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The Revenge of Chucky

Chapter One

Glenda Tilly was one like no other.

To sum it all up, she was scary. But how can a fourteen year old be scary, you ask? Well, you'd be scared too if you saw her bright red-orange curly hair and freckles. You'd be scared too at how she tormented her twin brother Glen. You'd be scared too at how she talked to her mother, Jennifer. Or... well, Tiffany. But that's another story.

Most importantly, Glenda wanted to bring back her killer father, Charles Lee Ray, AKA Chucky. She missed him. She wanted a father figure. She knew her mother missed him too, she could tell. Glen did admit he did slightly miss him as well, but was scared of him. Of course, Glenda would then proceed to make fun of him, and then Tiffany - ahem, I mean Jennifer, I suppose - would have to split them up.

Glenda had had enough. Sure, her family was wealthy. She had a big house. A group of friends. A good school. A nice, kind brother and mother. But to her, without her father in the picture, it just didn't seem right.

She wanted - no, needed - to track down her father somehow. If only she knew where his body parts lay, she could learn the voodoo spell and bring him like, whether or not her family liked it.

Glenda had checked her mother's room a million times. She has dug through it, she has opened locked cases, and she has found absolutely nothing. Her mother had obviously known her daughter would try to find it, and had hidden it good.

But today, Glenda was prepared. She was going to find her father.

Meanwhile, Bianca Ray was trying to do the same thing.

Bianca was the younger sister (age thirty-four now, to be exact) of Charles Lee Ray, the Lakeshore Strangler. You'd be surprised at how such a sweet soul she had, even with the fact her brother was a killer. She knew him for the real him, she hated how people were so quick to judge...

"This isn't going to work," the male figure next to her said. His name was Eddie Caputo and he was forty-four. He never actually died - somehow he managed to escape the house even with the explosion. He had tons of burns and scars, but being alive was all that mattered to him. To this day, he still has no idea who did this to him. Confused of where to go after the incident, he went to live with Bianca, Charles's sister. At first she was angered at how he had let Charles die, but she let herself get over it. Charles was the one who let himself die. It was his own mistake.

Now, Eddie and Bianca resume living together, and have even created a romantic relationship. Eddie no longer murders, he even admitted he just went along with it because Charles was like a brother to him. He changed his identity and even avoids going outside quite often; it's a pain, but it's worth it.

"It has to work," Bianca sighed. "He's my brother, Eddie."

Eddie nodded. "I get that, sweetheart, but what if it got it all wrong? This sounds insane."

Bianca miserably buried herself in her hands. Maybe Eddie was right. Her theory did sound outrageous.

See, after seeing the movie "Chucky Goes Physco" and watching all the interviews about the killers "Chucky" and "Tiffany", Bianca knew for a fact that was her brother. She remembers Tiffany, his girlfriend. And the stories Jennifer Tilly shared but now deny - it sounds suspicious. And look at the red hair her children possess. Those were the children of Chucky, she knew it. And Jennifer Tilly was not Jennifer Tilly, she was Tiffany Valentine.

Eddie rubbed her back. "I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't mean to bring you down. It just sounds crazy, yet at the same time..."

"It seems so..." Bianca continued.

"Charles like?" They both said in unison. Then they laughed. But the laughter did not carry on for long.

"So, what are we gonna do?" Eddie asked.

"Go to Jennifer Tilly's house," Bianca murmured. "I need answers. And she's the only one who can give it to me. I know it."

Eddie hesitated. "New Jersey to Hollywood? And what if you're theory's wrong and she thinks you're insane?"

Bianca said, "Then I'll let her think I'm insane. It's better than trying out my theory than just sitting here wondering. And we'll take a plane, easy as that."

Eddie raised his eyebrows. "Why are you so desperate to bring him to life anyway? Not that I'm complaining," he quickly added. "It's just that...why?"

"Because," Bianca stood up, "he's my brother! Nobody understands his motivations, he never wanted to hurt anybody, he's been confused this whole time. Our dad was a bastard, he treated us like shit, he killed my mom in front of us, if Charles was never there, I'd be dead now-"

Eddie stood up and pulled her into a hug. She sobbed in his shoulders.

"Sssh," he whispered. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I understand. Okay, we'll go to Hollywood." They released the embrace, but still held on to each other. "But it's gonna cost us. Do we have the money?"

Bianca wiped her tears away. "Yes, my mom left behind a few thousand dollars for Charles and I. We used some of it when we went to a foster home for education purposes, but I'm sure there's still some left. I just gotta contact Sierra."

Sierra was Bianca and Charles's foster mother. After their real father killed their mother, Charles contacted the police, and they were taken to Sierra and Frank's house. They already had another girl they adopted who lived there; her name was Isabella, but she went by Bella. As Bianca dialed Sierra's number, she remembered all the times Charles and Bella would do stuff together.

What a shame Bella killed herself purposely by driving her car into a tree. That's what drove Charles to become insane and start killing - he never gotten closure from the incident.

"Hello?" Sierra's voice said at the other line after two rings.

"Hey, Sierra," Bianca said. "It's Bianca."

Sierra was a nice women. She was kind and sweet and was heartbroken yet confused about Charles's choices and how he died. Sierra did not approve of Bianca's relationship with Eddie, but she continued loving her as if she was her daughter.

"Oh, hello Bianca," Sierra said. "How is everything?"

"I'm fine," Bianca replied.

"Everything okay with Eddie?" Bianca rolled her eyes. Sierra always asked this question. She's always been terrified Eddie would hold her hostage or something.

"Perfect," Bianca said. "Anyway, that's not why I called."

"Oh? Then what's wrong, sweetie?"

"You know that money Faith left behind?" Bianca asked. Faith was her deceased mother's name.

Bianca could almost hear the tension that arose.

"Well, yes," Sierra uncomfortably replied. "Of course. What about it?"

"Can you please contact the bank and take out exactly one thousand dollars?" Bianca questioned nervously.

"Of course honey, but why? Are you and Eddie up to something? Is he dragging you into-"

"Thanks, Sierra," Bianca said, and she hung up the phone.