor day in the village and everyone was hard at work. The birds made it bearable and the windy breeze was refreshing. It was a Monday, but a cheery one. The village square was a buzz as well. People were busy running from shop to shop, buying and selling. The televisions in the square and around the village were on and showing the recent ninja movies.

It was great at the Academy as well, they were going to watch a movie on the Elemental Nation's most famous ninjas. It wasn't as boring to listen to lectures all day. Naruto wasn't at school yet. He was always late now a days, if he even showed up at all.

Naruto was finishing the final touches to his grand plan. It was beautiful.

Makina was hard at work breaking down the village from the inside- meaning the computer network. Computers were new and not many used them. But, all Hokage's had at least one for controlling the village's databases.

"I'm off to the academy. At exactly 9:50am, you will play the recording, I want to be in the main populous when they meet Anarchy and Chaos." Naruto gave a wicked grin as he left for the Academy.

"This movie is so boring," Naruto whispered to both Shino and Hinata. The screen showed the Raikage and his village.

He got a sigh from them both.

"You're right Naruto-kun, this is very boring," Hinata said in a bored tone.

Naruto grinned and looked at his watch, 9:49am, "Hmm," He looked at the TV. At any second the game will begin. Less then one minute then-

The screen suddenly changed to a puppet in a tuxedo. Everyone was confused and asking the instructors what's going on with the movie.

"What's with that creepy doll?" Ino asked the class. There were many approvals and questions after that. Naruto simply held his head on his knuckles and decided that he was going to like this game more now that it's in motion.

"Hokage-sama-" The desk attendant yelled running into his office, only to see the puppet on his screen too, "What's going on?"

Hiruzen looked on in confusion, he changed the chanel and it was the same picture. Had someone hacked onto the database? "Anbu," four Anbu appeared in front of him, "Go to Ibinki and see if he can shut this down."

"No, I can't shut this down, this thing has too many security walls protecting it," Ibinki Morino said in irritation as he scanned the main computer again, "What the fuck is going on?"

Anko walked in, "What's with the puppet on the TV box in the lounge?" She looked at the main computer and saw the same thing, "Well damn, you've finally got something to keep you busy."

"What the hell?" Kakashi Hatake said as he looked at the puppet on his screen. He got up and looked out his window and saw the same image on his neighbor's TV too. He jumped out his window and saw it on the woman across the street's television too. Who ever this was, they sure wanted an audience.


"What is it?!" Shikaku Nara yelled bolting through the living room door. That was pretty fast for a Nara.

"Hun, this thing just popped from out from nowhere, it scared the hell out of me."

"It's alright Moko-chan." He held his wife as he reclined on the couch to watch this creepy puppet.

"Hey, Kotetsu," Izumo called from the other side of the gates, "Look at this thing that just popped up on the screen."

Kotetsu ran up to Izumo, "Yeah what about it?"

"It's scary as hell."

The shopping district came to a stand still as the puppet appeared on the main television by the Hokage tower. The puppet began to speak in a low demonic voice after a few moments of silence:

"Hello everyone, I hope I have your attention. The next seven days will not focus on survival, death or violence... but seven days of rebirth and self destruction. I will give these men and women a chance to prove that they are capable of change. I am not here to kill, rather, I am here to make a point.

"The people I have chosen have been hand picked with the utmost care.

"I deny that I am a serial killer; I do not kill to kill. I place people in extreme situations to test their will to survive... and to make them want to appreciate the life and body they have been given. In these situations there is always a chance to escape, a way to survive. Like I said, this is their rebirth.

"Many of you are wondering why I am doing this. My reason is simple, I no longer wish to be a victim of my government. Many of you don't care. You want me dead, you believe I am a threat to your security.

"These nine people are a part of our government, they have obtained too much power and believe that their actions do not have consequences. This power has corrupted them. They are now people who walk above the law. Above the Hokage. So I asked myself, why couldn't I do the same?

"Those of you who are innocent know who you are and may sleep soundly. However, if you are guilty, and you know who you are, sleep cautiously.

"We are Anarchy and Chaos. Have a nice day." The screen went blank and someone distant in the crowd coughed.

The plaza was silent for a while the people were processing what had just happened. After that the village burst into uncontrolled chaos.

"Oh no," The Hokage said as he looked over to the photo of Minato, "What do I do? I have angered your son. I have hurt your son. Now I may have to kill your son." Sarutobi slumped back into his seat and threw his pipe and watched it splinter the wall. He didn't have the energy to smoke today.

Ibinki and Anko were deep in thought, this could be both good and bad, "Anko, should we support this? We aren't corrupted, so it's not after either of us..."

Anko looked to her T&I partner, "I say if they put on a good show then hell yes. If not then we find them and lock em' up."

Ibinki sighed, his partner was always one for horrid shows... and so was he, "Okay, then we're jumping on this band wagon?"

"Fuck No! We're driving this band wagin'!" They both laughed, "Wonder who this man is though. He over rode the main computer." She seemed to loose her playfulness.

"I don't know Anko." Ibinki said as he turned back to his tasks.

Kakashi fell back into the chair, "Oh no, it's happening." He picked up his wallet and opened it. The picture inside was of himself with Makina and Naruto, wow. He felt old right now; he was only twenty six but still, that's old for a ninja.

He shook his head and stood. He shushined away.

"Oh Shikaku! That was awful," Moko said as she gripped her husband's hand.

Shikaku sighed, there are many people with grudges against the Konoha government. But, right now the first name that came to his mind was... Naruto... and he had a motive.

Naruto sat in his seat and pretended to be shocked. The fox in his head was laughing away as he heard the desperate screams of the little humans. Naruto looked at Shino whose glasses had lowered a bit and Hinata who was mildly stunned. Interesting. He looked over the class and saw Sakura and Ino acting dramatic, asking Sasuke if he would protect them from this crazy puppet. The blond looked back at Hinata and sighed, he desperately wanted her in his harem. He knew what he had to do, and he had to do it now.

The jinchuriki stood and stepped towards Hinata, she noticed and stood. The blush that tinged her cheeks made her seem vulnerable. Whatever she was thinking about was blown straight from her mind, "Hinata-chan, may I ask you a question?"

She put her hands behind her back and looked at him through her lashes, "Anything Naruto-kun."

Naruto gulped, that was adorable, "Would you accompany me to diner?"

Hinata looked up at Naruto and stuttered out her whispered question, "Like-like a date."

Naruto smiled, "Yes, exactly like a date." He held out his hand to her, "Do you mind? I'd really like to spend the rest of my day with you."

Hinata blushed brighter, was this really happening? She shyly took his hand and turned her back on the class. Hinata Hyuga was skipping school!

The walk to the park was nice. Though there were some screaming people here and there, Hinata hadn't minded. She was with her Naruto-kun. Nothing else truly mattered. She looked over at her crush with a smile as they sat at a bench. She was going to talk but he started, "Hinata-chan, I've wanted to take you here for a while. I love being here. It's a plain park, but it is peaceful."

Hinata blushed scarlet, "You have?"

Naruto looked into her pearly eyes, "Yes, I have. I like you Hinata, so, I was just wanting to tell you something no one but the council knows."

Hinata leaned in closer, he was trusting her with information, with his secrets, "Don't worry Naruto-kun, I won't tell anyone, promise."

Naruto ginned, "I know you won't, I trust you more than anyone."

Hinata was a bit shaken, "More than anyone?"

"Yep, more than anyone," He paused and took her hands into his, "You see Hinata-chan, I am the last member of the Namaki Clan and the sole carrier of their Blood Line, Blood Manipulation."

Hinata gaped, "Blood Line? That's amazing Naruto-kun. Wait," She drew back a bit, "Then you would have to participate in the CRA if you're the only on left."

Naruto looked at her depressing form, energy visibly left her body. Her blood slow down too, "Hinata-chan, that is why I wish to speak to you, I want to be with you."

Hinata's blood sped up and her breathing peaked, "You want to be with me?" Naruto shook his head yes and Hinata broke into a smile as she grabbed onto him and he was pulled into a hug, "Naruto-kun, I want to be with you."

Naruto tried his best to not cry when a lone tear strode the length of his face. "Hinata-chan, you are amazing."

Hinata smiled and held on tighter.

"I need a harem though," He let go of her and looked into her eyes once more, "I will always think of you when I choose, always."

Hinata didn't really care that he would share his affection with other women, she was just glad that she was his first choice, "Thank you Naruto-kun." Naruto smiled and held her hand.

To day was a pretty good day...It could only get better.

"Okay Makina-chan, how are we doing?"

"Good Naruto-kun, all we need now is for you to bring the council members," Makina smiled as she sat at the computer desk.

"That's going to be fun," Naruto said taking his seat, "I'm going to go and pick up Kuzon Qui in about twenty minutes, he should be cutting himself in the bathroom of the dress shop."

Makina sighed, she hated his fat ass, he wasn't too mean, but, he just didn't care about anything.

A lone figure in a pig mask ran across the roof tops, he was silent as he jumped through an open, second story window of a dress shop. He looked around and saw a clock, 6:22pm, perfect time to abduct a fat person.

He ran down a hall way and made a left, then stopped in front fof a quaint white door. He waited. The man had to be in there right now, slicing away. There was movment on the other side of the door, the masked man tightened his hold on his syringe. Wait. Wait. The door opened. He lunged at the man, covering his mouth with one hand and stuck the syring into his chest with the other. The fat man fell to the tile and they left in a shushin.

The streets of Konoha were busy with evening life. Hinata was sitting on a bench waiting for Naruto, she was so happy she could cry. She sat watching the large public TV by the Hokage tower. There was a ninja princess movie on, she was very famous and she was very beautiful. Eighteen and a star. She was only four years older than Hinata so she wondered what it would be like to have her in Naruto's harem. She giggled to her self as she tossed her hair over her shoulder.

The screen suddenly changed to a very morbid scene.

"Hokage-sama!" Kakashi said as he busted through the door. Ibinki and Anko were already in the room. They were watching the TV also, "Okay, so it's happening everywhere then?"

"Yes, Kakashi, it is." The Hokage said and was about to say something more until-

"Hakage-sama!" Iruka said as he busted through the door.

"We know Iruka-san, it's happening here too. Whoever this is they've hacked into the database and are in control of every television and computer in the village."

They all turned back to the TV, it was a shade of green indicating that it was dark. The screen's picture began to change, it was being moved. The image on the TV made many cringe as the lights turned on.

"Kuzon Qui."

"Where am I?" Kuzon called out. "Why do I hurt?"

The lights turned on and he began to panic. He was in a basement and was surrounded by barb wire. More like he was tangled into the barb wire.

A TV in the corner turned itself on, the puppet from earlier this morning was on the other side. Kuzon began to panic.

"Hello Kuzon Qui. Did you hurt yourself because you truly wanted to die? Or did you just want some attention? Tonight you will show me. If you want to live you'll have to cut yourself again. If you choose survival I want you to do something for me and for yourself. Go to your family and love them and do not take your life for granted... How much blood will you shed to stay alive Kuzon?"

The television went out and Kuzon resumed panicing. He begins to scream as loud as he can, the barbs digging deeper into his overweight body. Kuzon starts to cry, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

(Most of the villagers began to cry as others screamed and turned their children away.)

His blood began to collect on the dirty tiled floor. He looked up sniviling at the opening not twenty feet away. He moved and more blood fell to the floor, his black hair limp on his face.

Kuzon stretched out his arms and gripped the chained fence at his side in order to lift his left foot to untangle it. He let out a startled scream and he began to pant heavily, the crying had stopped. Blood was streaming from his body as he weaved around one of the wires, his stomach being cut multiple times.

Kuzon took a step forward, and again, and another. He was nearly out of energy. He lost his footing and slipped on his own blood. Luckily for him he grabbed the fence tightly and it caught his fall. New cuts opened on his shins and thigh.

(The crowd gasped in rapt horror.)

He struggled to grab onto the outer post of the fence. He paused to catch his breath as he swayed a bit from blood loss. Almost out. Sleep was calling him. He pushed himself out of the barb wire with a scream of pain and determination. His final push was rewarded with freedom. The blood loss and stress made him calapse to the floor in a tangled heap. He began to bleed out.

(The villagers began to yell, "That's not fair!" And, "He made it!")

Suddenly a woman in a spandex black suit stepped out. She was wearing a large rubber pig mask. She kneeled down to Kuzon and said in a distorted voice, "You won Kuzon Qui. Enjoy your freedom." Her hands began to glow green as she began to heal the fat man.

A tall, thin man walked into the room, he too had on a pig mask. He began to laugh as he held up the puppet to the screen, "He has conquered, Rebirth:1 Self Destrution: 0."

The screen went blank and the village was silent.

"Wow," Hinata said as she looked at her hands in her lap. She didn't know what to make of that scene. What the puppet, Anarchy, said about this man warrented something done, but, was that a bit much?

"Wow is right love." A voice came from behind her.

She turned around to see Naruto behind the bench, "Naruto-kun?"

"Yes, Hinata-chan?" Naruto asked as she stood.

Hinata paused. She didn't know if she was in the mood for a date. Even with Naruto-kun. She looked towards the sky, it was dark, the sun set a while ago. She looked towards Naruto who was happy. It made her smile.

"Do you mind a picnic?" She asked after some internal debate, her inner self screaming at her to forget about the macabre she'd seen. This was once in a lifetime.

Naruto smiled at her and took the woman by the hand. He was holding onto a picnic basket, "We are perfect for one another you know. I was thinking the same thing."

Hinata smiled and began to walk, hand-in-hand, with her Naruto-kun.

"Whoo-hoo!" Anko yelled after she watched the pig of a man Kuzon fall to the floor. "It's about some damn time the Civilian Council got what was comin' to them!" She pumped her fist, her trench coat flailing behind her over drmatically.

"Settle down Anko," Ibinki said inwardly smirking, 'This was truly entertaining.' He was unsure earlier if it was right to follow these psychos. But, now after watching these people, he understands their cause. They weren't psychotic, just very creative. They want to force the Civilian Council to see their mistakes and change their ways. That or die. What a show.

"I think the Academy should be closed for the rest of the week," Iruka said to the Hokage.

Hiruzen nodded his head, "I agree, this is too distracting for them." He turned to Kakashi, "Keep an eye on Naruto-kun for me, I don't know for a fact if he has anything to do with this, but, if he does... I just need to know." He looked over at his crystal ball, "I can't get a reading on him, it's as if he just doesn't exist."

Kakashi nodded, "I have been, but he doesn't seem to be involved. He can't be in two places at once unless he know the shadow clone jutsu, and that is unlikely."

The Hokage nodded in agreement.

"What about us?" Anko asked.

Hiruzen paused again, "I want you both to find Anarchy and Chaos's base of operations,"

The two jonin hadn't moved, "NOW!"

Naruto sat with Hinata by a small, blue lake. They were enjoying the picnic under the moon light, being with the other's company. Hinata ate her cinnamon bun and loved the taste, licking her lips slowly. Naruto looked over at her and picked up the napkin. "Hinata," She looked up at him. She blushed as he wiped her lower lip.

There was a silence, it was a comfortable silence. It was a silence that was so loud with emotion one couldn't move.

"Naruto-kun?" Hinata finally asked.

"Hmm?" He answered eating his next cinnamon bun.

"What do you think about Anarchy?" She didn't want to break the romance thing but, she just needed to know his opinion.

Naruto paused his eating by the unexpected question. He could and would trust her with his secret, but not yet.

He looked up at Hinata, "I think Anarchy is right with what he's said and what he's doing. Every point he's brought up has been correct. I find him to be very much courageous and bold. To take on such authority... wow," The blond smiled and grabbed her hand with his auto mail, "I-I'm finally getting justice."

Hinata looked at his metal arm and realized that the council must have done this to him. She needed to know about this as well, she didn't want to hurt him, so she asked lovingly, touching his arm gently with her finger tips, smiling weakly, "Naruto-kun, what happened to your arm?"

Naruto frowned at Hinata, "It wasn't only my arm," He rolled up his pant legs and she saw them both in auto-mail.

Hinata gasped and began to tear, "They did this to you? The council?"

"Yes, Saraki Haurno and her bastard husband."

Hinata looked up at Naruto, "You mean Sakura's mother... and her father?" Naruto nodded his head yes, "What-what did they do? Why?" She asked weakly.

Naruto shifted himself next to Hinata and laid out his metal legs, he wrapped his left arm around her, it was cold the way metal should be. He waited to talk, he didn't know what to tell her, so why not everything? Except Anarchy, not yet. "Hinata-chan, I am a very special kind of human, I'm what's known as a Jinchuriki." Hinata gasped but didn't pull away, "I am hated for it and not shown much kindness because of it."

"That's awful Naruto-kun."

"I know. You see when Saraki found me I was digging in her trash can. I thought she would hurt me then leave me to die. But, instead she invited me into her home. I was too nieve, I was only nine..." He paused, he really never explained this much, only to Makina and the emotions of those days would bubble to the surface of his mind.

"...I made it into her home, ten feet, and she pulled out a knife." Hinata gasped again, "She stabbed me in the chest and pushed me down the stairs into the basement. I heard her lock the door and talk to her daughter about a dangerous animal," Hinata was crying now.

"It was so cold there was ice on the ground. My chest was bloody and it was hard to move. I crawled into a corner behind some boxes and laid there for a long while. The next time I woke up I couldn't move. I was frozen to the ground. I couldn't open my eyes and my mouth was open and it wouldn't move. My tongue stuck out like a dead cat. It was so hard to breathe I thought my throat had to have been swollen from the cold. I remember not feeling my legs and left arm. Doctor Suguwara said my right arm was saved because it wasn't touching the floor."

Hinata held onto his left hand, "What else?" She snivled.

Naruto looked at their hands, "I was there for days in that basement...Soon her husband came home. I remember trying to open my eyes to see. I remember the sound each footstep made on the chilled floor. I couldn't make out his words, just fractions, like, 'Monster' and 'demon', 'killer', 'you deserve this'."

He chocked on his words, "I-I remember what it felt like to have the blade run through my legs," He felt his metal, "I remember my eyes burning, did you know these eyes are fake? They are, I lost them when he poured the rest of his alcohol on my face. That mixed in with the freezing tempuratures destroyed my eyes."

Hinata gasped while crying. She wrapped her arms around Naruto and pulled him to the ground and laid there. She didn't care if he saw her cry like this, she wanted him to. She never knew this person she cared so much about suffered such a cruel fate.

It shocked Hinata that someone could actually suffer this much, she thought he lost his arm in a freak accident. But, this wasn't an accident, it was Sakura's parents fault. She felt anger swell up inside of her, those monsters! How dare they!

"Naruto-kun, I hope they all die."

Naruto sighed and held on tighter to his love, kissed the top of her head, 'me too.'

The rain felt good on Anarchy's skin as he stood outside Shinto Oari's Warehouse. He slid open the door and stepped inside. The room was pitch black, but his eyes didn't need light to function. Makina was a master of her craft. He could see in infra-red and ultraviolet (Like the Predators from AVP) with his big blue eyes. Though they still changed with Kurama's influence.

He walked along the wall, they were bare and gray, neatly kept. He heard pleasureful moans down and around the hall. His target was near as he turned and saw a dim light around the bend of the hallway. He walked closer and the woman got louder. He ran silently towards the peeking light. Anarchy stood in front of the door in silence, his rubber pig mask hiding his true loving self from these heinous acts of adultery.

He waited for the right moment. He listened for the right moment. There! The woman gave an orgasmic cry, Anarchy busted through the open steel door and quickly covered the man's mouth with a white cloth. The chloroform made quick work of him as his body slumped in Anarchy's hold. The pig masked man looked at the woman's terrified face, 'Bubbles!' She must not have been able to get away from her pimp. Anarchy pulled then man off of Bubbles and pulled up his expensive pants.

"Be safe citizen," With that, Anarchy left with Shinto in a shushin leaving Bubbles to wonder why she was spared.

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