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Chapter 8

Zach's POV

The next day, we had our plan set. It was Saturday, and today was the day that the boys showed the girls around the mansion that was our school. Grant, being the flirt that he is, suggested he take all four girls on the tour that afternoon, seeing as the other three of us had "homework". The girls, amazingly, smiled and accepted Grant's offer.

"Hope you get your homework done," C said as she passed me. For a minute I wondered if she was onto us, but I quickly shook it off. We were Blackthorne Boys. Nobody was ever onto us.

As soon as they were out of sight, and we waited 2 minutes and 27 seconds, James and I leapt into action. Jonas acted as lookout while we casually walked down the corridor, and slipped into Room 313.

"You cover the heat sensors, I'll do the bugs," I told James as we stood in the room. Amazingly, it wasn't as girly as we'd thought. Yeah, on one desk there was an entire box of sticks and brushes and pencils and powders (James informed us that this was called makeup) but other than that, it wasn't that different to our own room.

We tiptoed around, planting our bugs, making sure we disturbed nothing that would show we'd been there.

"Hacker, any sign?" I muttered into my comms. Yeah, we had comms, but we couldn't exactly have him yell down the hall when he saw the girls coming.

"Nothing. Grant's showing them the P&E Room- you know, the underground one we use in the winter?"

"Oh, that one."

We continued our work, and were turning on the wireless connection between the bugs and Jonas' computer, when we heard him hiss. "Subjects approaching. I repeat, subjects approaching!"

And the second after he said that, we heard a girlish laugh, and a voice say, "My gosh, Grant. We just thought the other boys would want to join us. Homework in a place like this can't take that long."

"Hacker, where are they?"

"Coming up the stairs. Guys, get out of there!"

We didn't have to be told twice. We quickly stepped out of room 313, and made our way as quickly as possible to our own dorm. James was through, but just as I reached the doorway, I heard, "Zach! There you are!"

I looked at the guys, before putting on my cocky smirk, and turning to C. "C; hi. You guys done so soon?"

Behind the girls, Grant was signing in Mandarin, they wanted for you guys to join them. What was I supposed to do, challenge them to a kickboxing match? Dude, they're girls.

"God, no; this place is huge!" she laughed. "We were just wondering if you guys were done yet. Poor Grant here has been struggling to answer eight questions at once!" one look from Grant's tired face told me that this was not a lie. "So, what do you say? Private tour?" She raised an eyebrow at me.

"I, uh…" it was just then that karma blessed me with the bell signalling lunch. "Actually, we have to go eat now, and then it's the weekly P&E challenge."

C looked slightly uncomfortable. "What kind of challenge?"

I smirked. The boys had the upper hand again. "You'll see, Gallagher Girl; you'll see."

Cammie's POV

After lunch, I sauntered up to our room. The girls were already there, gossiping, and writing "class notes".

"Hey, guys!" I dropped onto my bed. "How goes homework?" I quickly scribbled on the paper:

Found out about the challenge?

"Meh; the usual," Macey replied.

It's called "King of the Mat". Apparently, it's this fight thing, where two people start off, and everyone else steps up one by one to try and defeat the champion. I think that the girls are allowed to participate if they want-

All four of us locked eyes. And smiled.

"So, guys" Bex spoke up casually, "Have you heard about this challenge? I heard from Tina that we'll have to fight the boys!" feigned fear crept into her voice.

"What? Fighting? Boys? Fighting? I can't fight! And I can't fight boys!" Liz 'freaked out'.

"Guys, it'll be fine." But Macey's voice edged into 'uncertainty'.

"Come on," I said, getting up. "We should get changed. Prepare ourselves. Let's go, see the competition." I had to bite my tongue from laughing as I grabbed my gym stuff and headed for the bathroom.

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