A Walk Down Memory Lane

Act Two: The New Kids

Chapter 4: The Mighty P

"Oh, thank god were finally here! That train was so boring!" Young Sean headed into the new respawn room of Doomsday, holding his bat on his shoulder.

"Hey, that map is a pretty good Saxton Hale map" Nega yelled, putting a new disguise on.

"Who cares... Lets just get this squandered game mode over and done with..." The oldest of the main duo sighed, putting his hardhat on.

"Oh yeah... I forgot you hated this mode..." Nega sighed.

"Yeah... Wish Valve would make more maps for this mode..."

"Prepare to collect the Australium" The Administrator could be heard over the intercom.

"Watch out guys, this isn't like payload. They can still attack us before the suitcase is-"



A piece of Young Sean landed nearby the pyro and shadow clone

"Ouch... Alright, let's get that case"

"Got it" Nega disappeared with his invis watch.

[Playing With Danger (Remix), by Mastgrr]

"Mini Sentries! Don't fail me today!" Sean placed down the tiny turret, the machine coming to life with a small beep.

"Yeah! Lets kick some ass baby sentr-"

The little automatic gun was blown to smithereens in just three seconds by a cluster of sticky bombs.

"God damn it..."

"The Australium is ready for pickup!"

"MOVE!" Nikolai the Heavy and Rictofen the Medic rushed past him, joining in the chaotic fight for the suitcase.

"For Poopy Joe!" Young Sean ran past Sean and into the fight, ducking and dodging the rockets and bullets.

"I better set up some cover back at the rocket..." The older of the two quickly ran off back to the giant rocket, quickly getting out another mini sentry.

"Got it!" Young Sean quickly snatched the suitcase up.

"Get the Australium to the rocket! Now!" Dell yelled, his large sentry gun keeping the BLU adversaries off of the child's tail.

"This isn't so bad of a mode. Unless of course, the entire enemy team consists of sticky spamming demo men or Force a Nature using scouts."

Young Sean was already at the rockets loading zone, the platform slowly rising up top to the rockets hatch.

"Go little me! I have you covered!" Sean was finishing upgrading his now level three sentry, having switched back to his wrench earlier on in the match.

"Dude! Look out!" Young Sean threw a tiny jar of milk over the older Sean's head, where it smashed into a enemy spy disguised as Ralph the Sniper.

"Thanks kid!" Sean hit the trying to flee Spy with his shotgun, sending the corpse sliding away.

"The hatch is open! Put the Australium in!" The shadow clone Nega yelled, moments later being hit by a jar of Jarate.

"OH GOD! SOME GOT IN MY MOUTH!" Nega screamed, running away from the evilly chuckling BLU Sniper trying to hit him with a Bushwaka.

"Got it!" Young Sean pulled the suitcase off his back, about to slam it into the slot.


A BLU Scout jumped over him, snatching the suitcase from his hands, and ran into a dark doorway down below the platform he was standing on.

"HEY!" Young Sean ran into the doorway also, pulling out his bat.

"Little me! Where are you going!?" Sean chased the two into the hole, pulling his shotgun at the ready. Moments later, the door he had just entered closed behind them.

"Your starting to bore from how much you suck!"

Young Sean could hear the voice of the BLU Scout ahead of him, taunting him down the dark corridor.

"Little me! Get back here!" Sean was doing his best to keep up with the past version of himself.

"GOT YOU! JACK ARSE!" The kid finally caught up with the man from Boston, pushing him through the hole in the wall that had been ahead of them. The two scouts fell into a dimly lit and empty room, landing onto the cold floor.

"EAT IT YOU BASTARD!" Young Sean began to beat his opponents skull in, growling in rage.

"Jesus, kid! He's dead! Lay off him!" The older of the Sean's pulled the enraged kid off the now dead Scout.

"Uh... Sorry... I hate Scouts..." The kid sighed, noticing the suitcase laying nearby them on the other side of the room.

"Now, to get this rocket launched so that we can defeat Vladimir Bananas..."


A unknown figure came leaping from above the two, landing on Young Sean's head and bouncing near the Australium.

"Who the hell is that!?" Sean yelled, readying his shotgun again.

"Pretty stars... I'll come back to in ten seconds..." Young Sean giggled, having been dazed.

"So your my enemies? This is going to be too easy!"

The small stranger that had bounced off of Young Sean's head was wearing a black shirt with blue electricity running down its sides. He wore a black bandit mask, a toque that hid his dirty blonde hair, and dark jeans with spikes on his belt.

"... Pyke?" Sean was shocked, confused, and worried all at once, looking at the small kid.

"Pyke? What kind of idiot would like that name?" The kid opponent asked.

"Your mother liked it, and so did I. But I'm glad to see your safe" Sean ran up to hug his... Son?

"BACK OFF! I DON'T ACCEPT HUGS FROM MORONS!" The adversary kicked him in the chest, pushing Sean back a little.

"Pyke... It's me, dad" Sean said, showing the picture from their fanily trip to dizzyland in his wallet.

"YOU FOOL! I am not this person you call Pyke!"

The kid bad guy did a quick little spin, raising his fist into the air.

"I am... THE MIGHTY P!"

Young Sean finally came to, looking at the Mighty P.

"Wait... MY FUTURE KID BECOMES A IDIOTIC TRY HARD VILLAIN!?" The younger o the Sean's yelled.

"My dad is nothing like you! He's smart for one, and cool, and doesn't smell like fast food cheeseburgers!"

"Pyke... Please... Stop this nonsense and come with your father..."

"ENOUGH!" The Mighty P leaped back a little more.

"My job is to kill you! And by chicken nuggets I will accomplish my job! HAVE AT YOU!"