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Draco felt a chill up his spine. It was an odd sensation, after all they had just defeated Wargoth, he should not have the 'walking on your grave' sensation that his mistress had once or twice mentioned.

Speaking of her, he had seemed to have misplaced his Dragonlord. She did have a tendency to wander.

She probably went to talk to Warlic, smirking at his own deduction he set off to where Warlic was reformed.

Something was wrong.

There was a silence about the place; even the crackling flames seemed muted. All his senses were going haywire, magic was done here and powerful magic at that.

His hackles rose as he landed on the burnt ground, all his dragon instincts were telling him to run, fast and don't come back. But he was a more developed creature than that, thank you very much.

There was a large chunk of ice, pacing forward, he nudged it. It wobbled before steading itself. Odd, Draco thought, didn't that blue haired girl use Ice Magic, maybe it was some formation of hers?

There seemed to be shadows in the ice, craning his neck so he could get a better look, he saw three figures in the ice.
Xan, that wasn't really any loss. He would just go back to making trouble when this whole Wargoth thing blew over.

Warlic, that annoyed him. After all the effort they went to put him back together and he got himself frozen, stupid little mage.

And the third. Draco made a noise, it was a noise that he didn't even know he could make, it was a tiny whining cry. The third was his mistress. His whine became a roar, using his claws he slashed at the ice.

No good, as soon as he made a scratch it healed. For hours, he slashed furiously at the ice, to no avail.

Draco took deep breaths. He couldn't get them out, he couldn't get her out. Glancing it the ice one last time, he collapsed next to their ice prison.

He did not move, rumors of the Rose growing more powerful were ignored. He would stay put until she woke up.

No matter how long that took.